The KDBC Project

Last updated: Aug 21 1997

The KDCB Project is a part of what was founded as KSQL on an annouce of Alexander Rupsch in the KDE mailing list.

KDBC is an ODBC based class library closely related to the JDBC. It is based on the iODBC driver manager. ODBC drivers exist only for a few databases under Linux in the moment. These are msql and mysql, a driver for postgres is under way.

Thus KDBC is in fact a kind of ODBC-JDBC-Bridge for C++.

For more informations, have a look on the

We plan to release some ODBC administration and test tools included with the KDbc.

The Platform

We have choosen ODBC as database interface for compatibility and to enforce using standards. We are makeing KDBC a JDBC-alike API for the allmost the same reasons. This interface library will be used in future KSQL project.

Allthough KDBC is intended to be used and thus "written for" the KDE Desktop Environment, the library can be used alone without both QT and KDE material. Thus it may also be of use outside the KDE.

Together with the KDBC we will release some administation tools and utilities like graphic query programs, login dialog, odbc setup, etc. These and futher database clients from the KSQL Project will be based on KDE.

We have allready made a case study of a database explorer based on msql. This case study is currently ported to KDBC.


Running KDBC means in the moment to put a bunch of thing together. Note that the project is pre-alpha. Below we describe the reference installation we a using for testing purposes.

Beside KDE and QT you need a running SQL database with an odbc driver and the iODBC driver mananger.

You can get these from the following links.

We have installed the packages under

Check for a running mysql database. Validate the odbc with 'monitor' or another odbc tool. You will most probably have problems with the myodbc security. Check the myodbc reference how to solve this. You can query the mysql db for the tables "host" and "user".

Then type:

make install

and try to find your way through the examples.


If you're interested to join or contribute to the project, please contact one of the following project members:

Thanks to Roberto Alsina we have now a mailing list for KSql up and running:
Send subscriptions in the usual way to

with "subscribe" in the body and no subject.
Please note that this is a low traffic list in the moment.


Here is what we've done so far.

Both packages are slightly out of date with respect to the newest KDE modifications, so some minor adjustments are most probably needed to make the stuff running. Since the publication of the material has been delayed now for so long, i place it in the current form here.

Unfortunately, we are all havily engaged in other projects, so do not expect major advances in the very near future. But if you're interested to make a bit steam to it, you'll be welcome.

Related Projects

Michael Lausch <> has made library close to KDBC which is based on the Solid Database, see for more information. You can find his work at

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