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John (b.July 1829) and Maria (b.Oct 1831) Waack came over from Mecklenburg about 1864 with their daug. Mary Waalk (b.18 Dec 1858) They died 18 Aug 1883, 13June 1873 and 11 Jan 1943 respectively in Monona, Iowa. Hoping someone reads this and can add to what I have found.
Susan Waalk <SueSue1950@aol.com>
Houma Louisiana - Sonntag, 31.Januar 1999 um 02:40:19
I am also looking for a Bridgette Pleiss or Pliess. Also for any Heike or Hiyke in Gdanz (Danzig,Germany) Poland related to Adolph Gotfied Heike and Wilhelmina Dombrowski.Please let me know.

gretchen bladorn jackson <gjackson@thuntek.net>
New Mexico - Sonnabend, 30.Januar 1999 um 23:26:22
BLODORN IN US AND GERMANY Wilhelm August Goffried Blodorn and Emilie Genz married 1871 in Wilsickow, Germany. had at least 3 children probably 10to18. ggrandfather Wilhelm Blodorn (Bladorn)1875, married Mathilda Heike in Danzig, Germany 1900. Emigrated to US in 1903. Please write or email if any information on this family. Gretchen Jackson, Albuquerque New Mexico

NEW MEXICO - Sonnabend, 30.Januar 1999 um 23:07:50
Researching HARMS, Christian Julius b 10 Feb 1846 in Klein Medewege, Schwerin, Mecklenburg d 11 Jun 1926 Jerseyville, Jersey Co, Il. Served apprenticeship with master in charge KALBES, made journeyman 29 Apr 1864 by the office of the Wheelwright in the Grossberzogl- Mechlenburghen town of residence - Schwerin. Joined the local health and relief union in Schwerin 29 Apr 1864. Received honorable discharge as a Dragoner from the 4th Schwadron of the Grossberzogliche-Mechlenburger Dragoner Regiment #17 at Ludisgslust 1 May 1872. Know he had a sister who remained in Germany, name unknown. Can you tell me where to go from here? Also researching - BORGER, Conrad b 15 May 1833 in Altheim, Hessen, Darmstadt BALLARD - CASPARI - DUFFNER - FLAMM - GUENTHER - STECKEL TRANKLE, Christian b 11 Feb 1830 in Pfahlbronn, Germany d 7 Dec 1904 Lorch, Wurttemberg m FRIZ, Maria in Alfdorf 8 Sep 1861 Maria was b 1 May 1838 in Gebenweiler Thank you for your wonderful site. Cathy Conrad b 15 May 1833 Altheim Hessen, Darmstadt, emigrated to US in 1853.

Cathy Williams <1loyd@gte.net>
Carlisle, Arkansas 72024 - Sonnabend, 30.Januar 1999 um 21:36:11
I am seeking info. on Charles Eick who immigrated from Germany??? to US abt. 1890 with sons Edward and Conrad. Probably was married to Lena Lipke, who I also needs solid leads on. They had at least two sons; Edward and Conrad. Remarried by early 1890's in Michigan to Ida Trent. Sons Edward and Conrad were born Dec. 7, 1884 or 1886 in Warsaw, Russia. Settled in Michigan by 1900. Edward married Ellen Mary Ann Lovell and farmed in Lapeer area for many years. Write me if you have information to share! Thanks!

David Eick <daleick@iolusa.net>
Colorado - Freitag, 29.Januar 1999 um 05:44:46
I am seeking info. on Charles Eick who immigrated from Germany??? to US abt. 1890 with sons Edward and Conrad. May have been married to Lena Lipke, who I also needs solid leads on. Remarried by early 1890's to Ida Trent. Sons Edward and Conrad were born Dec. 7, 1884 or 1886 in Warsaw, Russia. Settled in Michigan by 1900. Edward married Ellen Mary Ann Lovell and farmed in Lapeer area for many years. Write me if you have information to share! Thanks!

David Eick <daleick@iolusa.net>
Colorado, USA - Freitag, 29.Januar 1999 um 05:36:19

RICHARD BERGHOLTZ <RBergholtz@aol.com>
HOLDER, FLORIDA - Freitag, 29.Januar 1999 um 02:08:12
I am looking for Info on CALLIES. My grandfather was Louis Fredrick CALLIES b.1895 in NE. His father was John CALLIES and I am pretty sure imigrated from Ger. Thanks

M. Loomis <tcloomis@inreach.com>
West Coast - Donnerstag, 28.Januar 1999 um 23:02:52
Thank you for these research pages. I have posted to another area for family names.

Elsie Mallett <emallett@ih2000.net>
Vidor, Texas USA - Donnerstag, 28.Januar 1999 um 22:08:42
I am seeking information concerning Augusta Laabs (born April 16,1876 and her sister (maybe half-sister) Bertha born March 11,1879. Place of birth: Bublitz, Pommern, Germany.

Elsie Mallett <emallett@ih2000.net>
New York State & Texas in the winter - Mittwoch, 27.Januar 1999 um 02:45:34
I noticed that your listing of "red" names (that you are researching) includes the name "Habarth." I have some information about the Habarths (Habarts) from Southern Bohemia, one family of which moved to Michigan in 1854. I would be interested in finding out what you have found and share with you what I have found to date. Thanks

Ted Habarth <thabarth@digisys.net>
Bigfork, Montana - Dienstag, 26.Januar 1999 um 19:46:35
Trying to locate the village of Flackenheide, the home town of my grandfather. So far no luck in the library.

Richard Sievert <RandBSievert@worldnet.att.net>
Sioux Falls, SD 57106-0609 - Dienstag, 26.Januar 1999 um 04:17:48
Garland and Nunn family tree

verna eulla nunn dob 081631 to james and lillian in st. louis mo. <ripcord@lni.net>
DETROIT - Montag, 25.Januar 1999 um 20:48:03
I have researched my family as far as the passenger ship, census NY, immigration, marriage, birth and death records. No place of origin is revealed, other than Germany.THe only clue is a statement from an ancestor, stating that Augustus Gustav Fuhring,son of Fredrich Fuhring,came from KIEL Germany, aboard "Oder" or "Ober" from Bremen to NY 2-28-1881. If you find any information I will greatly appreciate it. HELP. thank you mroadie7@aol.com

Matthew Fuhring <MROADIE7@AOL.COM>
New York - Montag, 25.Januar 1999 um 07:48:28
looking for information on Carl ROSIN and his wife Wilhelmina KOSANKE. Probably married mid 1840's. Some of their children were born in area of Koslin, Pommern. I have info on some descendants.

Susan Orlie <timorlie@earthlink.net>
AZ - Sonntag, 24.Januar 1999 um 20:12:48
i'am looking for info on marrage beween frederick bartelt and ernestine fabian married 1842

wayne r. bartelt <wwrbartelt@excite.com>
sussex, wisconsin usa - Sonntag, 24.Januar 1999 um 18:15:03
Hello, I am thrilled to find a page where I can post a message for my German names. I am looking for any info on Bernhard Johann TELAAR who was born in Bocholt. He migrated to the USA around 1870. I first find him in Cullman County Alabama. He married Anna/Mary (?) Katherine RISSE. In all of my research, he is the only TELAAR in the USA that I have been able to find except one census record in 1850 of a Theodoria TELAAR in Louisianna,USA. Any help on this name or advice as to where I should start to find info would be Greatly appreciated. Thanks, Judie

Judie Young Beckman <orfenanny@aol.com>
AR USA - Sonnabend, 23.Januar 1999 um 19:28:14
Hello Karin, Looking for my G-G-Grandmother Wilhelmine YANKE parents. Found the name spelled JAHNKE/JANKE/YANKE/YONKE on differant documents. Not sure where the Yanke name comes from in Germany, so may not be on the correct site. Wilhelmine YANKE born 3 February 1836 came to the USA about 1853-55. May have a brother Friedrich born 23 January 1841. Unable to make a connection. They both settled in Waushara County, Wisconsin. Thank you, Darlene

Darlene A. Ryan <genie@gglbbs.com>
King, Wisconsin, USA - Sonnabend, 23.Januar 1999 um 15:18:18
Is anyone out there who is looking for LANKOW (LANKAU) or HACKBART (HACKBARTH) I dont know where the Hackbart name is from other than Germany can any one give me a clue as to where to start? everything I run across has only Germany listed. The Lankow name is from Mecklenburg one document shows Weintz the other shows Kneese. Im not sure where Weintz is located but Kneese I found is about half way between Lankow, Germany and Hamburg, Germany. Could Lankow possibly be named after them and they stopped in Kneese for a while to earn more money for the trip to the states? The farthest back I have is Joachim Johann Friedrich Franz Lankow Born June 9, 1843, Died October 15, 1922. Married October 4, 1868 in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin to Wilhelmina Ernestine Naatz Born May 8, 1844, died July 3, 1932 both are Buried at Riverview Cemetery Portland, Oregon USA. On the marriage certificate it shows Joachim as born in Mecklenburg, Germany there is no listing for Wilhemina's birth place.

Rebecca Hackbart <hackbart@ipinc.net>
Forest Grove, Oregon USA - Sonnabend, 23.Januar 1999 um 08:28:16
You have an interesting page, and you are so fortunate as to be able to have knowledge of your family for some many generations. My great grandfather Albert Tollas came to America with his family about 1890. That is as far back as I have been able to trace. I am told they came from Rummelsburg, Pomerania. I hope to visit that area some day in the future. Thank you for sharing your information.

Marcia L. (Tollas) Arend <mlarend@voyager.net>
Sturgis, MI USA - Sonnabend, 23.Januar 1999 um 02:25:00
searching for REHEISER,REHEUSER,REHAUSER surnames. Rumor is family either had a castle or name listed in castle. Found info on one relative that states he was the subject of the King Of Bavaria. Does anyone know if a family name would be listed in a castle for another reason besides ownership? How could I go about finding out this information. The name is so rare and what info I do have has been a real search mission. Thanks

Jo <aay1955@beaches.net>
Panama City, Fl - Freitag, 22.Januar 1999 um 20:48:59
Hello Karin, This is a very neat Web page. I am looking for anyone with the surname ZAUDKE. There are less than twenty families in the United States with this surname. My Great-Great Grandfather Heinrich Christoph ZAUDKE b.1825 came from Pommern to Wisconsin, USA about 1853 I believe. He had a brother Ferdinand ZAUDKE b.1841 who came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin about 1874. Ferninand and his wife Augusta Loppnow (from Wisbu) moved to St. Charles Minnesota about a year later. If anyone knows this name, I would like to hear from them. Darlene Ryan genie@gglbbs.com

Darlene A. Ryan <genie@gglbbs.com>
King, Wisconsin, USA - Freitag, 22.Januar 1999 um 05:02:41
Gruesse, Karen! You have a wonderful and informative webpage. I will add two names to your search: Senkbeil (also spelled Senkpeil) and Rosenwald (family originated in Sweden and migrated to Pommerania ca. 1820). Daniel Senkbeil was born 12/18/1850 in Furstenau and married Friederike Wilhelmina von Tzschebotowski (born in Lautenberg 5/20/1857) on September 10, 1876 in Stettin. I realize you have no sources for that era; however perhaps you can locate information on those surnames. Daniel Senkpeil's parents were Christian Senkpeil and Helene (nee Thielmann) Senkpeil. Friedrick J. Rosenwald was born October 5, 1862 "zu Muegenwald Kreis grimmen Regierungs bezirk Stralsund in Pommern" (this entry from our family Bible) His parents were Johann Friedrick Rosenwald, Sr. (born 1839) and Wilhelmina (nee Strodt) Rosenwald (born 1839). Any occurances of these names would be extremely interesting. I am also wondering; do any parish records exist from that era in any of the local churches in what now would be Poland? Are any of the following place names familiar to you: Furstenau, Hohenkirch, Lautenberg? Thank you for your help!

Harold L. Senkbeil <Senkbeil@execpc.com>
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA - Donnerstag, 21.Januar 1999 um 16:05:58
Karin, here I am once more. Lost your URL and desperately searched for a month. Really happy to have finally found you again. I like this site best of all. Still searching for ZIEMANN (ZIEMAN) and JANKE (JAHNKE) gg-grandparent's names in Dramburg (Drawsko Pomorskie) and Regenwalde (Resko) Stettin (Szczecin) for years before (1850) in Eastern Pomerania.(See November, 1998). Great grandparents were Johann Ernst Gottlieb ZIEMANN and Fredericka Caroline JANKE. Even names, dates, places for brothers and sisters would help so much to unravel the mystery. Would also appreciate hearing from anyone who has information and will be glad to exchange research data with them. Thank you, Karin, for your dedicated committment to this enormous project. You deserve a medal, or at least an award for your wonderful site. E-Mail: QUITA22456@aol.com Best regards, Mariquita in Texas

Mariquita Anne Holliday <QUITA22456@aol.com>
Corpus Christi, Texas USA - Mittwoch, 20.Januar 1999 um 04:44:21
I did a search on the name Schmoock and I found a person with that name in one of your lists. Perhaps we are very distantly related. I beleive my ancestors came from Mecklenberg or Pomerania. I am very impressed with your extensive work. Yours truly, Jim Schmoock kk6iz@bigfoot.com

James C. Schmoock <kk6iz@bigfoot.com>
Granite Bay, California, USA - Dienstag, 19.Januar 1999 um 20:19:59
Thanks for a fun web site. i learned a lot. I am looking for any information about my Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth TOPPMEYER, from Prussia (possibly Stettin) who married Conrad KASEMEYER (of Hannover) either before or after she emigrated to Cincinnati Ohio, USA around 1870. She ultimately lived in Indiana. We are not sure of the surname spelling, and have not seen the name elsewhere, so any information about TOPPMEYER would be useful.

Paul Kasameyer <kasameyer@alum.mit.edu>
Livermore, California, USA - Montag, 18.Januar 1999 um 07:50:14
I am looking for information on my Grandparents family's. Gottlieb Schaffer(Schaefer) born 1860 in or around Woitzel,Regenwalde, Pommern.His parents names are Fred Schaffer and Gestie Zimmer. My Grandmother, Bertha Marquardt born in 1867 in or around Labes, Regenwalde,Pommern. Her parents names are Fred Marquardt and Bertha Brink.

John Schaffer <JOHN41PU@aol.com>
South Dahota, USA - Sonntag, 17.Januar 1999 um 19:55:41
Hello Karin hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Thanks for such a great web page and a place for me to try connecting with others. I am working on my family genealogy looking for original family name Sandhof! My great grand father was Charles Henry Sandhof born in Mecklenburg (Germany), son from Christian Sandhof. Christian Sandhof was married to Dorothy Johanna Kalibb in Mecklenburg (Germany). Christian was from Neuendorf, Mecklenburg - Strelitz born on about June 30, 1803. Dorothy Johanna Kalibb was from Weitin, Mecklenburg - Strelitz, Germany born on July 18, 1808. This information comes from the family Lutheran bible in my possession. The bible is a German language 1856 Philadelphia USA print. Christian and Johanna brought their son Charles Henry Sandhof(f) to Canada in about 1852. Any information to further my research would be much appreciated. I have not been able to determine the ports used to cross over to Canada, have not been able to determine ship (s) used, and have not been able to determine the names the parents of gg grandfather and grandmother. Need to find birth and marriage records for gg Grandparents. Dennis - I’m rich yet I have no money! Still searching :SANDHOFF, SANDHOF, SANDHOP, SANDHOPE, SANDHOPP, SANDHOOP KALIBB, KALEB, KALIPP, KALEPPAN, CALEB, GALIEP

Dennis Sandoff <dsandoff@cableregina.com>
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada - Sonntag, 17.Januar 1999 um 15:47:16
I was born in southern Saskatchewan in 1947 out of wedlock. My biological father is Clarence B. Halvorson. he was quite musical and was extensively involved in sales for many years which eventually led to a real estate business in Regina, Saskatchewan. I am anxious to meet and get to know any siblings I may have. Leve

Leve Takken <leve@home.com>
Calgary, Alberta. Canada - Sonntag, 17.Januar 1999 um 05:08:16
This is a marvelous page and I fully appreciate the effort that has gone into creating and maintaining it. Thank you

Ian Pieper <ipieper@gil.com.au>
Ipswich, Queensland, Australia - Sonntag, 17.Januar 1999 um 00:11:34
Karin: A wonder network you have set up here. I am looking for information on a fellow by the name of Christian Folkmann, he came from a district in Germany called Luppe Det Malt. Also if anyone knows of the whereabouts of this district please e-mail me. Thanks Tim Folkmann

Tim Folkmann <tfolks@istar.ca>
North Vancouver, Canada - Sonnabend, 16.Januar 1999 um 23:11:48
I am looking for Boness from Szczecin because mt grand father wasJohannes August George Boness was born in Neustetin in Jan 1875

Edna Cravo <Cravinho@svn.com.br>
Brasil - Sonnabend, 16.Januar 1999 um 05:07:25
Hi Karin! You have a wonderful page! I am new at this. If you find any information on the following people - it would be greatly appreciated. William Carl Christian Mueller b. 10/24/1869 in Triepkendorf, Mecklenburg, Strelitz; Karl Friedrich Adolf Wilhelm Mueller b. 8/23/1835 in Laeven, Mecklenburg - married Johanna Caroline Friedericke Regling on 11/13/1868 in Tripekendorf. Friedrich Joachim T. Mueller b. 5/15/1801. Joachim Ft. Ludwig Regling b. 12/13/1810 in Triepkendorf, Mecklenburg, Strelitz. - wife Hanna Carline Dorothea Koester b. 10/25/1815 in Laeven, Mecklenburg. Joachim David Regling b. 9/26/1775 in Triepkendorf, Mecklenburg, Strelitz; married Johanna Sophia Beier/Beyer/Bayer b.10/8/1776 in Tripekendorf. Johann Christian Koester b. 6/16/1776 in Meckow, Mecklenburg; married Johanna Carlina Dorothea Schade b. 5/21/1787 in Labbeescher, Mecklenburg. Martin David Reging b. 4/8/1746 in Hasselfoerde, Mecklenburg; married Dorothea Elisabeth Beier b. 12/5/1742 in Triepkendorf. Joachim Beier b. 2/20/1736 in Triepkendorf, Mecklenburg, Strelitz; married Maria Elisabeth Bentzin b. 4/21/1748 in Triepkendorf. Paul Gottfried Regling died March, 1765 in Hasselfoerde, Mecklenburg. Thank you for any help you can give me!

Kim Wood <kwood@ncn.net>
Pocahontas, IA 50574 - Sonnabend, 16.Januar 1999 um 04:35:23
I am searching for info on JOHANNES HEYER born about 1776 in Lassan,Stadt,Germany. He married Katharina Gauthier in Kirchhain,Hesse,Germany 7 November 1799. I am so glad I found your website. What a great one!

Katherine Huntsman <khunts@tisd.net>
Victoria,Texas - Donnerstag, 14.Januar 1999 um 23:18:30
I am researching the following names, Noll (and Nollens, Nolle), Kassulke, Kokegei. Especially any Noll (Nollens, Nolle) whose ancestors came from a place called Tucheim (the Feiner Marsh) in Prussia. Thanks, Albert

Albert C. Noll <albert@riverland.net.au>
Waikerie, South Australia, Australia. 5330 - Donnerstag, 14.Januar 1999 um 08:06:28
to show my father the photos of Colberg. Bye!

Donna <donna_bogs@iowa-city.org>
Iowa, USA - Dienstag, 12.Januar 1999 um 13:06:19 
I descend from Johann Gottlob Knebel, born 1805 in Kr. Saatzig? Married Friederika Leest 1833, Ball, Kr. Saatzig. Came to USA 1859 from Schönwerder, Kr. Pyritz. Need his birthplace.

Bob Knebel <rmknebel@hcnews.com>
Granbury Texas USA - Dienstag, 12.Januar 1999 um 00:07:53 
und wunsche euch allem ein gutes neues jahr. Viele grusse an gunther und gisela viele grusse von oliver

Oliver Dietrich <dietr@online.no>
ÅLESUND NORWEGEN - Montag, 11.Januar 1999 um 17:34:02 
Happy New Year, Karin. Always enjoy reading your page! I am still looking for my grgrandfather JULIUS SCHWERDTFEGER, wife THERESE NEITZKE, lived in Kolberg(Ostseebad) Pommern. A son Paul was born in 1883 in Kolberg, died in 1914. Have all info on Paul but nothing so far on Julius. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Ingrid in heaps of snow!!

Ingrid Spiegel <ning@snel.execulink.com>
Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada - Sonntag, 10.Januar 1999 um 20:45:27 
In addition to my guestbook entry of 31 Oct 1998 I would like to mention that through the help of the church book researcher Mrs. Barbara Schneidereit, Pastorin i.R., 18375 Born/Darss, I have been able to add some new dates and names to my family tree. Johann Heinrich Matz, seafarer, of Bliesenrade near Wieck/Darss married Catherine Maria Lange, of Bliesenrade, date unknown, their son Joh.Heinrich Niclas Matz born at Bliesenrade in 1786/87, He married Catharina Maria BACKOFEN 31 Aug. 1832 in Prerow/Darss. She was the daughter of Johann Christoph Backofen, born in Gleissberg Sachsen (Saxonia) and Trina Sophia BOHN born 22 July 1768 at Wieck. Trina was the daughter of Paul Erdmann BOHN, no dates found for him, and Ida Margaretha MILARDT (no dates), those two married acc. to Prerwo church records on 25 Sep 1767. Here the trail ends. Names on this posting: MATZ, LANGE, BACKOFEN, BOHN, MILARDT. Any help appreciated, also contact with "cousins" welcome. John

Johannes Helmut Merz <hessian@cgocable.net>
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - Sonntag, 10.Januar 1999 um 17:35:15 
Karin I don't know if you can me. The town that I am looking for is Klockow, Prenzlau , Brandenburg and the surname is ZIMMERMANN. There are two Zimmermann that I know Wilhelm (b. 1850) and Charley (b.1862) Also would your friend that in the book business have a book on Brandenburg Marriages? Thanks Dick Zimmerman zimerman@shianet.org

Dick Zimmerman <zimerman@shianet.org>
Owosso,Michigan USA - Sonntag, 10.Januar 1999 um 02:33:26 
GALITZ, KRABBE, RIABNITZ, BARTELS, DUERCOP, SCHWARZ (Vorpommern). JENNRICH, BRUMMEL, HACKBART(H), BUBLITZ, ZENKE, BOLDUAN (Kreis Bublitz) Hi Karin, your page just keeps getting better and better. Cannot believe I signed your guest book in March when I signed on the internet. Meanwhile we have moved cross country from South Carolina (sub-tropical climate) to near Phoenix, Arizona (desert). My new e-mail is wogalitz@concentric.net. Searching the following name in Vorpommern: GALITZ, Frederick David, born 27 December 1844, probably Wendisch-Baggendorf, parents Joachim Friedrich GALITZ and Johanna Maria KRABBE. Have located several younger brothers of his in Wendisch-Baggendorf, but not his birth. Perhaps it is nearby as his parents were married in W-B in 1838, but the first birth record is in 1846 and says it is the 4th child of this woman. Is anyone else searching this name?

Sharon Galitz <wogalitz@concentric.net>
Surprise, Arizona, USA - Sonnabend, 9.Januar 1999 um 21:00:59 
SIMON - HEINRICH - GOTTWALD -BAUCH - OLBRICH - HAUSCHILDT - PEUXER Am researching these lines all from Schesien province Prussia/Germany Franz SIMON married Theresia HEINRICH. They had son, Franciscus Ignatius SIMON b.12/16/1780. He marriedMaria Magdalena Catherine GOTTWALD b.11/25/1781. (Her parents were Antonius GOTTWALD b.1/24/1751 or 1752 and Elizabeth SIMON born 6/15/1750.) They had a son Amand SIMON b.1826 who married Magdalena BAUCH b. 10/10/1831 in Pohldorf. (Her parents were Joseph BAUCH AND Anna Maria Theresia OLBRICH b. 10/18/1758 in Newe Welt. Anna Maria Theresia's parents were Gottfried OLBRICH and Theresia PEUXER). Amand and Magdalena had child Ernastine Ann SIMON b. 10/26/1862 in Alt Lomnitz. She had child Margaret SIMON b. 5/9/1890. Ernastine Ann later married David Joseph BECK and had two sons. Margaret immigrated to NY,USA in 1909 with an aunt and Ernastine and family followed in 1913. Both made their way to Nebraska, USA.In 1911 Margaret Simon married Carl Alfred Julius HAUSCHILDT b.11/21/1884 in Germany. Any and all information on any family or the region of Germany they were from is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Therese Wilson Wade <tlwade@swbell.net>
Cedar Hill, Texas, USA - Sonnabend, 9.Januar 1999 um 05:10:54 
Searching for HERDLEIN, BASTIAN, BOEHME, DRECHSLER, HESS from Bavaria and surrounding areas, before 1700.

Larry Ledbetter <lnl01@aol.com>
Woodbridge, Virginia, USA - Freitag, 8.Januar 1999 um 02:12:08 
Ich suche nach Vorfahren aus Hinterpommern. Hauptsächlich in den Kreisen Usedom-Wollin und Cammin. Wer forscht ebenfalls nach folgenden Namen: ABRAHAM, KRAUSE, POTRATZ, SARNO(W), ARNDT, SCHULZ, LANGE, BU(G)DAHN, HANNKE(N), HANCKE, TEWS, RO(H)LOFF, MILLES, VOIGT, BETHKE und LADWIG.

Peter Abraham <Abraham.Dissen@t-online.de>
Dissen,Germany - Donnerstag, 7.Januar 1999 um 20:23:03 
I am serching for information on my gggf Johann Brunkow from Dolitz Pommern. B 11/18/1827. His parents are Michael Brunkow and his wife Maria Matzke. The following are known children: Johanna Louisa, b 23/5/1824 and Wilhelm Friedrich, b. 17/3/1831. Johann and Johhanna left for the United states in 1856 and Whilhelm in 1868/9. They went first to Monroe Wisconsin and then to Duluth Kanasas.

Greg Brunkow <gbrunkow@cwix.com>
Kansas City - Donnerstag, 7.Januar 1999 um 00:04:40 
Have done considerable research on The Burmeister famillies from the Danville,Illinois & Cleveland,Ohio areas.Anyone wishing to share info or that can contribute any additional info please contact. My g-grandfather Johann Karl Edward Burmeister was born in Crummenhagen. His parents were Johann Heinrich Burmeister and Johanna Dorothea nee Wulf. He was recieved in Holy Baptism in 1849. The certificate was prepared on Dec.17 1850 signed Fr. August Heinemann Pastor of his place. He was confirmed in the St. Marian Church in Greisfwald April 12,1863. Signed Greisfwald 23 March 1864 C. Marble Pastor of St. Marian. Johann Karl Edward Burmeister had 2 brothers Fredrick & August along with 3 sisters Anna,Freidchen and Unknown name possible Ricka. All the brothers and sisters immigrated to America between 1869 & 1875 with the exception of Ricka. Ricka was in a orphange and was not allowed to immigrate. Freidchen obit Jan 19 1928 list a surviving sister in Germany as Mrs. Ricka White. I am very interested in obtaining more information about the above. ANY additional information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Dan Burmeister e-mail= Darobur45@aol.com

Dan BURMEISTER <Darobur45@aol.com>
Danville,Illinois - Mittwoch, 6.Januar 1999 um 21:42:01 
Hallo, ich versuche für den Bereich Lüdinghausen im Münsterland ein Forum Familienforschung etc. aufzubauen. Wer Interesse an dieser Region hat, trage sich bitte ein unter http://www.hoering4u.de/forum. Wie gesagt, ich bin im Aufbau!

Volker Höring <volker@hoering4u.de>
Germany / Lüdinghausen - Mittwoch, 6.Januar 1999 um 14:52:10 
Am researching Frederick LAAS who came to Galveston, Texas in 1846 aboard the ship Apollo which sailed from Bremen. Records show that he may have been from LUBZ. Also brought with him several sons.

Ann Torrez <atorrez@aol.com>
Austin, Texas USA - Mittwoch, 6.Januar 1999 um 07:25:27 
Hello Karin, Not sure if you can help but I certainly do appreciate your kind offer I am searching for my ZULKE family. Here is what I have: Michael Zulke born March 20 1837 in Pomerania married Louise Wilhemia GRAMMENS, born Nov 11, 1844 Province of Pozen. They came to Canada in 1890. Their daughter Adeline born Oct 3 1877 is my gr grandmother. Thank you for your time and any help at all. Take care and look forward in hearing from you. Tom Brew tbrew@uwindsor.ca tbrew@delta.uwindsor.ca

Tom Brew <tbrew@uwindsor.ca>
Essex, Ontario, Canada (near Windsor) - Montag, 4.Januar 1999 um 21:35:58 
Hi Karen, I amlooking for informayion about my Father, Herman Albert Gustaz Pautke, Born 21-9-1888/89 Keil Married His wifes name i do not know; they had 2 sons Heinz and Herbert. he came to america and changed his family name that is reason for my name not being Pautke. He had 3 brother, Karl, Whilhelm and Hans. living in Eutin and Hamburg area during WW II nay information would be greatly appreciated Many thanks Vielen Dank

Hermann J. Walker <hjw914@usc.net>
Nanuet, New York USA - Sonntag, 3.Januar 1999 um 22:53:46 
Hallo Frau Schöpke, ich bin aktiver Ahnenforscher, jedoch habe ich mich noch nicht mit den Vorfahren meiner Mutter aus dem Kreis Stolp befaßt, da ich nicht weiß, wie ich an die standesamtlichen Unterlagen komme. Können Sie mir evt. weiterhelfen? Meine Mutter, Gertrud Hasse ist 1925 in Großstrellin geboren. Dort haben meine Großeltern auch 1925 geheiratet. Ernst Hasse ist 1895 in Wusseken geboren und Anna Gurkowsky 1896 in Lauenburg.

Gerhard Kuberg <gerhard.kuberg@t-online.de>
Brunnenstr. 1 b, 25774 Lunden - Sonntag, 3.Januar 1999 um 14:58:56 
Karin, thanks for this very interesting page. Am looking for information on my WENDORF ancestors. My gggf was Wilhelm WENDORF and gggm was Louise WILDE. Their son Johan August Friedrich WENDORF, b. 15 Aug 1857 was born in Revenow (now Rzewnowo), Kreis Cammin, Germany. Information from Johan's militaru draft registration papers in 1879. Johan came to America in 1884 on the ship Weser settling in Dodge County, Wis. John Wendorf jwendo@chorus.net

John Wendorf <jwendo@chorus.net>
Sun Pairie, Wi. USA - Sonntag, 3.Januar 1999 um 03:21:38 
Hello Karin, Thank you for this great web site. I am searching the surnames: Freier, Jahns, Balck, Priebe and Warning. If you or anyone can help me please e-mail me. Thank you, Joel Freier

Joel Freier <mistyoak@athenet.net>
New London, Wisconsin, USA - Sonntag, 3.Januar 1999 um 00:13:30 
Happy New Year, Karin! I enjoyed your Christmas music very much.Thank you for putting together such a delightful page. And thank you for adding my ancestors names, Bogenschnieder, Dobberpuhl(phul), Horn, and Harder to your search lists. Merlin Horn

Merlin E. Horn <mehorn@yahoo.com>
Waupaca, Wisconsin - Freitag, 1.Januar 1999 um 14:41:52 
My name is Ann Wright I am seeking any information about the surname KLEEHAMMER,BREUER,FOLSKE,STEINBRINK,HABARTH,KIRKHAM,ROUTENSTRAUCH,AND BLU(E)MKE. Most of these are from Germany and immagrated to Macomb Co. Michigan, Mt.Clemens. Any informationwill be very helpful.Thanks

Ann Wright <parkcitywatr@earthlink.net>
Heber Utah - Freitag, 1.Januar 1999 um 00:10:39

KRUMAT from Ostpreussen. City, Guzgsden. Please contact me if you know of these peoples.
Krumat <sadiewolf@hotmail.com>
USA - Sonnabend, 27.Februar 1999 um 16:49:08
I am researching the Stravlo family, who came from Goldburg, Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany. The family came to USA, via New York, in June 1853. They settled in Kankakee, Illinois, and then further onto Chanute, Kansas. The name has also been spelled, STRABELOW, STRAVELOW, STRABLO, STREBELOW, STREBLO

Joyce Stravlo <www.acijas@aol.com>
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Sonnabend, 27.Februar 1999 um 05:25:27
Hi Karen: I am quite new at this computer business but I am enjoying it inmensely. I stumbled on to your page by accident and let me tell you that it is superb. My G.G.grandfather was born in Pommern, Germany around 1843. His name was Johan Henry Berndt and married Albertine Kuchel or Kuschell also born in Pommern. They migrated to Michigan but do not know the year. They had five children all born in Michigan, Their names were Henry JOHN (my grandfather)Fred, Albertina ,Tracy and Lutty. I am looking for any relatives or descendants of the Berndt and Kuchel families that may still live in Pommern. All types of info. will be greatly appreciated.

Henry F. Gonzalez Berndt <Quico 51@aol.com>
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico - Sonnabend, 27.Februar 1999 um 00:27:11
I do research in the Mecklenburg area. Any information concerning the name Metelmann is highly appreciated.

Klaus Metelmann <klausmetelmann@online.be>
Belgium - Freitag, 26.Februar 1999 um 23:46:50
Hello and thank you again Karin. You never cease to amaze me with the information you are continually digging up. I am still lurking and visiting your web page weekly. I certaining appreciate all the hard work you continue to do. You are the inspiration that has kept me from giving up on my own searches. Dennis :-) I'm rich, yet I have no money!!! Still searching family surnames: SANDHOFF, SANDHOF, SANDHOP, SANDHOPE, SANDHOPP, SANDHOOP and KALIBB, KALEB, KALIPP, KALEPPAN, CALEB, GALIEP

Dennis Sandoff <dsandoff@cableregina.com>
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada - Donnerstag, 25.Februar 1999 um 03:12:29
Annie Buchholtz was my maternal grandmother. Looking into the ancestry. Thanks

C. Bateman <kgbnurse@aol.com>
Maryland, USA - Mittwoch, 24.Februar 1999 um 21:09:19
Please let me know if you have encountered anybody named Gardow in your searches. Ernie Gardow

Ernest Bernhard Gardow <gardow@gateway.net>
Simsbury, Connecticut USA - Mittwoch, 24.Februar 1999 um 04:19:15
Please add Gottlieb KUCKLA and wife,Bertha Berkowski b.21 July 1874 to your search list. I submitted Kukla which is how he spelled it, but my mothers birth certificate was spelled KUCKLA. I don't know what's correct. He said he was from Danzig. Neither spoke Polish as far as I know.

Lynn G Schoepske <saxclfl@erols.com>
Glassboro, New Jersey USA - Mittwoch, 24.Februar 1999 um 03:49:00
Karin, great page!! I am looking for help in finding my g-grandfathers family. The name I am searching is WEPPNER. G-Grandpa's full name on his citizenship papers is Charles Carl Weppner. He married Ida Mahler, no date given. Charles was born in sept 28, 1853. He was from Sattenhausen, Hanover, Germany. I found a WEPPNER that came from Germany and settled in New York. But I don't think there is a connection. My g-g-grandpa was August Weppner from Hanover, Germany, and g-g-grandma was Louisa Kaim who was from Wolmers, Housen, Germany. Does anyone know where I should go from here? I have run into a dead end. If you could help an email would be appreciated. Thank you again Karin for and informative page!!

Karla Weppner-Dawson <THEDAWSONS@webtv.net>
Barnhart, Missouri USA - Mittwoch, 24.Februar 1999 um 03:29:10
I am looking for information on my great-great-grandfather. He was born in Kassel Germany in October of 1840 and was named Andreas Heinrich Hering. Any information would be appreciated

Cindy Aguirre <cindy_aguirre@hotmail.com>
San Angelo, Texas - Dienstag, 23.Februar 1999 um 23:50:01
in Buetow Pommern July 17,1852 He was the son of Hermann Gillmann an inspector in Jellentsch and Henriette Warmbier. My questions are many but i would like to find if he was an only child, were his parents from buetow were they only children when did they die,any information would be appreciated thanks for your web page

Valerie Richardson <VRICHAR701@aol.com>
Blackwood, New Jersey - Dienstag, 9.Februar 1999 um 16:09:00 
Iam looking for ancesters,name RIBBE. Area, Mecklenburg, town,Werle, Kreis Ludwigslust. Father-Grandfather Born there. Fathers name Adolf. Grandfathers name Franz. Grandmothers name Olga.

Peter Ribbe <digger@key.net.au>
NSW Australia - Dienstag, 9.Februar 1999 um 04:58:13 
Looking for information about the origins of Wilhelm Rambow, a coachman from Pommern near Stettin who came to America with his wife Caroline and three children in 1880:Theodore, Bertha, Mathilde.

Clifford Fortin, Ph.D <cfortin@isd.net>
Hamel, Minnesota USA - Montag, 8.Februar 1999 um 08:36:56 
Great page. my first visit and I foumd 2 names that I hope will be ancestors. Looking for info on Johan Kieckbusch from Kreis Cammin, married Fredricks Schmeling in 1847. 6 known chrildren came to US in 1872/73. Would like to learn the name of the villiage he was from, who his parents were. Johan and Fredicka were married in Sruchow in 1847 any help appreciated.

Marge Minardi <sunnygirl@webtv.net>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Montag, 8.Februar 1999 um 06:05:20 
My initial visit to your homepage. Very impresive!

Arthur D. Umland <artsd@aol.com>
Hartford SD - Montag, 8.Februar 1999 um 00:58:16 
Liebe Karin Ich habe Deine Seite nur durch Zufall gefunden und die Überraschung war sehr groß. Deine Seite ist super !!!! Ich habeleider nur geringe Informationen über die Namen: FREHSE,GIESE und VOIGT. Diese Namen kommen in Brasilien, wo ich herkomme, vor. Sie sind Auswanderer aus der Zeit um 1850. Da diese Namen relativ häufig sind, weiß ich nicht, ob Dich das interessiert. Wenn ja, sag einfach Bescheid. Persönlich beginne ich gerade mit der Forschung der Familie ELKE aus Stochow - Camptz laut meiner Eintragungen. Dank Deiner wunderbaren Liste gehe ich davon aus, daß es sich hier um Stuchow - Cammin handelt. Ist das richtig ?? Außerdem würde ich mich freuen über Hinweise über folgende Familiennamen: EHLKE- HENDSCHT- GAUGER - JUCH /JUCKT - STODIEK - WENDT - FREHSE - SCHLETTER - SCHMELING - SCHIMING - TRINKS - WEINHARDT MARQUARDT - COLIN . Eventuell alle aus der gleichen Gegend. Ich freue mich über diesen ersten Kontakt und sage erstmal einfach TSCHÜß und DANKE ! Sady P.S. Meine Web-Seite ist noch in Bau und nur geschäftlich. Demnächst öffne ich eine Genealogie-Seite über die Familie AUGSBURGER: Kennst Du da eine gute Adresse ? kennt Dich nicht so gut). Ich

Sady Augsburger <www.info@schallundhauch.de>
Berlin - Sonntag, 7.Februar 1999 um 23:57:46 
While searching for my Pommeranian ancestors in and around STOLP, I stumbled into your GREAT (!!!) web site. Ich selbst bin in Hamburg geboren, lebe aber schon seit 1951 hier im Wilden Westen. Werde Dir demnaechst ein paar Namen schicken in der Hoffnung, dass Du mir helfen kannst. Gruess' mir die Heimat!!! Karl-Heinz Gerhard BECKER

Karl H. Becker <khbecker@farmerstel.com>
Henagar/AL, USA, 35978 (222 Roberts Road) - Sonntag, 7.Februar 1999 um 15:54:31 
Looking for info on the following: Johann Friedrich Richard RICHTER (Gunsmith & Locksmith) Brandenburg an der Havel 1874-1914. His father Johann Gottlieb Carl RICHTER and mother Pauline Carolina Wilhelmine NATEBUSCH,Brandenburg/Havel 1800's. Emilie GORAL born 11/5/1877 Schildberg daughter of Wocieth GORAL and Anna GIERTH. ERICH(Karl Hans)HOHNDORF born Schwedt/Oder 1884. Deutsche Weltmeister 1913 at Ice Hockey/co-founder of Sports Club Charlottenburg(Berlin).Died Berlin 1933. His father Karl HOHNDORF,his mother Minna ARNDT living in Konigsberg(Neumark)now Chojna Poland. Otto Julias Albert FERSE Berlin circa 1850's

John Richter <jrichter@altavista.net>
Blackburn,UK - Sonntag, 7.Februar 1999 um 10:05:21 
Karen, Bless you for all you must do for all of us. This is my first visit and am surprised at the familiar names I see. My family names are KRUGER, BAYER, STENGEL, and ROSAMKE and all from the kreise Dramburg and Deu. Krone. My grandfather Johan Jacob Seigfried Kruger was born at Hansfelder Teerofner 26 Mar 1851 to Carl Ernst KRUGER and his wife Wilhelmine ROSAMKE. Carl's parents were Johann Wilhelm KUUGER and Henriette Chr. Fred. Bayer/Beyer The Carl Ernst KRUGER family of two sons and one daughter emigrated 1868 or 1869 to TX. Two older daughters, Hermigette Juliane and Wilhelmine Maria Elisabet did not emigrate, to my knowledge. They were born in Linichen (or Gr.Linichen). I will be most grateful for any help in finding these daughters. Also, am most anxious to learn more about all of my ancestors. Thank you for this opprotunity.

Lera WITT JAVOR <lwjavor@smithsys.net>
Smithville, Bastrop Co., TX - Sonntag, 7.Februar 1999 um 05:32:28
Hello! My husband is researching his family tree, with names including HILLER and WILLETT. I am researching my family tree, surname CARROW, aka KARROW. Please, anyone with any info encouraged to respond. Will be glad to trade info! Thankyou!

Traci Hiller <hillers@mailexcite.com>
New York - Sonntag, 7.Februar 1999 um 02:43:51 
Karin,wonderful,informative web page.I am looking for more information on my father's grandparents, Karl Friedrich August ZAHN,born 9 Nov 1847 in Eichenwalde,Pommern his wife,Marie Wilhelmina PRIELIPP born 19 Sep 1847 no place of birth.The children were born in Mulkenthin,Stettin,Pommern.My father's mother's parents were August Johann MESKE or MASKA or MESKA.And his wife Johanna Karoline BUBLICK.They immgrated the ZAHNS 23 Mar 1881 and the MESKES in 1884.Both came to Lenawee county Michigan and they raised their families there and all are buried there.If anyone is working on any of these family names please contact me.I am looking for information in Pommernia.Thank you for any help you can give.Margaret Anna ZAHN CAMPBELL e mail grandcamp@gorge.net AHN

Margaret Anna ZAHN CAMPBELL <grandcamp@gorge.net>
Hood River,Oregon - Sonnabend, 6.Februar 1999 um 06:09:36 
I am trying to find the origins of the DOMKE families. One branch came from Stolpe, Stolp, Pommern and founded a new Stolpe in Missouri near the historic German town of Hermann. I maintain a searchable index of DOMKEs at http://domke.wustl.edu/Genealogy/ I would appreciate hearing about any DOMKEs (related to me or not!)

Fred M. Domke <FredD@cait.wustl.edu>
St. Louis, MO - Donnerstag, 4.Februar 1999 um 20:28:10 
I came upon your site when searching for placename "Bringhausen". One of my gg-grandfathers (Rheinhold Scholl) was born there in 1828 and came to the United States in the 1850 and later marrying Maria Kessler (b. 1837), also of Bringhausen, Hessen. They were both Evangelical Lutheran. They settled in German Valley, Dane County, Wisconsin; and both died and are buried there. Looking for information on their ancestors. Maria had a brother Peter Kessler who married a Nancy Thousand (Tausend), her ancestors possibly also from same location.

Myron Bergenske, (Van Bergen) <mdbergen@mhtc.net>
Mineral Point, Iowa County, Wisconsin, USA - Donnerstag, 4.Februar 1999 um 06:47:20 
Karin, I see that you are researching the Lehmann name. Here is a little info that I have on my Lehmann ancestors. It is not much but it might be of some help to you. Oma Erna LEHMANN married Otto Anton KADOLPH on 27 Aug. 1916. Erna was previously married I believe to a man named SCHMIDT They a had 5 children that died in a fire. After Schmidt died, she married Otto Anton KADOLPH My Oma was Erna Frieda Berhta LEHMANN b. 20 March 1887 in Belgard and she had a brother Kurt LEHMANN b. unknown. Kurt had a bakeri in Eberswalde. The parents of Erna und Kurt was: Carl Richard Albert LEHMANN b. 4 Dec. 1858 in Burzloff, Germany he married Ida Johanna Auguste POLKE b. 26 April 1864 born in Stolp, Germany. Dates of Death & marriage unknown. The Parents of Carl was: Albert Gustav LEHMANN b. ? d. ? und Wilhwlmine Frieda KOPPE b. ? d. ? This is all the information that I have on this line of the LEHMANN family. I hope this might be of some use to you. Gary Kadolph Bel Air, Maryland USA

Gary Kadolph <GKadolph@aol.com>
Bel Air, Maryland USA - Dienstag, 2.Februar 1999 um 16:34:13 
No luck in searching for ancestor (great grandmother) Albertine Wilhelmine ROHDE born in Bonin, Kr. Regenwalde. Checked L.D.S. microfilms for Labes, Manow Evangelical records - no luck. Have definite birth date for Albertine (24 Mar 1846); above microfilms show no birth vertification. Albertine's brother, Friedrich Carl born 06 Aug 1841; also Bonin. Location (Bonin) verified by Evangelical church marriage book record entry (Chicago, Illinois). Fredrich immigrated to US in 1867 (verified).

Iris King <IKKing@aol.com>
Lake Zurich, Illinois - Dienstag, 2.Februar 1999 um 04:58:08 
Thank you for this wonderful page Karin! I am looking for information on KLEWERs and SCHALKs in the village of Vixow, Stolp Pommern. CARL KLEWER married Caroline SCHALK near Vixow (Glowitz) circa 1840. Caroline was born in 1822. Thank you!

Donald Harker <dpharker@worldnet.att.net>
Gurnee,IL USA - Montag, 1.Februar 1999 um 21:41:27 
Just as I was about to give up my search, I found this wonderful page. THANK YOU!!!! I am looking for any information on the name BOLDUAN. My father SEIGFRIED BOLDUAN was born March 7 1923 in Ruhnow - Bahnhof, Pomerania. His father Brunno \ Otto ran a popular Inn there. His sister Marie-Luise married a Dr. Messner. She would now be in her 50's and her last known address was in Leninstrasse. I believe someone by the name WIENKE, was attempting to contact my father before he died in 1990 with information. I have many photos of the town and a picture of a grave with the name HOLDINE KANTHAF geb. Wedig. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Elena Ourplace@ionsys.com

Elena Cranley <Ourplace@ionsys.com>
Toronto, Canada - Montag, 1.Februar 1999 um 21:22:22 
I'm looking for my great-great-grandfather, August Greve, born September 12, 1873 in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany or his parents Karl Greve and Dorothea Dosi. August came to America in 1890. If you have any information please e-mail me!

Austin Greve <greve@netins.net>
Iowa, United States - Montag, 1.Februar 1999 um 04:22:15
I'm looking for my great-great-grandfather, August Greve, born September 12, 1873 in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany or his parents Karl Greve and Dorothea Dosi. August came to America in 1890. If you have any information please e-mail me!

Austin Greve <greve@netins.net>
Iowa, United States - Montag, 1.Februar 1999 um 04:21:50 
Hello Karin; Just stumbled into your homepage while searching with Alta Vista for something in "Kreis Demmin". My ancestors are spread out from Kulm (HEISE) & Schwetz (SCHWABE) in Westprussia to Kreis Stolp (NUTHACK, BRUEGGEMANN, MICKLEY, RUECKWART, RAATZKE, HOEPPNER, SOPKE, SEILS) & Kreis Buetow (FRANKENSTEIN, THRUN, LI(E)MBERG, TRZEBIATOWSKI) in Hinterpommern to Kreis Demmin (WILLRICH, SAEGEBRECHT) in Vorpommern. I was reasonably successful in Hinterpommern (NUTHACK back to 1705), & Westprussia (HEISE & SCHWABE back to about 1810) but I am stuck at 1877 with my only my grandmother's (Anna Maria Cornelia WILLRICH) birth on December 20. Her parents were Friedrich WILLRICH & Wilhelmine Sophie SAEGEBRECHT. The christening is listed in the Altenhagen church register but no other entries refer to the family although my grandmother had siblings. She moved to Berlin and lost all contact with the family. Any suggestions for additional searches I should attempt would be appreciated

Joachim Nuthack <jorn@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca>
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Montag, 1.Februar 1999 um 01:50:30 

I am searching for my ancesters from Wusterhanse and Barwalde, (now Barwice) Their names are Wilhelm OLM born 1838 and his wife Auguste Adelheide MASCHINSKI born June 20th. 1852. I have been desperatly trying to piece together the fragments of a forgotten past, as you all have, and so of course any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you inadvance.
Frank Olm <folm@direct.ca>
Vancouver, Canada - Dienstag, 30.März 1999 um 16:18:16
I am searching for my ancesters from Wusterhanse and Berwalde, (now Barwice) Their names are Wilhelm Olm born 1838 and his wife Auguste Adelheide Maschinski born June 20th. 1852. I have been desperatly trying to piece together the fragments of a forgotten past, as you all have, and so of course any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you inadvance.

Frank Olm <folm@direct.ca>
Vancouver Canada - Dienstag, 30.März 1999 um 16:15:10
I am looking for the surname SCHWIESOW other spellings include SCHWISOW and SCHWIESO. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks Lorie Schwiesow-Wharton

Lorie Schwiesow-Wharton <LorieW1961@aol.com>
Olympia, Washington State USA - Sonntag, 28.März 1999 um 22:34:03
I am looking for information of Johannes Jacob Moritz Subke, born 1-26-1818 in Neparmitz, Island of Rugen, Germany. Married Carolina Maria Johanna Koch 1030-1838. I am trying to find out if he had any brothers or sisters, their names, etc. I have been told that Johannes immigrated to the U.S. in 1872, arriving here 12-31-1872. Any other information would be appreciated. Thank you for your help. Penny

Penny L Moore <linc@horizon.hit.net>
Kansas - Sonntag, 28.März 1999 um 07:09:40
I am seeking information on the following family surnames, all from Pommern, Germany. All settled in Wisconsin. Reisner, Riemer, Froelich, Lemke

karyn <esaemann@execpc.com>
- Sonnabend, 27.März 1999 um 22:01:10
Family from Hamburg, emigrated to U.S. in '53.

Karl Kastorf <Kastorf@shore.net>
Lexington, MA, 02420, USA - Freitag, 26.März 1999 um 15:35:47
Looking for Michael Kauffman/Kaufmann from Ruschulz & Glowitz area Wife Caroline, children Gustav, Herman, Augusta, Bernhart,and Ernestine. Came about 1868 to USA. Other surnames Behn/Boehm, Selke, Speck, Vorpagel, Becker, Schnoor. Cannot find any church records for Glowitz Kr Stolpe. What is available for 1868 time period? Thanks

Betty J Schley <Bettyboop@plugnplay.comL>
Lincoln Park, Wayne Co, MI - Freitag, 26.März 1999 um 05:42:04
WOERNER, Frank b.December 3, 1828, Heidleberg, Baden Germany. We are trying to find some proof of birth and parents or family members names. We assume he was of Catholic background. The family owned a brickyard on the French/German border. All we really would like is proof of birth and his parents. We have tried numerous places with no luck. If anyone has access to Heidleberg records we would greatly appreciate the help. He immigrated about 1846 but can't find any immigration records to verify this either. He may have been AWOL and left no papers to find him. Anyway thanks for any help. Kathy

Kathy Fehrman <Katfeh@aol.com>
St. Paul, Minnesota USA - Donnerstag, 25.März 1999 um 19:51:38
KNAACK, Fredinand married LAU, Fredrecke Henryette and/or Wilhemia probably near 1860 or 1861. I am trying to find information on my great-great grandparents. Their names were Fredinand Knaack and Fredrecke (not quite sure about middle name) Henryette or Wilhemia Lau, born January 30, 1840. I would also like to know who their parents were. According to my grandmother's records; my great grandfather August F. Knaack, son of Fredinand & Fredrecke, was born in Siemern (is this spelling right? She always spelled it Somerow), Pommern, Germany, March 22, 1862. There were three other children that I know of: Albert Knaack, Bessie M. Knaack - born 1875, & Ottilia Fredricka Knaack - born January 13, 1870. They were all born in Siemern, Pommern, Germany. They were baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran faith. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, DeAnn

DeAnn K. Johnson <kevin-deann.johnson@att.net>
Big Bend, Wisconsin USA - Dienstag, 23.März 1999 um 21:49:44
Karin, This is a great website! It's amazing to see so many names! I am researching the following family names: LUEBSTORFF (LIBSTORFF, LIBSTAFF), KOEPKE (KOEPKA, KOPKE). The family emigrated to Michigan Dundee, Monroe Co. from Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Ich suche die Familiename Luebstorf und Koepke aus Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Also searching for those Luebstorfs currently in Germany! Send me an e-mail! Ich spreche Deutsch und Englisch! VIELEN DANK! Kristofer Libstaff

Kristofer Libstaff <kllibsta@oakland.edu>
Oakland Co., Michigan, U.S.A. - Montag, 22.März 1999 um 19:47:39
Hello Karin, I hope you can understand my english. I`m looking for members of my family and since yesterday i know that my grandfather Johann Hinrich Karl Burmeister is born 1833 in Bickhusen which belongs to Boitzenburg. And this village was the reason yahoo found your page. How can I find more informations about Bickhusen or Boitzenburg in connection with the names "Burmeister" and, perhaps, his mother Margaretha Dorothea Loose? If you know more please, let me know. I would be happy for any answer. Yours sincerely Günter

Günter Bokelmann <gbokelmann@t-online.de>
Hamburg, Germany - Sonntag, 21.März 1999 um 22:09:00
DeCaluwe, Boldt, Wiechmann I am searching for DECALUWE from Bernhagen, Kr Naugard, Hither Pommern. Ferdinand married Louis Boldt. Ferdinand was born in Bernhagen and Louis Boldt in Vogtshagen. Their daughter Ulrika was born in 1861, her older sister Albertina was born there. They emmigrated about 1866. I am searching the Boldt family of late 1700 and early 1800 who lived in Voightshagen located about 10Km south of Bernhagen, Kr Naugard. I am searching for Johann Wiechmann born in Rosin a few Km south of Gustrow, lived in Steinbeck by Bellin and Baptised in Bellin about 1822. I will like to know where his parents were born and who their siblings were. They lived north of Goldberg, Mech-Schw.

Bob Wickman <wichmann@aol.com>
N.E. ILLINOIS, USA - Sonntag, 21.März 1999 um 08:13:17
Looking for information on the ZAESKE family. Only first name that I know are of their daughters Anna and Agnes. Agnes wrote post-cards, from Bad Polzin, Pommern, between 1906 - 1917, to my grandmother Louise Buelow, in Chicago. In the postcards she mentions the names of Wilhelm and Margarita KOEHN and their children Ernest, Freda, and Otto KOEHN. I thinks that Agnes' mother and Wilhelm KOEHN were probably siblings, as my grandmother's grandmothers maiden name was KOEHN (Carolina KOEHN Scheibe.) I have no way of researching this family as my grandmother died in 1923 when my mother was a baby and my mother was raised by her father's side of the family in another state. Anyhelp you can give me would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Paula

Paula Tate Montgomery <LouisaB@msn.com>
Santa Barbara, California - Donnerstag, 18.März 1999 um 16:10:33 
I'm looking for information on Georg Bombach that came to America on the ship "Samuel" in 1740. He was age 23. So born abt 1717. He settled in Pennsylvania. I would like to find his parents and any siblings and where they lived in Germany. Thank you.

Dorothy Bumbaugh <barndor@hoosierlink.net>
Sidney,Indiana - Mittwoch, 17.März 1999 um 16:56:59 
Hallo Karin, meine Suche gilt immer noch : Unterlagen oder Kirchenbucheintragungen von Voßberg / Pommern vor 1800 / Friedrich Wittenburg wohnhaft 1802 in Voßberg Kr.Saatzig.Ob er auch dort geboren wurde ? Verheiratet mit Luise Uecker.Siehe URL. mfG H.Wittenburg

Horst Wittenburg <wittenburg@exit.de>
Blender Kr. Verden/Aller - Dienstag, 16.März 1999 um 08:38:19 
I am researching my STRUCK family line from Abtshagen, Kr. Schlawe, Pommern. I am back to my 4th GGrandfather Peter STRUCK b. abt. 19 Dec. 1771 and his wife Maria BOLLMANN b. abt 25 Sept. 1774. They were married 10 Nov. 1796 in Abtshagen, Kr. Schlawe. I'm interested on finding any earlier ancestors or relatives from the area named STRUCK.

Gary Kadolph <GKadolph@aol.com>
Bel Air, Maryland U.S.A - Montag, 15.März 1999 um 20:07:21 
Hallo, schönes Gästebuch! Bin gerade vorbei gesurft und dachte ich trag mich hier auch ein, ausserdem, ein Click auf meine Seite würde niemand bereuen. Danke für den Eintrag. Und Gruss an alle.

Daisy <phillium@swissonline.ch>
??? - Montag, 15.März 1999 um 01:18:17 
I have just begun reseaching my father's family. I was amazed to learn that his father was born in Gruenhof, Regenwalde County. I believe this was in Pommern, Germany. My Granfather came to the United States in 1887 with his wife and two children. He had a brother Paul that I never knew about who also came to the United States. They both settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I would really like to know if there were more children than my grandfather and his brother Paul. My Grandfather's baptism certificate shows that his parents were: Wilhelm Connell, village official and his mother Wilhemina Jaeger. I have found this a very fascinating hobby.

Elaine Johnson <panamae@aol.com>
In Topeka, Kansas in the USA - Sonntag, 14.März 1999 um 22:39:30 
I am searching for information about the surname MESKE. My grandfather was Arthur MESKE...don't know much else except that the family came from Germany to Wisconsin at some point...I would appreciate any information pertaining to this name...This is a great site!! Thanks

CW <jade@inna.net>
Gloucester, Va. USA - Sonntag, 14.März 1999 um 17:52:50 
searching for family GOLDBERG perhaps polnish or russian?? mail me for any information

goldberg myriam <goldberg@sl.lu>
luxemburg - Sonnabend, 13.März 1999 um 15:21:01 
Sehr geehrte Frau Schoepke, findet sich in Ihren Unterlagen auch etwas zum Namen Garz und Boll in Pommern Karl Wilhelm Garz 13.9.1856 Bornzin Kr. Stol Adeleine Florentine Boll 28.7.1860 Groß Dübsow Willi Heinrich August Garz 19.4.1890 Starnitz ( einer vom insgesamt 11 Kindern o.g,) Ich suche Vorfahren und Geschwister. Ich wäre Ihnen dankbar, wenn Sie mir Hinweise geben könnten (Meine Ahnenseite vird in der o.g. home page erst in Kürze eingefügt) MfG w.Garz

Wolfgang Garz <w.garz.heveller@t-online.de>
- Sonnabend, 13.März 1999 um 13:47:57 
I am working on my Familie history S E L M E R .They lived in Mecklenburg and Pommern. The last entery I have is Theodor Selmer b.12.8.1788 d.4.26.1860.Married a Friedericke Winterberg b.10.9.1801 d.12.31.1831.They lived in Neustrelitz. Names in the Family tree.Schroeder-Richter,Selmitz,Brandt,Bandemer,Nebel, Any help is apprecicated.I can read german,too.Thank you Katharina Hines

Katharina Hines <hines60@hotmail.com>
Rogers,Arkansas USA - Freitag, 12.März 1999 um 22:15:33 
Looking for the surname, FROEMKE, FROMKE. I believe gggrand parents came from Bytow to Canada in 1860. This may be wrong. If anyone has any info, please write.

Brenda <Brendaf@qwksilvr.com>
Washington - Freitag, 12.März 1999 um 00:00:22 
Seeking contacts with Gaede's from Kiel.My research so far is : Gottfried Joachim GAEDE b. 1770 Stolp m.Christina Magdalena WENDT b. 1771 (no details known) Moved to Kiel in 1793. Traced 3 sons 1) Heinrich Moritz b. 1795,2) Johann Andreas b. 17 July 1796 d.6 Sept.1867 (son Heinrich Christian Jacob b.14 Sept.1834 d.1900 Kiel)3)Friederich Christian Diederich b. 6 Aug. 1803 d. 25 Sept 1862,London. This is a great site

Annette Dickie <iannette@igrin.co.nz>
New Zealand - Donnerstag, 11.März 1999 um 04:43:08 
I am looking for people with the surname “wöhlken” from Germany and “konkel” from Germany/Polan. I know that wöhlken came to Holland round 1850 and Konkel round 1925.

Alida Wohlken <LWohlken@Telfort.nl>
The Netherlands - Donnerstag, 11.März 1999 um 04:41:08 
Searching for ancestors(in Germany) of Wilhelm and Otillie Nimz, Emmigrated from Persanzig, Kreis Neustettin, Pommern 1884. Moved to New York State, then Ann Arbor, Michigan and finally to Wausau, Wisconsin around 1895. I have traced the family and many offspring from 1884 onwards. I am interested in family left behind in Germany! As with most of Pommern, Kreis Neustettin was turned over to the Poles in 1945. Poles have disposed of any German records(I was in Persanzig in November, 1998) Question, Where did any remnants of this family disperse to? I have found one Nimz in Dusseldorf, although he doesn't appear to have any information on the family, another in Leipzig, no response!....Can anyone help?

Kerry Nimz <knimz@hotmail.com>
Stevens Point, Wisconsin - Montag, 8.März 1999 um 21:03:57 
I recently discovered this in the original records of the St Peter's Lutheran Church in Outagamie Co, Wisconsin: Joachim Heinrich Winter geboren den 23 july in dorfe Wilsen Mecklenburg Schwerin, gestorben 4 Sep 1872. He was married to a Sophia Wendt. There daughter Anna Winter married a Henry Koehler whose parents Carl Koehler and Louisa Dettman who also emigrated from Mecklenburg to Wisconsin around 1850. I am hoping to find out more about Meckenburg and my ancestors there.

Kevin Johnson <kevin.johnson@dm.af.mil>
Tucson, AZ - Sonntag, 7.März 1999 um 18:49:08 
I am looking for information on Caroline Schwerdtfeger, born in 1827. Also, Yerviebe, born in 1832.

Julia C. Vohl <jvohl@aol.com>
Reno, NV - Sonntag, 7.März 1999 um 03:50:33 
I am looking for information on Carl & Frederika BRUHN who cam from a town called Teterow in the Mecklenberg-Schwerin area. They immigrated to America approximately 1850. One child I know of was Mathilda who married my ggrandfater Herman KRENZ. Any information would be extremely appreciated.

Linda Krenz-Price <LindaKPrice@worldnet.att.net>
Minnesota, USA - Sonntag, 7.März 1999 um 03:42:08 
I am researching my ggg grandparents, Christian Godfred KRUEGER (born March 28, 1837)and Martha BIRK (born December 11, 1842). Their birthplace was given by family as Slitfield, Baden. The Soundex suggests that the village might be Schildfeld. They both went to the United States, to Indiana, as young children. They married in Indiana in 1859. Christian's parents were Jacob KRUEGER (born August 24, 1796) and Jacobina LANG (born August 24, 1808) All were born in "Slitfield" Can you help me with birth certificates for any of these people, or perhaps a marriage certificate for Jacob & Jacobina. Or anything at all? I am curious about the village. I was able to find Schildfeld in an atlas. Thank you so very much. Kathryne

Kathryne Natale <MomNat@aol.com>
New York - Sonntag, 7.März 1999 um 01:53:00 
gransee, germany

joseph myron granse <joegransee@hotmail.com>
mountian home, arkansas - Sonntag, 7.März 1999 um 00:41:11 
My family lived in Neuenfeld, near Schoenfeld, Kreis Prenzlau in the mid 1800s. My g-grandfather, Rudolph Riebow was born there 26 Oct 1864. Family records indicate it was in Mecklenberg, but it may be in Brandenburg. I do not know where they came from prior to that time, other than our family stories (Family Bible) say that my gg-grandfather George RIEBOW was born 9 Jan 1836 in France (Alsae Lorraine) and my ggg-grandfather, George F. Riebow served as a general in Napoleans army, was born in Germany and deserted in order to get married. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. (English or Deutsch)

Robert K. Rebo <rebo@interquest.de>
Weltersbach, near Kaiserslautern, Germany - Sonnabend, 6.März 1999 um 08:46:26 
I have just posted a query and I think I gave a wrong Email address, it should be as above. Sorry for the mixup. Lera

Lera Witt Javor <lwjavor@smithsys.net>
- Sonnabend, 6.März 1999 um 04:17:22 
I have just posted a query and I think I gave a wrong Email address, it should be as above. Sorry for the mixup. Lera

Lera Witt Javor <lwjavor@smithsys.net>
- Sonnabend, 6.März 1999 um 04:16:32 
Dear Karen, I am so pleased to be able to tell you that under the AHLGRIMM information I found that of my 5Gr. Grandfather Joachim Andreas Ahlgrimm and his second marriage to Maria Sophia Schmidt. His daughter Sophie Dorothea married Johann Carl Joachim Rutz and their daughter Carolina Frederike Johanna married Johann Carl Fredrich Marquard. Their daughter Karolina Sophie Friedrike married Carl Fred. August Ludwig Witte, and they are the parents of my father,Gus Witt and my Grandparents who came to TX in 1879. They were all born in Meck-Schwerin and Meck-Strelitz. Thank you for your help, Lera.

Lera WITT JAVOR <lwjavor@smythsys.net>
Smithville, Bastrop Co., TX - Sonnabend, 6.März 1999 um 03:52:47 
BIGALK, BIGALKE, HACKBARTH, WOLLER, MARTH Oops! I forgot to mention that my Hackbarth and Bigalk families immigrated to America about 1855 and settled in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. There were other Bigalkes, Hackbarths, Wollers and Marths in that area of Wisconsin. There is a strong possibility that they were related to my ancestors, but I can't prove it yet. Thanks!

Laurie Tupy <tst4eko@sbtek.net>
Cresco, Iowa - Donnerstag, 4.März 1999 um 23:46:19 
BIGALK, BIGALKE, HACKBARTH, WOLLER, MARTH Hi - neat idea for a site! I'm looking for Bigalk/Bigalkes from Pommern Prussia and Hackbarths from Seefeld, Kries Kolberg, Prussia. Gottfried Paul Bigalk was born October 3, 1819 to Peter and Louisa Bigalk. I would love to know more about Peter and Louisa. Gottfried married Fredericka Wilhelmina Hackbarth(b. October 7, 1831) in 1851 in Prussia. Fredericka's parents were Peter Hienrich Gottlieb (went by Gottlieb and b. October 10, 1801) and Dorothea Sophia (nee Woller) Hackbarth. Gottlieb Hackbarth's parents were Johann Hackbarth and Sophia Marth. Thanks!

Laurie Tupy <tst4eko@sbtek.net>
Cresco, Iowa - Donnerstag, 4.März 1999 um 22:22:45 
Karen, this is a wonderful site. I thought I made an entry but can't find it. I'll try again.I am looking for Carl Frederick Theodore Schuldt b. 5-5-1830, d. 2-2-1913, m. Fredericka Christina Borgwert in Stralsund, Pommern, Grmany. They had five children born in Germany and migrated to the States about 1870. Also looking for Johann Philip Loehr b. 9-11-1809, d. 10-25-1879, m. Maria Ufer 12-10-1837 in Alten Kirchen, Weilburg, Nassau, Germany. Came to the States in 1855. Any more info would be great. Thanks. Nancy

Nancy Day <nda@pobox.upenn.edu>
347 Oak Terrace, St. Davids, Pa. 19087 - Mittwoch, 3.März 1999 um 22:09:57 
I am trying to research lines of Carl HAMEISTER, Louise SHROEDER, David STABNOW, Gottlieb ZASTRO. If anyone has any connections to those names, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. I love your site. Lots of names!!

Laurel Dahlberg <laureldahlberg@juno.com>
San Diego, CA - Mittwoch, 3.März 1999 um 06:00:01 
Meine Ahne 227 Anna Cathrine Jacobstochter Leverentz, (Ehemann Morten Nielsen 1685-1750, Schlosser in Kopenhagen), hätte ein Bruder Jacob Jacobsen Leverentz, der Bürgerschaft in Kopenhagen 1708 erworb, und in Mecklemburg geboren war. Ist die Name Leverentz eine seltene oder gewöhnliche Name in Mecklenburg, und glauben Sie, das man ihre Eltern finden kan?

Erik Brejl <brejl@post9.tele.dk>
Ringkøbing.Jylland.Danmark - Dienstag, 2.März 1999 um 20:25:00 
Looking for information on the parents of Zolfina Maria Hanna Nehls b. April 21, 1826 Lyanna Sophia Maria Nehls b. January 16, 1828 Friedrich Johann Christian Nehls b. August 22, 1829 Doneta Maria Hanna Nehls b. December 28, 1830 Dericka Maria Hanna Nehls b. December 20, 1833 John C. Nehls b. January 12, 1837 Friedrich & John came to the US from Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany in 1859 and settled in Wisconsin. I do not know what there sister married names are. Any information on anyone in this list would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Larry Nehls e-mail lnehls@bentonrea.com

Larry Nehls <lnehls@bentonrea.com>
Paterson, Washington USA - Dienstag, 2.März 1999 um 04:41:38 
Hello! I am trying to find about some of my ancestors, Named IMSE, KARSTEDT, JESCHKE, SEELOF, NEITZEL aLL IMMIGRATED TO wISCONSIN

Jackie Densing <jmdensing@msn.com>
Brookfield, Wisconsin - Montag, 1.März 1999 um 00:07:07 
April-June 1999

Thank you, Karin, for this website. I have found information through your guestbook about several parts of our family. I have this puzzle: According to church records 1823-1883 there were 3 generations of HUNDRIESERs in Neustadt bei Danzig, Brandenburg, now Wejherowo, Poland. On 16 Nov 1862 Elisabeth Henriette Hedwig HUNDRIESER married (as written in church records: "Friedrich Wilhelm Christoph Linow, more correctly NEHLS". She was 20, and he was 28. Friedrich was a Master Cabinetmaker. There were no other NEHLS in the church records. Friedrich must have arrived from somewhere else. Will appreciate advice on where to look next for place of birth for Friedrich NEHLS in March 1824 and names of his parents. Family stories say he may have come from Sweden, but nothing sure. If so, would the name be spelled differently? And where would I start to search in Sweden? Thank you. Patricia
Patricia Brown <tbrownii@gfn.org>
Michigan, USA - Mittwoch, 30.Juni 1999 um 14:54:21 

Thank you for taking such an active part in the area of genealogy in your area. My spouse and I recently visited the homeland of my grandfather, Albert Ludwig Frederick v. LANGEBERG and his father, Johann v. LAMGEBERG. I have records that state the Albert Ludwig Frederick v. Langeberg was born 1873 in Krusenkrien (we drove through the area June 10 and 11, 1999) and his father, Johann v. Langeberg was born in Tutow in 1850. Albert had an older brother, William Langeberg; and the mother was Johanna Fredreka DEDLOW, no mention of where she was born, but my mother remembers her father calling the mother "the Swede". Thanks, Judy
Judy Card <jcard20983@aol.com>
Woodland, Washington (state) USA - Mittwoch, 30.Juni 1999 um 07:16:26 
Enjoyed your site lots of info,found a variation of my surname Brinkman,still havent found connection to my GG Herman W? Bringman/Brinkman B1855 D 1934,parents unknown,sister Dorothy stayed in Germany,Brothers Gustav,William,Frank,Arnold,Henry and Charles emigrated to US abt 1870. The more elusive these people are the more determined I become lol :).

June Bringman-Shortall <jshortall@hotmail.com>
Bridgeville,Delaware United States - Dienstag, 29.Juni 1999 um 14:35:09 
I am trying to trace my fathers family. His name was Willi Otto and he was born in Rumburg. He joined the army at about 15 and was sent to Wales as a prisoner of war where he met my mum and settled down. His parents names are Heinrich Otto (born 14/4/1869) who was a wool blender and Flora Marschnerova (born 7/6/1886). I know my dad had several brothers and sisters, two of his sisters were Francisca and Martha. Martha's surname was Otto and she has a son called Peter. Any help would be appreciated.

Keili Lawrence <keililawrence@icc-uk.com>
Wales, UK - Dienstag, 29.Juni 1999 um 10:33:17 
I am looking for any relatives related to Edward Benton Cadow, Sr. It is believed that our surname was once spelled Von Kadow. Also, I understand that we have relatives (bookbinders) who emmigrated to Ellis Island from around the Mecklinburgh area of Germany near the turn of the century. Any help for finding a link to our European relatives would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you.

Kim Cadow <srichard@prodigy.net>
New Orleans, Louisiana - Montag, 28.Juni 1999 um 23:01:13 
Ich bin auf der Suche nach den Großeltern (und deren Verwandte)von Maria Katharina ( Marie Catherine Roß ) Roß/Rohß/Ross/Rohs, geborene Roos am 28. September in Paris (gestorben 10. April 1943), am 23.11.1892 in Gießen verheiratet mit Heinrich Roß (geb. 8. März 1864 in Wolfsgruben) Die Eltern von Maria Katherina Roß waren Elisabeth Roos, geborene Wagner (geb. 17. Januar 1825 in Großenbusseck, gestorben am 1. Juni 1878 in Gießen) und Friedrich Roos, geb. am 18. Januar 1825 in Burgadsfelden (diese hatten 6 Kinder)Für Hinweise wäre ich sehr dankbar.

Marianne Maringi <fineartsger@hotmail.com>
Germany - Sonntag, 27.Juni 1999 um 22:57:57 
My ancestors were Jewish emigrants from Germany,Poland or Prussia about 1810.There were 3 brothers Moses, Solomon & Mayer. Their father was in (hebrew) Jehuda the Levite. I believe that the rest of the family remained in Germany. The 3 Emigrants were Jewellers & Goldsmiths. They settled in Bristol, England where they each had a successful business. I am trying to find out where they got the name Blanckensee. Can you help?

Peter Blanckensee <blancks@esatclear.ie>
Dublin, Ireland - Sonntag, 27.Juni 1999 um 20:51:42 
I am searching the above surnames and many more. I searching for relatives and connections to especially any and all Dittbenners/Dittberners. My gggrandfather was Michael Ludewig Dittberner and he was born in Kloeppenfier in 1816 and had 1 brother, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Dittberner born in same in 1813. Their parents: Carl Ludewig Dittberner and Christina Zibellen. Carl's DOB was 1778 in prob. Kloeppenfier and his father was Franz Heinrich Dittberner DOB abt. 1754; but I don't know his wife's name. Any help would be appreciated. Franz had Henrietta Louisa Dittberner DOB 1796 and married 1818 in Kloeppenfier to Daniel Christoph BOECK from Neudorf. Any help would be great.

Gresham, Oregon - Sonntag, 27.Juni 1999 um 05:30:47 
I am looking for family from pommern, germany. the surname is ZIEBELL, Wilhelm...also wife Fredricka ,Maiden name: MEWS, her father Jos. Mews .Wilhelm had a son Gustav who Married Elizabeth KAISER(KEISER)Her father was Jacob Kaiser. all from pommerania area.These are my great grandparent.Any information on these names would be greatly appreciated.....

wendy <gewegriff@aol.com>
waterbury , ct. u.s.a. - Sonntag, 27.Juni 1999 um 02:50:51 
Trying to locate where my great-great grandfather came from. His name as found in census list: Longinus/Longenes Schware/Schwaer/Schward/Schwerdt/Schwere/Schwar. The census list also states Germany as where he was born. His first name could have been John also. Would like to find out who his parents were and if there is any relatives in Germany still.

Gloria (SCHWEAR)Bannon <gloriab52@yahoo.com>
Blackwood, NJ,USA - Sonnabend, 26.Juni 1999 um 05:08:11 
I am looking for information on my great-great grandfather Peter Wallerath (Wallrath) who came from Germany to Texas. His son was Charles Wallrath who lived and died near San Antonio, Texas. I would appreciate any help or information you may have about Peter. Thanks! Please e-mail me.

Guy Wallrath <guywall@yahoo.com>
San Francisco, CA - Freitag, 25.Juni 1999 um 19:12:37 
I am trying to contact anyone who has any information whatsoever about HANS KAHLE, who was at one time reported to be the Chief of Police of Mecklenberg State about mid-1940's. His death was reported in a TIME MAGAZINE obit in September, 1947. Thank you for any information to bapaghk@aol.com.

George H. Kahle <bapaghk@aol.com>
West Palm Beach, Florida - Freitag, 25.Juni 1999 um 18:55:07 
Karin, Your site has been invaluable to me. I have been searching for some time for the incorrect spelling of German towns on Australian certificates. With your help and Geo-serv I now have much more surety of the locations of Behnkenhagen(Bekenhagen),Boldekow(Boldiko),and Casekow (Cashow). Unfortunately, I too, have erred with Johann Anders - no suffix 'e'. He was born in Behnkenhagen in 1830 and his parents were Jacob Anders and Dora Ba(i)ls. Handwriting for Dora's last name is difficult to interpret. I do not have Johann's exact birthdate nor his parents marriage date. You may suggest how I could enqire about them. Thanks again for your help. Les Sketcher.

Les Sketcher <skeeta@tpgi.com.au>
Warrnambool - Dienstag, 22.Juni 1999 um 14:05:25 
I was very pleased to find your site. I am looking for information about my Great-Great-Great Grandparents. The only infomation I have at this time is the names and birthdates of my Great grandfather and his parents. Emil Robert Wischnofske, DOB:2/09/1883 born somewhere in Hinterpommern. Albert Wischnofske DOB:12/14/1857 and Amelia (Woldt)Wischnofske DOB: 07/08/1859. Any information even if only about the sirname Wischnofske would be helpful and appreciated.

Tamela Henderson <tamelaclark@hotmail.com>
Klamath Falls, Oregon - Dienstag, 22.Juni 1999 um 05:38:29 
Ich suche nach Vorfahren mit dem Namen Wendisch. Bin selbst in Stettin geboren. Es wäre toll, jemanden zu finden!

Ingo Wendisch <wendisch@bbs2.fh-wilhelmshaven.de>
D26419 Schortens, Nordstrandweg 4, Germany - Sonntag, 20.Juni 1999 um 11:47:42 
I'm related to the Freidrick Barnekow family from Mecklinburg, Germany.

Jerrie Lyn Rodriguez <none>
903 Front St. Sullivan, Wisconsin, u.s.a. 53178 - Sonntag, 20.Juni 1999 um 05:07:12 
Am doing family research on my paternal grandfather. His name was Chritian Carl Hoppe born in 1847 in Mecklenberg-Scherwin Germany came to US in 1868.His wife was Fredericka Gest from Germany bornin 1848.

Joanne Sterling <Josterling@webtv.net>
Fountain MI (USA) - Sonntag, 20.Juni 1999 um 02:36:56 
You have a great site and do a wonderful work. Searching for my ancestor Edward RUHMANN, immigrated from Holstein (now part of Schleswig-Holstein) to U.S. in 1830s. Possibly from Elmshorn, Hoern, Tornesch, Neuenkirchen or Stapelfeld. Also, ancestors Ernst and Charlotte KOENIG from Fuerstenberg (near Boffzen and Holzminden), Braunschweig duchy, now in southern Niedersachsen, immigrated to U.S. in 1848 on ship Siberia (left from Hamburg port)

Chuck Ruhmann <cdruhmann@computron.net>
Clute, Texas - Freitag, 18.Juni 1999 um 02:31:53
Seeking information on great-grandfather George Schnibbe, born to Christopher and Charlotte Schnibbe, in Hamburg on 01 FEB 1850. George emigrated to USA in 1867. His brother Christopher, born 1846, emigrated to USA in 1863. Sometime between 1870-1872,in the USA, George married Meta Wehrenberg, born 07 FEB 1853 in Prussia, she emigrated to USA on the ship The Main out of Bremen 08 Apr 1870. I am their great- granddaughter. Would appreciate any information that can be found on any of these ancestors. Thank you.

Laraine Frasciello <njlaf@aol.com>
New Jersey, USA - Freitag, 18.Juni 1999 um 02:00:16 
Hello! I am amazed at the kindness and caring that exists in this world! Thank you in advance for any information you find - thank you in advance for even trying! Following are my most troublesome "loose ends" in my family history search (1) Frederick MORISSE; born 1816 around Oldenberg - most possible Neuenfeld. He was released from the German Army in 1844 and emigrated to the U.S. in 1848. (2) Katherine BUEHNER from Wuestenberg (that's what her family records say, but I have been very unsuccessful finding it. Evidently there is a tiny hamlet in Bavaria by that name, but I have had no luck in contacting anyone from the area or a researcher I can pay in that area. She came to America in 1857 and was born in 1840. (3) I would like to find an address or person in SCHWIEBUS ( now, I think, Swiebodzin). I have family from there, but since it was behind the iron curtain and is now, I think, Poland, I am lost as to how to begin. THANK-YOU! THANK-YOU!

Veronica Vogt <Veeg279@AOL.com>
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - Mittwoch, 16.Juni 1999 um 23:50:29 
Erst mal ein Kompliment für die tolle Homepage. Ich bin für meinen Vater und seine Schwester, Martin und Gudrun Habeck, auf der Suche nach unseren Vorfahren. Sie stammten aus dem Dorf Schwessow/Kreis Greifenberg in Hinterpommern. Dort gab es drei Familien Habeck; zweimal Paul Habeck und einmal Richard Habeck. Zur besseren Unterscheidung für den Postboten waren sie durchnummeriert; mein Großvater war Paul Habeck II, Dorfstr. 33, Schwessow. Der Hof, den mein Großvater bewirtschaftete, war ursprünglich ein Rittergut, das aber in drei separate Höfe aufgeteilt und verkauft wurde. Meine Großeltern kauften das "Restgut" (heute ein ziemlicher trauriger und trostloser Anblick). Im Zuge der Kinderlandverschickung kam auch ein Mädchen aus Essen auf den Hof, Anna Reiners oder Rainers. Als sie wieder zurcük nach Essen mußte, hat sich ihre Spur leider verloren. Von meiner Großmutter väterlicherseits (geborene Pape) existiert ein Stammbaum bis ins Jahr 1700, aber leider nur lückenhaft. Ich freue mich über jede Information, die ich bekomme könnte. Viele Grüße und Danke im Voraus!

Heike Habeck <Heike.Habeck@ifs.rwth-aachen.de>
Aachen - Mittwoch, 16.Juni 1999 um 12:08:17 
I am looking for information on my great-grandparents. Carl SCHNEIDER b. Sept. 19, 1860 in Roerchen, came to US around 1885. He had 3 siblings that came with him. Settled in Nebraska. My other relative is Bertha GLASER b. Sept. 12, 1866 in Kronfeld, came to US in early 1870"s. I am also researching hte surname CALLIES. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!!!!!! M. Loomis at tcloomis@inreach.com

M. Loomis <tcloomis@inreach.com>
USA - Dienstag, 15.Juni 1999 um 02:29:43 
Hello Karin, I noticed your name on the Germany Web page. I am researching my family who came from Guentherberg, Brandenburg. The names that I have are Christian Frederick Rehwaldt, b. 1774 Married Dorothea Elizabeth Behrent. Any marriages of these family names would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your help. Flora

Flora Rehwalt Barwig <deerhart@home.com>
San Marcos, California USA - Sonntag, 13.Juni 1999 um 01:59:01 
I am searching for my great-grandfather Christian Lieder. He immigrated from Warin, Mecklenburg in August 1884 aboard the ship Hungaria and arrived in New York on September 5, 1884. His original surname is listed in the Hamburg passenger list as Luder. I would like some information on where his family lived in Mecklenburg.

Christopher D Filippi <chrislib2@aol.com>
San Antonio, Texas - Sonnabend, 12.Juni 1999 um 03:31:05 
hi to all PFOTZER's in the world - i am so happy not to be allone with this name as it is realy not often in germany - perhaps i find some "lost" members of my family - write to me if you are or know somebody with this name greatings to all of you birgit form germany

birgit pfotzer <walter-straba@t-online.de>
germany - 77731 willstaett - feldbergstrasse 16a - Freitag, 11.Juni 1999 um 17:48:54 
Hi Karin, I am searching for ROSENBERG and LATENDORF family. Rosenbergs arte coming from Neustrelitz and Latendorf from Userin. ANDREAS ROSENBERG married 1767 Helene LATENDORPEN in Torwitz/Neustrelitz. Looking for every hint! Thanks Walter Rosenberg

Walter Rosenberg <walter73@hotmail.com>
Berlin-Germany - Freitag, 11.Juni 1999 um 09:38:45 
Der Name Draheim stammt wahrscheinlich aus Pommern.Bei Neustettin gab es im Mittelalter eine Starostei Draheim und einen Ort gleichen Namens.Diese Starostei ging ca.1657 an den brandenburg.-preussischen Staat.Ich würde mich freuen,wenn sie nähere Informationen über diese Starostei bereitstellen könnten.Desweiteren bin ich auf der Suche nach unserem Familienwappen,sowie nach weiteren Ahnen meiner Familie. Der Letzte,mir bekannte Vorfahr starb 1817 in Rogozno/Rogasen in Posen (Karl Draheim). Falls sie mir in diesem Falle weiter helfen könnten,wäre ich Ihnen sehr dankbar. Mfg. Daniel Draheim

Daniel Draheim <101.174426@germanynet.de>
Bochum - Donnerstag, 10.Juni 1999 um 18:40:43 
Durch Zufall habe ich meinen eigenen Namen wiedergefunden, ueber den ich auch Forschung betreibe. Er ist: ZAHREND . Er taucht bei Ihnen im Oktober 1799 (?) auf. Gibt es naehere Infos dazu? Ich wuerde mich freuen, von Ihnen zu hoeren. Mit Gruessen aus Leipzig Antje Zahrend

Antje Zahrend <ges98mqu@studserv.uni.leipzig.de>
Leipzig 04155, Reginenstr.8 - Donnerstag, 10.Juni 1999 um 17:54:06 
Hi! you have a very nice site here. I am looking for information on Amalie Roritzri or Rokitzki. I think that was her married name. Not sure what her maiden name was. I know she had a daughter living in Lahworin, Germany in 1896. Her name was Bertha and she married a G. Kamph. The other four daughters Ida, Johanna, Laura, Emily came to the USA. Amalie and her second Husband Rudolf Thiel came to the USA on the Ship Electric out of Hamburg on 14 May 1866. The ship records listed Bertha as a housekeeper. She had a sister Minna still living as of 1896, she was born about 1821-1826. Bertha was born 10 Feb 1820 in Riediger, Germany. I would like to find out any information on her and her first husband. Also my G grandfather Helmuth Brinkmann born 7 Oct 1854 was thought to have been born in Berlin. He came to the USA in 1873. I dont have any other information on him before he came to the USA. Another name I am looking for is my G grandmother Henrietta Fredricka Gissing born in Copenhagen, Denmark 8 May 1863 to Theodore Johannes Gissing born 18 July 1830 in Copenhagen and Katherine Wagner born abt 14 April 1832 or Christiane Wagner born 30 Jan 1831 in Germany. Married bef. 1863 in Copenhagen? She had two sisters Johanna Gissing born abt 9 Feb and Jenny Marie Elizabeth Gissing born 24 Aug 1869 Thank you for any help I can get on this.

Robert L. Mathisen <rlm03@aol.com>
Chicago Ridge, IL, USA - Donnerstag, 10.Juni 1999 um 07:40:01 
I am looking for information on my great grandfather, Christian SCHMIDT. The information I have is that he was born in Klein, Granps, Mecklenburg-Schwerin July 28, 1837. He was not married until he immigrated to the United States and I do not know his parents' names, so I understand you may not be able to offer me much assistance. I would really appreciate any information on the location--Klein, Granps. I have not been able to find it on current or older maps. Thanks for your help.

Janice Coleman <colemanjanice@hotmail.com>
Luverne, Minnesota, USA - Donnerstag, 10.Juni 1999 um 03:58:09 
My family is referred to having come to Denmark from Hamburg somewhere between 1840 and 1870. My great great grandfather, Heinrich Adolf Brockhausen (changed his name to Brockhusen after moving to Denmark) had his spouse (they were not married at that time) Laura Mehler with him along with seven children. They married once they came settled in Fredericia i Denmark. Fredericia had an international status of being a "free town" at that time, which is why a large group of people from other countries moved there, because they could not live in peace elsewhere. My great great grandmother was believed to be jewish, which is believed to be the reason why they didn't marry untill they came to Denmark. The supposedly trouble prior to the move is also believed to be the reason for my great great grandfather reason for changing the spelling from -hausen to -husen in the last name, to make it sound more Danish. Two of the children, Peter Brockhusen (unmarried) and Laura Brockhusen, married Hvidtfeldt emmigrated to Boston (changed their name to Whitefield) and had their children there. Laura Whitefield, married Livingston, born 1897; Martin Whitefield, born 1900; Dolly Whitefield, married Orioly, born 1906 I have all known. Dolly died last. Dolly lived in Tampa, Florida since the late 1950's. They were the ones asking me to try to dig into the fact whether ther grandmother was jewish. Dolly and Martin went with their mother to Denmark 1912 to see their grandmother on her 90's birthday. They have all experienced being addressed in the street in Boston in jiddish. Laura Mehler is referred to having come from Westerland on the norhtern most German island Sylt. I have written to churches on Sylt years ago with questions about her, but never recieved any reply. Heinrich Adolf Brockhusen was a cigar maker, working for Smiths Tobacco factory in Fredericia where he tought the later Danish statesminister Stauning to become a cigarmaker, before Stauning went into politics. I am very much interested in help from anyone who can explain why my family - who never spoke much of its background - had a way of marrying into families like Tandberg (Norway), Hvidtfeldt (Denmark), Hardenberg (Denmark). Also we have a missing and unconfirmed link to Brockenhuus-Schack, where the male family members carried same first names as the Brockhusen in my family did, starting out with Heinrich Adolf in the early 1800, and than changing back and forth between Heinrich and Adolf, untill Adolf H. made it undesirably to use that name.

Mogens Erik Brockhusen <brockhusen@get2net.dk>
Stilbjergvej 2 - Annex, DK 7190 Billund - Donnerstag, 10.Juni 1999 um 03:03:51 
Looking for Blodorn/bloedorn family. wilhelm August Gottfried Blodorn married to Emilie Genz in 1871 in Wilsickow,Germany. Father of Wilhelm, Gottfried Blodorn and mother Hennriette Heldt of Belgard,Germany. Gottfried's father, Heinrick from Roslin,Germany. Any help from anyone!

gretchen jackson <gjackson@thuntek.net>
new mexico - Mittwoch, 9.Juni 1999 um 03:13:56 
I would like information on the name Kambs. All I can find out is that there is a town with that name and a church.

Judy Kambs Heinricher <Judygh06@aol.com>
Titusville, Florida USA - Mittwoch, 9.Juni 1999 um 03:11:53 
I have been seeking information on my father's family, von BULOW, for 15 years. I know that Friedrich von BULOW and Henrietta MUELLER were born in Mecklenburg in the late 1830s, came to Chicago, Illinois and had four children there between 1870-1879, and are buried in Wunders Lutheran cemetary north of Chicago. I know they left family in Mecklenburg bacause my dad says my gr-grandfather destroyed all connection to Germany during the was, including letters the family was receiving from Germany. It is rare enough when I run across a BUELOW/BULOW in my research but I have never yet run across a real relative. And by the way, Karin, I love your site! Thanks!

Linda Kiser <kisermusic@yahoo.com>
Valdez, Alaska USA - Dienstag, 8.Juni 1999 um 21:33:47 
Hello again Karin! Still searching for information on the following surnames: LIBSTAFF, LUBSTORF(F), LUEBSTORF(F), KOEPKE. All from Mecklenburg-Schwerin Germany. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. ENGLISCH oder DEUTSCH. Vielen Dank! Kristofer

Kristofer Libstaff <kllibsta@oakland.edu>
Michigan, USA - Montag, 7.Juni 1999 um 23:27:30 
Ich bin auf der Suche nach Vorfahren in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern die den Namen "Bibow" tragen und eventuell ein Familienwappen hervorbringen. Wenn Sie also die eine oder andere Eintragung in Ihren Bücher haben währe ich Ihnen sehr dankbar wenn Sie mir diese an mich weiterleiten würden. Vielen Dank und bis bald Heiko Bibow

Bibow Heiko <h.bibow@gmx.de>
Schleswig-Holstein - Montag, 7.Juni 1999 um 12:20:28 
Dear Karin I'm looking for information on the fink family. Andreas Fink born 1842 in Borrentin located just east of the kummerower See in Pommern. Fathers Name Johannes Fink Mothers Name Marie Kreiger. Also looking for information on the Vohs family. Karolina Vohs born 1850 in Metschow also East of the Kummerower See. Fathers Name Freidrich Vohs. Andreas and Karolina both came to America in the early 1870s and I can give info on their descendents if anyone is looking . Thanks Ron

Ron Fink <RonFink1@aol.com>
- Sonntag, 6.Juni 1999 um 15:19:00 
Searching for information on Brygmann/ Brügmann and Hartzbargen. I've entered the guestbook before, about 'Brygmann', but now I've found out some more. Hans Jokum Brygmann/ Hans Jochim Brügmann was born in 1773 in Lübeck, St. Marien Kirchengemeinde. He was babtised at home january 7, his sponsors (Gevattern) were Hans Hinrich Timm, Jochim Brügmann and Anna Maria Timm. His parents were worker and glover (Arbeiter und Handschuhmacher) Anthon Christopher Brügmann and Agneta Dorothea Hartzbargen, who got married at March 5. 1775 in St. Marien Kirchengemeinde.

Kasper Brunslev Pedersen <kasperbp@post.cybercity.dk>
Middelfart, Denmark - Sonntag, 6.Juni 1999 um 14:49:00 
Researching Otto ROESECKE, born September 1860 in Labes, Kreis Regenwalde. Father Wilhelm Roesecke, Mother Jane (Kaimerer) Roesecke. Immigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1880. Spelled his hometown "LAABES", but I think this might be a mispelling and the actual town is LABES, since I cannot find a "LAABES". Any information would be appreciated!

Tom Novak <Thomas.Novak@Cwix.com>
Indian Harbour Beach, Florida, USA - Sonntag, 6.Juni 1999 um 14:45:06 
I have noted on your web site that you are researching the surnames PRUTER and FICK (names in red). My great grandfather, Frederick Sass, born 1833 in Mecklenberg, Germany, married a Mary Pruter. From what I understand to date is that Mary Pruter was a daughter of Joacham Pruter who had married Madeline Fick. I am looking for information on my great grandfather Frederick Sass whose father was John Sass. From what I understand my great grandfather married Mary Pruter in 1863 and in that same year they immigrated to the United States settling in Wabasha County, State of Minnesota. If you could supply any further information on surnames of Pruter, Fick or Sass it would be sincerely appreciated. I can provide information for anyone who may want it on the decendants of Frederick Sass. Thank you - Steve.

Stephen J. Sass <SASSUSNRET@aol.com>
Hood River, Oregon, USA - Sonntag, 6.Juni 1999 um 12:18:07 
Ich suche Verwandte die nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg in Danzig geblieben sind.Mein Name ist Siegfried Klaus Lehmann.Meine Mutters Name war Ursela Pawelski und mein Vaters Willy Lehmann. Wir wohnten in der Kasernen Gasse 1.

Siegfried Lehmann <richter@vision.net.au>
Australia - Sonntag, 6.Juni 1999 um 05:48:05 
I am looking for my relatives who did not leave Danzig after the secound world war. My name is Siegfried Klaus Lehmann.My mothers name was Ursela Pawelski my fathers name was Willy Lehmann und we lived in the Karsernen Gasse 1. Siegfried Lehmann

Siegfried Lehmann <richter@vision.net.au>
Australia - Sonntag, 6.Juni 1999 um 05:46:48 
Searching fr GGreatgrandparents Christoph Mueggenburg/Margaret True(Maiden Name)parents of Christoph M born 1858 Supposedly in the Hanover area.His wife Charlotte Sophia Menkes parents were August Mencke/Alberta Juergens(Maiden Name) and they were from the Wandsbeck area of Hamburg.Sorry I did not give complete info the first time Thanks for any help you can give Bob

J R Mueggenburg Sr <bmbm_lvi@madisontelco.com>
Livingston, Illinois U S A - Sonntag, 6.Juni 1999 um 03:13:01 

Habe nun schon 2 x Post aus Texas bekommen - diese suchen nach ihren Vorfahren in Europa. Leider gibt es bei uns kein Ahnenbuch oder ähnliches und meine Großmutter weiß nicht viel über ihre Eltern, deren Geschwister oder gar ihre Großeltern. Ich weiß leider nicht wie ich an solche Daten herankommen könnte! Vielleicht hat jemand ein paar Tips für mich? Bye Jens
Kneese, Jens <kneese@t-online.de>
show my homepage - Sonnabend, 5.Juni 1999 um 21:19:14 
Any info relating to the following names - HERBOHN/HERBAHN/CHOITZ/GUITTS from Ossecken{LEBORK} or Wittenburg 1860s - 1870s. August Lugwig Herbohn married Henrietta Caroline Choitz[Guitts] 1874 approx and migrated to NZ then Australia around 1878. Any information regarding those surnames needed.Or information about getting info in Germany/Poland.

SUZANNE ROBERTS <zanne21@hotmail.com>
Newcastle.New South Wales Australia - Freitag, 4.Juni 1999 um 14:27:07 
Hello, I am researching the surname RIECK. My G-Grandfather August Johann Freidrick Rieck was said to be born in Hinrichshagen,not sure as to what Kreis. Family lore has it he was one of the Kaisers, Royal Guards. He was born in 1849. I would be grateful for any information. Sincerely, Mike Rieck

Mike Rieck <mkkmr1@ccipost.net>
Mattoon, Illinois - Freitag, 4.Juni 1999 um 00:22:18 
I am researching my Zornig line. I have it back to 1676 but have reached a point were I'm having trouble. My ancestor was Wilhelm Zornig. Born in 1676 in Gross Schwansfeld, Ost Prussia. His parents were Hans Zornig and Antje. He died 1 May 1774 in Breitenberg, Schleswig-Holstein. He married Anna Margaretha Bogen and they had 9 children. Any help would be appreciated. Danke!

Anita Schultz-Peters <apeters@citlink.net>
Courtland, California, United States - Mittwoch, 2.Juni 1999 um 15:59:05 
Hello Karin, FISCHER/KORK MARRIAGE I am trying to find a marriage for Friedrich Dieterich Christoph Fischer and Catherine Christina Wilhelmina Kork. The marriage would be about 1775 to 1790. Children and grand children from the marriage lived in Dahndorf, Ribnitz, Mecklenburg. Thank you, Al Fischer in WA state.

Al Fischer <amf@gorge.net>
60 Rio Vista, White Salmon WA 98672 - Dienstag, 1.Juni 1999 um 23:59:28 
I think your page is interesting. I'm looking for information on my bacground. My fathers name was George Richard Zimmer Jr. and my grandfathers name was George Richard Zimmer Sr. my fathers mothes name was Catherine. I would like to a little about my heritage if you could help I would be grateful.

Richard LaRoy Zimmer <zimmeister@hotmail.com>
Athens Pennsylvania - Dienstag, 1.Juni 1999 um 05:42:22 

Hello Karin You have a very nice web page. My great grandfather and his wife were the immigrants to Minnesota from Pommern. Karl Münchow (Muenchow)and his wife Fredricka Tessmer Immiagrated in the year 1867 to the usa. They were married in the year 1866 or67 in pommern. Karl was born in Reinfeld pommern in 1840 or 1841, She in 1836 but do not know her birth location. I think there is more than one Reinfeld so I do not know the Kries in which he was born. I think Karls fathers name was Fredrick and maybe would have been born between 1810 and 1820. Thanks much Bill Muenchow
William Muenchow <wcm@rconnect.com>
Minnesota usa - Montag, 31.Mai 1999 um 21:57:07 
I am looking for help in tracing the BOSSE family from Bismark, Germany. Chris Bosse emigrated to the USA in 1867 and later returned after 1882 and brought his parents, Christopher Bosse and wife (name unknown) back to Missouri, USA. If see there are two different Bismarks in Northern Germany now and wondered if this was so in 1867.

Jon Bosse <JCarlB@aol.com>
Staten Island, New York - Montag, 31.Mai 1999 um 16:38:55 
Hi, I have 2 questions. I am searching for ancestors of William Frederick Grant b1835 in Mecklenburg, Germany d1917 Battle Creek, MI. I believe the surname was changed to Grant when he arrived in US with his family. Any ideas what the German name may have been? 2) I have a copy of a letter from his mother. She gives her address as Polchow bei Laage, Merkl, Schiverin, Germany. Could you possibly tell me where this is in Germany and which would be the town if I want to request information directly? Thank you so very much for any help. Jodi

Jodi McPherson <jodi_mcpherson@compuserve.com>
Waterloo, Belgium - Montag, 31.Mai 1999 um 15:27:40 
Ich suche Joachim Christian Bohnhoff und sein Sohn, Christian Johan Joackim Bohnhoff geb. 2/3 1822 in Wismar. Sein Schwester Anna Dorothea Christine Bohnhoff geb 18/3 1837. gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se

gustaf von gertten <gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se>
Stockholm, Schweden - Montag, 31.Mai 1999 um 09:29:17 

MOBILE, ALABAMA /REALLY FROM PENNSYLVANIA - Montag, 31.Mai 1999 um 07:54:55 
Hi Great sight. Looking for information on the last name UEDELHOFEN. I believe the family is from Ensen Germany. I also think they came to the US around the l870's. If you have any information I would be very greatful. Sincerely Jim

Jim Lewandowski <Higher345@aol.com>
Eau Claire Wisconsin - Sonntag, 30.Mai 1999 um 07:58:15 
looking for surname hielscher, don't know where in germany. ggg grandfather karl godfried hielscher, born February 04, 1849, married ernestina empsier(?). 10 children, all born in colorado usa. immigrated to usa year unk. sorry i don't have much info..........

nadine hielscher <nena@cnetech.com>
hanford, ca - Sonntag, 30.Mai 1999 um 00:26:55 
Looking for information on great grandfather Charles (Karolus)von Muller. He identified himself as Prussian. He was married to Gertrude Haas also Prussian. He emigrated in 1860 and settled in Minnesota. I know he was Catholic and that he probably lived along the Rhine River. I only believe that because of old family lore. However, family lore also identifies Berlin as a residence. His second wife was named Maria Anna Blum from Gindorf, Trier. Charles was born in 1826 and died in 1913. Gertrude Haas was born in 1836 and died in 1883. thanks for any assistance. Carol

Carol Barker LeResche <leresche@alaska.net>
Juneau, Alaska - Sonnabend, 29.Mai 1999 um 20:38:14 
Hi , kennt jemand den Ort Guzgsden in Ostpreußen? Brauche dringend Informationen. Danke !!

Merkamp <merkamp@online.de>
- Freitag, 28.Mai 1999 um 19:04:59 
Your web page is great and thanks for looking up surnames. I am looking for the surname of BORTZ. I am not sure where in Germany they might have been so this will be a big help to me. This is what I know; Heinrich, Johann Jacob and George Bortz came to the US ca 1781. Their father might have been Johan Heffelrich Bortz/Portz and their mother Maria Magdalena Nittz. Thank you.

Nora Borts <borts@gte.net>
Mingo, Jasper County, Iowa - Donnerstag, 27.Mai 1999 um 16:04:59 
This is a wonderful sight. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I am looking for the Family name MIX. Information I have is on Karl Ludwig Mix born around 1822 in Zarzer Hutiing and married Elisabeth Heyse in Kulm Prussia August 10, 1845. I would so appreciate any information you can find. Perhaps you could tell me if MIX is the actual German spelling. His children migrated to US in the late 1800's. Again thank you for whatever information you can give me. Perhaps I can assist you with a search, I would be glad to try.

J. Mix <dmix45@banet.net>
Bedford MA USA - Donnerstag, 27.Mai 1999 um 06:26:09 
Researching Pomraning surname, settled in Penn, USA (John, Fredrick, and wife Sophie)

mona pomraning <mpomraning@micronpc.com - - mkad@earthlink.com>
Boise Idaho - Donnerstag, 27.Mai 1999 um 00:23:05 
Thank you for your information. As you can guess, I am interested in the Pomraning name.

allen n pomraning <allenpom@internetnw.net>
Walla Walla Washington USA - Mittwoch, 26.Mai 1999 um 21:57:47 
Family Names are Johanne ANDERS AND Caroline RIES(RIESE). Married 23 Feb.1853 Neuendorf Prussia. They migrated to Queensland, Australia in 1870 on 'Humboldt' from Hamburg. Seeking ancestry of above and location of German towns in Prussia - Neuendorf, Beckenhagen(maybe Behnkenhagen), Boldeko(Boldekow), Caschow. Migration origin was Alt Strelitz Mecklenburg.

les sketcher <skeeta@tpgi.com.au>
Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia - Mittwoch, 26.Mai 1999 um 03:30:55 

Diane Stavenhagen Kadletz <DianeSKadletz@worldnet.att.net>
Orange, California, USA - Dienstag, 25.Mai 1999 um 01:58:54 
Ich suche Gärtner Carl August Henrich Groth und sein Frau Chrisna Fredrika Louise Dejer (Groth) in Kirchspiel Schloss/ St Marien in Stettin und der Sohn August Carl Wilhelm Groth geboren 29/5 1839 in Schloss/St Marien Stettin. Gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se

Gustaf von Gertten <gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se>
Stockholm, Schweden - Montag, 24.Mai 1999 um 10:34:44 
I am looking for any information that may lead to the birth certificate and therefore more information for Johannes Bloem from Krefeld or Elberfeld Germany. As far as I can tell he was born between 1795 and 1800. His father's name is Matheus Bloem. I have no other information about his life in Germany. He came to Brazil in March 1823, married and died here. Any help will be appreciated. Danke, Joyce Bloem

Joyce Bloem <jbc@bloem.org>
Cotia, São Paulo, Brazil - Sonntag, 23.Mai 1999 um 21:53:08 
Ich suche Die Familie Pergande und Streck aus Belgard. Und die Familie Pagels von Greifswald. Zeitraum um 1850-1940 Gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se

Gustaf von Gertten <gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se>
Stockholm, Schweden - Sonntag, 23.Mai 1999 um 10:58:08 
Ich suche Die Familie Pergande und Streck aus Belgard. Und die Familie Pagels von Greifswald. Zeitraum um 1850-1940 Gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se

Gustaf von Gertten <gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se>
Stockholm, Schweden - Sonntag, 23.Mai 1999 um 10:57:49 
Ich suche Schiffskapitän Johan Wilhelm Schröder geb 29/8 1800 aus Barth und seinen Geschwistern Joachkim Friedrich Christopher geb. 17/10 1794, Maria Friederica Henrietta (verh. Ehlert) geb 5/8 1807 und Sophia Friedrica Henrieetta (ver. Remmer) geb 9/11 1809. Die Eltern sind Christopher Peter Schröder und Anna Regina Lorenz verh in Barth am 8/1 1794. Gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se

Gustaf von Gertten <gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se>
Stockholm, Schweden - Sonntag, 23.Mai 1999 um 10:54:12 
I am looking for information about surname Wiegman, Wiechmann, Wychman and Wichmann in Germany. Do you have information about Henrich Wichmann, b. Kiel 1657; Peter Wichmann, b. Kiel 29-11-1674; Peter Andreas Wichmann, b. Schleswig 21-7-1723; Joachim Friedrich, b. Schleswig 27-10-1763? I also looking for Jacob Wichmann from Marne, Dithmarschen District, Schleswig-Holstein and lived in Norddeich and married in Neufeld and Wesselburen? Further: Jacob Wichmann X Catharine Beckers: children: Johann Lorenz, b. Hamburg 20-8-1766 X Margaretha Hinken in Hamburg 26-4-1795. Christian Jacob Wiechmann, b. 1765, children: Anna Margaretha Elizabeth, b. Fabrik, Mecklenburg 1787. Johann Christoph Wiechmann, lived in Steinhousen near Wismar, children: Joachim Peter, b. 1798 Carsten Wiechman X Agneta Hansen, children: Hans, b. Wismar and Carsten Herman, b. Wismar; Fredrick Johan Wiechman, b. Wismar 1832. Other: Frederick J.J. Wiegman, b. near Hamburg 10-11-1824 Joachim Weichmann from Kurzen-Trechow X Sophia Quant; children: Elizabeth Margaretha, b. 2-12-1796. If you have information about Wiegman, Wiechmann, Wychman and Wichmann in Mecklenburg, Denmark, Schleswig, Hamburg, Oldenburg, Bremen and Hannover, give me an e-mail: gwiegman@nl.packardbell.org Thank you very much.

Gerard Wiegman <gwiegman@nl.packardbell.org>
Haarlem, Netherlands - Sonnabend, 22.Mai 1999 um 12:44:40 
Hello Karin, I find your page very interesting and it is the first site that I check everyday. I am looking for any information on the name of Kadolph from the area of Kreis Schlawe, Pommern. Mostly from the towns of Zitzmin, Panknin, Damerow & See Bukow. My 2nd Greatgrandfather was a Wilhelm Kadolph from Zitzmin and I think he was born in the 1820 - 1830s. I am trying to see if he was related to a August Fredrich Ferdinand Kadolph born March 1831 in Zitzmin and whose father was Johann Kadolph from Zitzmin.

Gary Otto Kadolph <GKadolph@aol.com>
Bel Air, Maryland, U.S.A - Freitag, 21.Mai 1999 um 16:21:10 
Eine Kollegin von mir sucht ihre Ahnen in Deutschland. Sie hat mir einen Namen gegeben und eine Adresse, aber ich glaube wir müssen da vorsichtig sein. So wie sie mir den Namen gab: George Keller, (ich glaube es ist Georg Keller) Geburtstag: ungefähr 1725 Geburtsort: Zeveibruehen, Bavaria (ich glaube Zweibrücken Rh.Pfalz) Georgs Frau is eine Barbara Ann Hottel Geburtstag: ungefähr 1735 Geburtsort: unbekannt. Ich weiß daß dies wenig ist, aber wenn sie helfen könnten, dann wäre ich Ihnen dankbar.

Rainer O. Volk <RVolk65151@Aol.com>
Pasco, Washington USA - Freitag, 21.Mai 1999 um 01:47:04 
WILLE One of my ancestors is Frederik (Friedrich) Cristian August Wille, who was born in december 1766 in Fromhausen (near Detmold). His parents were Johann Henrich Wille and Bernardina Henriette Koehlers. Im am searching for the place and date of their birth, marriage, dates of birth of other children and death. I appreciate any information on the subject.

Bert A. Wille <wille@willedonker.nl>
The Netherlands - Donnerstag, 20.Mai 1999 um 17:35:02 
WILLE One of my ancestors is Frederik (Friedrich) Cristian August Wille, who was born in december 1766 in Fromhausen (near Detmold). His parents were Johann Henrich Wille and Bernardina Henriette Koehlers. Im am searching for the place and date of their birth, marriage, dates of birth of other children and death. I appreciate any information on the subject.

Bert A. Wille <wille@willedonker.nl>
The Netherlands - Donnerstag, 20.Mai 1999 um 17:32:26 
Karin, I am looking for info. on my great-great grandfather, Fredrick William Krause. He was born @ 1829. I think his wife's name was Anna. I found a ship's log that cited their home as being Preusen. Hope this isn't too vague! Thanks so much! E. Stringer raspberry@mindspring.com

Elizabeth Stringer <raspberry@mindspring.com>
South Carolina, USA - Donnerstag, 20.Mai 1999 um 16:01:11 
hi, i just wandered on in-names sound familiar so will add mine to the mix. looking for mummelthei, kley,krumrey,and schultz/schulz. schulz is elusive but connected to kley/krumrey. i'm geographically challenged but i try to remember that the area is small. if anyone sees kley or krumrey in a kirchebuch i would like the location. thanks,wish i could do this with my webtv.

angie <angie-web@webtv.net>
iowa - Donnerstag, 20.Mai 1999 um 03:14:11 
I am looking for information (passenger ship, etc.) for my ancestors, Johann Georg Staudt & Christina Staudt who arrived in Texas from Germany in 1849. I believe they came from Frickhoven, Germany. Any information is greatly appreciated. Danke, Joseph Staudt.

joe staudt <joestaudt@yahoo.com>
converse, texas - Donnerstag, 20.Mai 1999 um 01:16:20 
Ich suche Nachfahren von Kurt oder Eduard Rabenalt. Brüder von Richard Rabenalt aus Rathenow in der Mark Brandenburg.Bin für jeden Hinweis dankbar

Rabenalt <antje.Rabenalt@sat1.de>
Berlin - Mittwoch, 19.Mai 1999 um 15:09:32 
I am looking for my relatives who did not leave Danzig after the secound world war. My name is Siegfried Klaus Lehmann.My mothers name was Ursela Pawelski my fathers name was Willy Lehmann und we lived in the Karsernen Gasse 1.

Siegfried Lehmann <richter@vision.net.au>
Australia - Mittwoch, 19.Mai 1999 um 06:42:34 
Ich suche Verwandte die nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg in Danzig geblieben sind.Mein Name ist Siegfried Klaus Lehmann.Meine Mutters Name war Ursela Pawelski und mein Vaters Willy Lehmann. Wir wohnten in der Kasernen Gasse 1.

Siegfried Lehmann <richter@vision.net.au>
Australia - Mittwoch, 19.Mai 1999 um 06:36:53 
I hope we will have mutual advance by our contacts.

Alexander Groen <alxgroen@casema.net>
Soest, Netherlands - Dienstag, 18.Mai 1999 um 15:46:36 
bitte,i am trying to trace my great,great grandfather whose name was jonas wendt(i believe the surname later changed to windt)he was apparently born in a town called zerbst in germany.i am not sure of his date of birth but around 1754 he sailed to south africa.he married a woman by the name of helena jacobs who was born 6/5/1759 and died 26/7/1774.they had 3 children but sadly i do not have their names.any information would be greatly appreciated.great site and hope to be able to update my family tree in the not too distant future.regards,marie

marie mitchell,nee nel <africa660@hotmail.com>
sydney,australia - Sonnabend, 15.Mai 1999 um 22:29:08 
I am searching for the family name Lankhoff/Langhoff/Lanckau(en) Jacob Lankhoff, geb.ca.1741 in Anklam, (Vor)Pommern David Lankhoff, geb.ca.1730 in Wolgast,(Vor)Pommern They where cousins and emigrated to Amsterdam in ca.1760/1770

Dirk-Jan Lankhof <Lankhof@dla.nl>
Aalten, Holland - Sonnabend, 15.Mai 1999 um 21:11:40 
Suche meine Vorfahren Baron Edouard von (de) KAMPTZ ,er war ein Officier in der Deutschen(Preussischen) Armee und soll in der Garnisonskirche in Potsdam bei Berlin Bestatted sein. Seine Frau Marguerite-Marie de Montgazon. Jede kleine Hilfe ist erwuenscht. Gruesse aus Montreal von Hans

Hans de Montgazon <hdemont@bigfoot.com>
Montreal,Canada - Sonnabend, 15.Mai 1999 um 06:16:34 
Great and helpfull site. Congratulations.

Jose A. Sieben <jasieben@ez-poa.com.br>
City of Porto Alegre in the south of Brazil - Freitag, 14.Mai 1999 um 03:37:04 
Wonderful site! I am searching for information on my grandfather Anton Harwart from Elbing, Germany. He emmigrated to Ohio and died in 1918 of influenza. He was married to Laura Cassler, but I don't know if they met in Germany or USA. Vielen Dank!

Karen Lynn Kirsch <KarenLK46@AOL.com>
Louisville, Ohio 44641 - Freitag, 14.Mai 1999 um 02:06:32 
Olá Lady my nome is Eduardo Bogner Filho I am trying to discover mine I/you/he/she hoists colours genealogical my grandfather came to Brazil in 1926 he was born in Yuguslavia in 1910 its name he was Jacob Bogner he was son of Ferdinand Bogner and Katarina Bogner I don't still know its nationalities if they are German Immigrant in Yuguslavia you perhaps were had some information to send me on the families Bogner oh in the europa without more greetings

Eduardo Bogner <bogner@ruralsp.com.br>
Sao Paulo - Brazil E-Mail bogner@ruralsp.com.br - Donnerstag, 13.Mai 1999 um 17:48:03 
Searching for: Erdmann GAUGER, B 27 Oct 1792, in Pommern Married ca 1810-1820, Louisa (no other info) Known Children: Michael Friedrich August GAUGER, B ca 1822, in Pommern Married ca 1850, Christine KRONIG, in Pommern Carl H.GAUGER, B 7 May 1824, in Trieglaff, Pommern Married ca 1850, Augustine RAMTUHN, in Pommern Caroline GAUGER, B 24 May 1826, in Trieglaff, Pommern Married ca 1850,Joh'n Fried.Aug. GAEDKE, Pommern Wilhelm Carl F. GAUGER, B 31 May 1830, Trieglaff, Pom Married 21 June 1861 Friederika W.A. WENDT, U.S.A. August GAUGER & family to USA via Hamburg-Quebec in 1862 Carl GAUGER & family to USA via Hamburg-Quebec in 1857 Johann Friedrich August GAEDKE and wife Caroline (GAUGER) and family to US in 1857 via Hamburg-Quebec in 1857 Wilhelm Carl F. GAUGER to USA via Hamburg-Quebec in 1857 Haven't found passenger records to USA for the father, Erdmann GAUGER, but he was living with his daughter, Caroline in 1870 All the above died in USA

Carol Gauger <r.gauger@ieee.org>
5 Roanne Circle, Irvine, CA, 92604 - USA - Donnerstag, 13.Mai 1999 um 02:28:10 
Searching for: Erdmann GAUGER, B 27 Oct 1792, in Pommern Married ca 1812-1820, Louisa (no other info) Known Children: Michael Friedrich August GAUGER, B ca 1822, in Pommern Married ca 1850, Christine KRONIG, in Pommern Carl H.GAUGER, B 7 May 1824, in Trieglaff, Pommern Married ca 1850, Augustine RAMTUHN, in Pommern Caroline GAUGER, B 24 May 1826, in Trieglaff, Pommern Married ca 1850,Joh'n Fried.Aug. GAEDKE, Pommern Wilhelm Carl F. GAUGER, B 31 May 1830, Trieglaff, Pom Married 21 June 1861 Friederika W.A. WENDT, U.S.A. August GAUGER & family to USA via Hamburg-Quebec in 1862 Carl GAUGER & family to USA via Hamburg-Quebec in 1857 Johann Friedrich August GAEDKE and wife Caroline (GAUGER) and family to US in 1857 via Hamburg-Quebec in 1857 Wilhelm Carl F. GAUGER to USA via Hamburg-Quebec in 1857 Haven't found passenger records to USA for the father, Erdmann GAUGER, but he was living with his daughter, Caroline in 1870 All the above died in USA

Carol Gauger <r.gauger@ieee.org>
5 Roanne Circle, Irvine, CA, 92604 - USA - Donnerstag, 13.Mai 1999 um 02:26:00 
Bitte. I am looking for notes concerning Frederick WICKMAN married to Mary GREUNER before 1800 in the vicinity of Hannover. They emigrated to the USA soon after 1800 with one, perhaps two, children. One son was named Henry. Vielen Dank.

Stanley A. Wickman <cownabor@worldnet.att.net>
Livonia, MI USA 48150-3961 - Mittwoch, 12.Mai 1999 um 19:38:37 
Surname Negendank (Negindakk, Negendanck). Last Permanent residence: Heidebrecht, Pommerania, Germany. Father: Herman, born Jan. 10,1866. Emigrated to American April, 1892. Arrived Baltimore. Immediately travelled to and settled in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.Wife Emelie Sager (Saager) born March 4, 1860; Children: Otto, Gustav,Ida. Travelled on ship: Karlsruhe. Looking for any information on this family and forebears. Also, Surname Nenn. Karl. Born Posen, Germany September 19, 1857. Emigrated to New York City, June 1882. Married to Emilie (Amelia) Auguste Kunkel, born July 11, 1858. Any information on forebears greatly appreciated.

Linda Negendank Nenn <lindnen@aol.com>
Port Washington, Wisconsin, USA - Montag, 10.Mai 1999 um 19:35:39 
I am looking for information on my GGGGrandparents. They were married in Stettin around 1820-1835. His last name was PAGEL, I don't know anymore information about him. Her name was Maria Louisi (or Louisa) last name unknown. They had three children I know of, possibly more. There names were Ferdinand (Henry?), Caroline, and William. Any information on The PAGELs would be greatly apperciated. Thank you.

Dan McLain <DMcLain648@aol.com>
Corona, CA - Sonnabend, 8.Mai 1999 um 08:01:05 
Karin, I've so enjoyed your home page!! Meine Tochter is presently living near Hannover as a Rotary Exchange student. I thought if I could find the place where her great-great grandfather Priebe emigrated from she could possibly visit before she returns to the US. She has fallen in love with Germany- I hope she returns! His name is Frederick Priebe and he was born 19/01/1860. My husband's father doesn't know the town but says the family came from Prussia. I'll try to check census/emigration records here in the states to see if I can come up with a location. But if you have anything I would like to let my daughter know!! Vielen Dank! Shelly Priebe

Shelly Priebe <Com1Fam2@aol.com>
Indianola, Iowa - Sonnabend, 8.Mai 1999 um 01:52:11 
Am looking for any information on the Sohrweide family from Silligsdorf. My grandfather, Richard Hermann Sohrweide was born there in the late 1800s. Thank you!

K.Patrick Sohrwide <sohrwide>
Stillwater,OK - Freitag, 7.Mai 1999 um 23:44:42 
Hello: I am looking for the ancestors of JOHANNES HOLLENBACH born about 1615 in Nassau Germany. I dont know which town or city. His wife was APOLLONIA (no last name) Sons were GEORGE,LORENZ and LOHANNES II. All born in Nassau, Germany

Stan Hollenbaugh <collectors@netrax.net>
East Berlin, Pennsylvania, USA - Mittwoch, 5.Mai 1999 um 03:15:17 

BROOKFIELD, CONNECTICUT - Dienstag, 4.Mai 1999 um 01:44:01 
Haben Sie ein Adressbuch von Thorn an der Weichsel, um die Jahrhundertwende herum? Ich suche HAUSCHKE und Anna JANETZKI.

Horst A. Reschke <hreschke@burgoyne.com>
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Montag, 3.Mai 1999 um 22:44:19 
Ich waere an den Postkarten des Majors v.d. Groeben interessiert. Wir sind zwar nicht verwandt, aber die Familie Reschke war der adeligen Familie v.d.Groeben in Westpreussen untertan. Wir waren ueber 300 Jahre lang Bauern in Wandau, Kreis Marienwerder. Urspruenglich kam wir aus Pommern und such dort noch den Anschluss. Das Dorf Wandau gehoerte der Familie v.d. Groeben, die auf dem Gut Neudoerfchen sassen. Ich habae in den '60ger Jahren noch mit dem Grafen v.d. Groeben korrespondiert und weiss, wo Familienmitglieder in Deutschland wohnen. Kann ich Ihnen Geld schicken um die Postkarent zu bekommen? Vielen Dank! Horst Reschke (in Hannover geboren, schon 47 Jahre in Amerika.

Horst A Reschke <hreschke@burgoyne.com>
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - Montag, 3.Mai 1999 um 22:23:54 
Wer kann mir weiterhelfen bei der Suche nach: Henning Lorentz Breu aus Verchen/Mecklenburg, verheiratet mit: Catherina Breu (geb. Krohnen), Vater von: Friedrich Ernst Christian Breu (*01.02.1798 +13.11.1864)

Thomas Breu <globi@t-online.de>
Darmstadt/Germany - Sonnabend, 1.Mai 1999 um 15:13:44 
Interested in finding out any information concerning my family tree. One of my ancestors with the surname BOTH invented the humidicrib for newborns, the Melborne Olymipic scoreboard, and something to do with cardiology readouts. He was quite a guy. I think his name is Frederick. Thanks

Daryl John Curtis <grefinoz@zipworld.com.au>
Sydney, Australia - Sonnabend, 1.Mai 1999 um 13:00:51 

Suche information über meine Familie KARPINSKI und TILLI: JOHANN POUL KARPINSKI geb. 29.12.1850 in Schmierau, LOUISE LINE TILLI geb.1851 in Oliva, verheiratet in Danzig-Oliva 20.11.1877, die beiden hat 4 kinder JOHANNES POUL geb.1880,MARTHA GERTRUD CLARA geb.1878,HEDWIG KAETHE geb.1890 und ELISABETH BARBARA geb.1888. Ich haben die name aus Johann Poul Karpinski's Eltern und Großeltern, ich brauche meiest urteile über Tilli, aber alle informationen ist sehr wilkommen. Vielen dank. Hans Karpinski
Hans Karpinski <karpinsk@post5.tele.dk>
Hatting Dänemark - Freitag, 30.April 1999 um 22:19:30
Suche information über meine Familie JOHAN KRISTOFFER FREDERIK KOMMEROU "KOMMEROW" geb. rund 1805 in Alkenlin, Rentermin Nordpreußen, verstorben 31.06.1884 in Dänemark, verheiratet mit KAROLINE JOHANNE WILHELMINE KÖRLITSCH,geb. rund 1810, verstorben 25.09.1877, die nachname können auch "SCHNIDER,CULENE oder KÖRRELS werden, die beiden hatten eine Tochter MARIE CAROLINE CHRISTINE geb.16.01.1838 in Preußen,rund dieses jahr ausvandret die Familie nach Dänemark als Landarbeiter, hier haben die Familie noch 7 kinder bekommen. Über hinweise würde ich mich seehr freuen. Hans Karpinski

Hans Karpinski <karpinsk@post5.tele.dk>
Hatting Dänemark - Freitag, 30.April 1999 um 22:05:29
Hi I just found this site and am hoping I can get some information about my family name. Ziemke The information I have is Carl (Johann Ludwig, I think) Ziemke was born in Bartin, Germany and died here in the State of Michigan on 2-7-1899. He married a Henrietta Dally of Germany also.She died here also 12-1-1932. He was called to War in 1866 but armistate was signed so he didn't have to go to the front. Six Week War between Germany and Austria. They came to USA Dec. 10, 1886. they had Six children: Carl Johann Ludwig Ziemke Jr. born 12-23-1864 Bartin Germany he was confirmed in the Luthren Church on sept. 29, 1877 at the age 13 Hannah Ziemke born 6-3-1869 in Bartin Germany Gustie Ziemke born 1873 Albert Ziemke born 10-8-1874 Henry Ziemke born ? Herman Ziemke born 10-12-1879 I hope this will help and I really appreciatate the help!! Thank you in advance for your time and energy! Sarah Ziemke Carrington

Sarah Ziemke Carrington <houseofbirds@qtm.net>
Berrien Springs, Michigan USA - Donnerstag, 29.April 1999 um 02:15:19
My Grandfather always told me he was Baptized in OberMaldau, Prussia, but lived in Austria. Anyone out there know how I can find out more information as to where he might have lived? Or records from his family? Also are there any more LEX's out there?

LEX <icsinc1@netnet.net>
Wisconsin - Mittwoch, 28.April 1999 um 14:39:41
Ich suche nach der Familie Koroch (oder Korroch). Mein Großvater Gottlieb Koroch verstarb 1938 in Malinowka, Polen. Er war verheiratet mit Luise Molketin. Mein Großvater soll ca. 10 Geschwister gehabt haben, die zum Teil noch in Polen, aber auch in Russland (Ukraine u. Kasachstan) und vielleicht sogar in den USA leben. Mein Großvater muß zwischen 1878 und 1885 geboren sein (vielleicht sogar in Malinowka). Da der Name Koroch sehr selten ist, wünsche ich mir, daß alle, die diesen Namen tragen oder danach forschen sich an mich wenden.

Angelika Mette <XMette123@qol.com>
Braunshweig - Dienstag, 27.April 1999 um 18:46:58
Just as I was about to give up my search, I found this wonderful page. THANK YOU!!!! I am looking for any information on the name BOLDUAN. My father SEIGFRIED BOLDUAN was born March 7 1923 in Ruhnow - Bahnhof, Pomerania. His father Brunno \ Otto ran a popular Inn there. I am desperately trying to find his sister Marie-Luise Bolduan (rumor has it she married a vet named Dr. Messner.) She would now be in her 50's and her last known address was in Prenzlau. I believe someone by the name WIENKE, was attempting to contact my father before he died in 1990 with information. I have many photos of the town and a picture of a grave with the name HOLDINE KANTHAF geb. Wedig. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Elena Ourplace@ionsys.com Toronto, Canada

BOLDUAN <Ourplace@ionsys.com>
- Dienstag, 27.April 1999 um 18:41:20
Just as I was about to give up my search, I found this wonderful page. THANK YOU!!!! I am looking for any information on the name BOLDUAN. My father SEIGFRIED BOLDUAN was born March 7 1923 in Ruhnow - Bahnhof, Pomerania. His father Brunno \ Otto ran a popular Inn there. I am desperately trying to find his sister Marie-Luise Boldun (rumor has it she married a vet named Dr. Messner.) She would now be in her 50's and her last known address was in Prenzlau. I believe someone by the name WIENKE, was attempting to contact my father before he died in 1990 with information. I have many photos of the town and a picture of a grave with the name HOLDINE KANTHAF geb. Wedig. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Elena Ourplace@ionsys.com Toronto, Canada

BOLDUAN <Ourplace@ionsys.com>
- Dienstag, 27.April 1999 um 18:39:23
Ich suche informationen über Familie Ramthun. Mein Uhrgrossvater war Heinrich Christian Joachim Ramthun, geboren 19.01.1829 in Natelfitz, Kreis Regenwalde, Pommern. Ich suche auch informationen über Familie Kamchen. Mein Grossvater war Gootlieb Kamchen, geboren 04.11.1879,... Karlstrasse.???

Valmor Kamchen <kamchen@braznet.com.br>
Pomerode, Santa Catarina, Brazil - Dienstag, 27.April 1999 um 01:27:55
Looking for William STURMER b. 01Jan1817 Prussia, GER d. 11Mar1889 NYC, NY, USA. Married Pauline MULLER b. 28Mar1828 Mecklenburg, GER d. 1869 NYC, NY, USA. I believe they came to US after marriage and after 1850. Thanks in advance.

Thomas McDonald <tom.mcdonald@snet.net>
Danbury, CT, USA - Montag, 26.April 1999 um 03:25:38
I´m looking for descendants of Wilhelm (William) Mag(e)rin, who emigrated from Redlin near Koeslin, Hinterpommern, Germany to the States, as far as I knwow to Baltimore around 1900. I´m very thankful for any information.

Reinhard Heymann <reihey@mcis.de>
Goettingen, Germany - Sonntag, 25.April 1999 um 14:58:11
John Kauffner referred me to your page. Searching for ancestors/decendants of the following: Asmus OCKSEN b-abt 1765 in Geelbyholz,& wife, Maria Christina PAULSEN. Marx Hinrich OCKSEN, b-Jun 29, 1788, in Geelbyholz, bap. Jul 3, 1788 in Brodersby, Married Mar 10, 1816, in Taarstedt to Margaretha Christina DIDRICHSEN b-Apr 2, 1788. Asmus Marx OCKSEN, b-Dec 14, 1825 in Geelbyholz. Married Christina SCHLODT? B-abt 1825 in Fusing. Very interested in locating decendants of Maria Ocksen b-abt 1866-1940 in Fusing. Married POPLONSKI? Lived in Hamburg, had 3 children, Wilhelm, Amelia & Otto Poplonski. Wilhelm was seaman, and died in ship fire in U.S.A. abt 1945.

Roland Oxsen <oxsen@olypen.com>
Sequim, Wa. USA - Freitag, 23.April 1999 um 03:05:05
Ich suche Informationen über Familie Kieckbusch. Mein Großvater war Emil Karl Albert Kieckbusch, geboren 16.11.1888 in Lassan / Pommern

Reiner Kieckbusch <reinerkieckbusch@arcormail.de>
Schortens / Friesland - Donnerstag, 22.April 1999 um 21:03:14
Hallo, ich such alle Informationen bzgl. Gramenz. Großeltern kommen gebürtig aus dem Kreis Flatow. Im voraus herlichen Dank für evtl. Infos.

Gramenz <Udo.Gramenz@t-online.de>
D-49525 Lengerich/Westf. - Mittwoch, 21.April 1999 um 21:56:47
Searching the DAHMS / DAMES surname. Specifically looking for the parents of Wilhelm Friedrich DAHMS (b. 1818 in ?, d. 1871 in Wisconsin). Wilhelm married Anna MARQUARDT in 1844 in Sabes, Kreis Pyritz, Pommern. Wilhelm and Anna and family left for Wisconsin in 1856. Would like to find the rest of Wilhelm's family (parents, sisters, etc.) They were not in the Sabes church records from 1797 until 1842. Thanks for your help!

Brian Dahms <rocker34@aol.com>
Phoenix, Arizona, USA - Mittwoch, 21.April 1999 um 07:54:53
From another 'Schoepke' from the USA.

Loren Schoepke <schoepke@ocslink.com>
Varna, Illinois (USA) - Mittwoch, 21.April 1999 um 00:13:03
Sehr geehrte Herr Christian, Meine Vorfahren waren Hagemeister und mich interesiert alles ueber dieses Familienname, insbesonders der kaukasische Zweig. Bitte, helfen Sie mir, natuerlich wenn Sie dafuer Zeit und Lust haben. Mit freundlichen Gruessen, Dr. Grigol Kiknadse.

Grigol Kiknadze <giga@iph.hepi.edu.ge>
Georgia - Montag, 19.April 1999 um 09:56:35
I am looking for information on Johannes Jacob Moritz Subke, born January 26, 1818 in Neparmitz, Island of Rugen, Germany. Married Carolina Maria Johanna Koch, October 30, 1838. Carolina was born January 31, 1815 in Pomerania, Island of Rugen.

Penny L Moore <linc@horizon.hit.net>
Winfield Kansas (USA) - Sonnabend, 17.April 1999 um 21:41:36
my g grandfather came from zickerke in naugard Pommern, His father did as well I also am looking for my g grandmother's relatives. Her fathers name was August Griepentrog from Grassow, Pommern.

Steve Gustman <stg@cybrzn.com>
Marinette, Wisconsin, USA - Sonnabend, 17.April 1999 um 21:06:45
Ich suche die LEO Famillie aus Luebeck. Grossvater Max Leo geborn 24 February 1892 und Grossmutter Marie Heinze geborn 17 August 1894. Ich mochte gern mein "Family Tree" machen.

S. <teuton.research@sympatico.ca>
Ontario - Sonnabend, 17.April 1999 um 21:04:08
I am interested in Nimmer. John Fred Nimmer (b. 3/31/1847) and brothers Herman and August migrated from Gruenwald, Pommern, in the 1860's to Van Dyne, WI. Their parents were Carl F. Nimmer and Henrietta Abraham, who did not migrate. I have also found (unknown relationship) Albertina Nimmer who migrated about the same time from Gruenwald to Minnesota. Other unknown-relationship Nimmers are from "Germans to America" shipping lists:Bremen- Elise $ Mathilde (ship) arr. NY 5/23/1864 w/ Martin Nimmer (58 yrs. old - laborer), Henriette (52), Henriette (19), Albertine (16), Auguste (11,Female), Ulrike (5,F) from Prussia to USA. DH Waetjen ship - Bremen>NY arr. 5/18/1867 w/Wilhelm Nimmer (30, farmer), Henriette (27), Auguste (4,F), Johann (3), Herman (9 mos.) from Prussia to WI, and separately, Karoline (26, servant), Wilhelmine (23, servant) perhaps of Sculz from Prussia to NY. /23/1864

John F. Nimmer <jfnimmer@msn.com>
3386 Bristol Lane, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223-3349 - Montag, 12.April 1999 um 05:01:10
Hello Karin, still looking for the father of Paul Georg Willi SCHWERDTFEGER, born in 1883, died in 1914 in Kolberg, Pommern. His father was Julius SCHWERDTFEGER, his mother Therese NEITZKE. Any info on Julius or Therese would be appreciated, thank you,Ingrid.

Ingrid Spiegel <ning@execulink.com>
Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada - Sonnabend, 10.April 1999 um 04:57:05
Hallo Karin! Mein Kompliment: eine tolle Homepage! Bei meiner eigenen Ahnenforschung habe ich folgende "Nuss" leider immer noch nicht knacken können: ich suche einen Mann namens BOLLHAGEN, im Jahr 1916 ein Mühlenbesitzer/Müller im Raum Rostock/Mönchhagen. Weitere Informationen habe ich leider nicht, weil sich meine "lieben Verwandten" zu diesem Fall nicht äußern... Ich bin also für jeden noch so kleinen Hinweis dankbar!

Thomas Breu <globi@t-online.de>
Darmstadt/Germany - Freitag, 9.April 1999 um 15:17:13
Searching for ancestors in Neu Damerow, Prov. Saatzig in pommerania prior to early 1700's. Have Christian D. there in ca.1740. Also looking for relatives.

Wayne Duesterbeck <drums@ecol.net>
Eau Claire, WI - Freitag, 9.April 1999 um 06:37:32
Ist was war an den Gerüchten, daß Heintje ein Comeback startet? Bitte antwortet mir... Patrick

Patrick <bock@antenne.at>
- Donnerstag, 8.April 1999 um 17:50:23
LANKOW, SAHNOW, HACKBART, HEUER, These are all german names I am looking for. All my Sahnow information stops in 1748 in Plowen Germany, the Lankow info. in Foud du lac Wisconsin in 1868, Hackbart info I have just started but originates in Nebraska in 1886 or so, Heuer info 1857 in Minnesota. Any one out there who has any information on any of these names in these areas please contact me my Sahnow book is 313 pages long. My lankow book about 20 pages, the Heuer & Hackbart research is only a page each. Thank you.

Becci Hackbart <Hackbart@ipinc.net>
Forest Grove, Oregon, USA - Mittwoch, 7.April 1999 um 08:36:52
Seeking any information on family history of the ZAMJAHN (pommern) origin.

Charles ZAMJAHN <czamjahn@aol.com>
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA - Dienstag, 6.April 1999 um 20:06:20
Suche den Namen Wand / Wandt in aller Welt

Peter Wandt <PeterW@T-Online.de>
Germany - Montag, 5.April 1999 um 20:52:28
I am very interested in the names you are researching which include: Appel, Duwe, Schroder, and Steffen. I am also interested in the name Krogmann sometimes spelled Kroogmann. Most of the name lists I have seen on the Mecklenburg sites don't mention the name, however I have seen it listed in church books on microfilm dozens of times. I was wondering if you might include this name in your future research. All of the above names are popular in the Postville, Iowa area which is where I am researching the name Krogmann. Thank you.

Steven W. Bareis <SWBAREIS@aol.com>
Allen, Texas, suburb of Dallas - Montag, 5.April 1999 um 16:11:00
I am new to computers and interested in my ancestors who came to Australia from Prussia. JOHANN FERDINAND LIETZAU born SCHLSCHOW POMMERN, 16 November 1828. I do not know his parents names, but he had a sister JULIE LIETZAU who married FRIEDRICH OPPATT from OSSECKEN, PRUSSIA. JOHANN FERDINAND LIETZAU married LAURA MATHILDA SCHMIDT at St Marien Kirche, Danzig, Prussia on 7 October 1856. LAURA MATHILDA SCHMIDT was born 21 October 1837 in Danzig. I am anxious to find copies of JOHANN FERDINAND LIETZAU's birth certificate. He used the name LUTZOW in Australia, but his marriage certificate shows LIETZAU. I would appreciate any help at all. There a a few relatives here in Australia who are interested in this ancestor. Many thanks indeed for help in finding his parents, etc.

Ilona Oppenheim <ilonaoppenheim@hotmail.com>
21/2 Forsyth Street, Glebe NSW 2037 Australia - Montag, 5.April 1999 um 05:31:36
Höfels-Wer kann mir Informationen zu der Familie Höfels geben: Gerhard Wolfgang Höfels, geboren 27.7.1935 in Berlin, gestorben 1972 in Berlin, Ehefrau Jutta Höfels, geborene Lehmann, geboren 14.8.1933, Mutter von Gerhard Höfels = Margarete Höfels, Vater von Jutta Höfels = ? Lehmann, geboren in Linz (Österreich). Leider habe ich z. Zt. keine genaueren Angaben. Informationen über den Stammbaum Höfels bitte an e-mail christian.mietzke@t-online.de

Angelika Mietzke, geborene Höfels <christian.mietzke@t-online.de>
Berlin - Sonntag, 4.April 1999 um 19:01:48
Mietzke-Ich suche Informationen über meinen Urgroßvater Theodor Mietzke, geb. 19.3.1871 in Sageritz, Kreis Stolp/Pommern, gestorben Mai 1945 in Potsdam, Ehefrau Alwine Mietzke, geborene Koch, geboren am 14.2.1870 in Sageritz, Kreis Stolp/Pommern, gestorben 21.3.1947 in Berlin. Wer kann mir weitere Informationen über die Familie Mietzke und deren Abstammung geben. Außerdem interessieren mich Angaben zu dem Ort Sageritz, Kreis Stolp/Pommern. e-Mail christian.mietzke@t-online.de (aus Berlin-Deutschland)

Christian Mietzke <christian.mietzke@t-online.de>
Berlin - Sonntag, 4.April 1999 um 18:53:45
Mietzke-Ich suche Informationen über meinen Urgroßvater Theodor Mietzke, geb. 19.3.1871 in Sageritz, Kreis Stolp/Pommern, gestorben Mai 1945 in Potsdam, Ehefrau Alwine Mietzke, geborene Koch, geboren am 14.2.1870 in Sageritz, Kreis Stolp/Pommern, gestorben 21.3.1947 in Berlin. Wer kann mir weitere Informationen über die Familie Mietzke und deren abstammung geben. Außerdem interessieren mich Angaben zu dem Ort Sageritz, Kreis Solp/Pommern. e-Mail christian.mietzke@t-online.de (aus Berlin-Deutschland)

Christian Mietzke <christian.mietzke@t-online.de>
Berlin - Sonntag, 4.April 1999 um 18:52:01
I've just started searching for information on the net. I need to get back to about 1750 & find a Reinhardt Alspach. Thanks mca

Marv Alspaugh <malspaugh@earthlink.net>
Layton, Ut - Sonntag, 4.April 1999 um 06:32:10
searching for parents of george A. Loesch who was born in Germany June 17 1845 Married a Martha Fredrich in 1861 came to the U.S.A. in 1870 to evade the Prussia Draft Move to Mt. Palatine IL. died in 1903 in U.S.A. Would be happy with just their names. Georgia sure do enjoy your findings

Georgia Wright <callie61603@yahoo.com>
%33 Van Buren St Peoria IL. 61603 U.S.A. - Sonnabend, 3.April 1999 um 22:01:30
I am looking for marriage information on Maiheal Wiese and Henretta geb Zadow married c.1860-65. In 1866 they were living in or near Seegenfelde, Deutsch Krone, Pommern. They were protestant. The Wiese children were; Amelia, Pauline Bertha, Reinhart Gottlieb, Herman Maiheal, and Paul Martin. The church book would have been in Lebehnke. There was also another marriage, Jakob Zadow and Charlotte geb Koterman from near Hasenberg, Deutsch Krone, in which I am interested. Those Protestant church records would have been kept in Gross Wittemberg, Deutsch Krone. There were other Wieses at Kramske and Springberg, all in Deutsch Krone, from the same family group, whose church records would have also been kept at Lebehnke, Deutsch Krone, Pommern. Information on ANY of the Wiese and/or Zadow line would be greatly appreciated.

John Martin <jmart@erinet.com>
Springfield USA - Freitag, 2.April 1999 um 23:21:28
Looking for info on Carl & Caroline Runge(Born 1842 & 1843) in Germany. Came to USA in 1881 from Glietzig, (Preussew)?? with 6 children: Yette, Bertha, Emilie, Otto (my grandfather),Minna, & Wilhelm. Marriage Cert. or/and birthdates on G Grandparents are most needed. Thanks--GREAT SITE.

E. W. RUNGE <elmru@home.com>
San Diego, Ca. - Freitag, 2.April 1999 um 07:37:21
Ich suche Angaben zu den Namen PAULECK, GRING, KALLIENKE, FRITSCH aus dem Kreis Gerdauen/Ostpreussen in der Zeit um 1860 und frueher.

Michael Eckert <meckert@dwd.d400.de>
Heusenstamm - Donnerstag, 1.April 1999 um 10:05:36

Celine Latimer <bean17w@aol.com>
Villa Park, Illinois USA - Donnerstag, 1.April 1999 um 07:43:48
We have just begun our ancestral search in earnest. I (Hans) am search for the following surnames: SCHALK or von SCHALK and RADAMACHER. Areas we believe may be associated with the family name include Kiauten (Kreis Gumbinnen),Kloster Zinna, and Berlin-Zehlendorf and for the Radamacher's Solingen um Rhine. Also names on my maternal line (primarily from Bavaria) HELDWEIN, UCKERT, and SEGI. Areas we believe associated with the HELDWEIN's et. al. include Uffing ab Staffelsee, Todtnau, Lauingen and Muggenbrunn. Jan is searching for GLINSMANN c.1845, we have currently identified JOHANN PETER GLINSMANN and his wife ANNA CATHARINA MARIA WARNKEN of Zeven, Kingdom of Prussia, Province of Hannover. Also interested in HEINRICH CHRISTIAN LUTTER c.1835 and his wife ANNA SABINA EICHMANN from Tennstadt or Tennstedt (old map) identifying the region of Thuringen. Thank you for your time and your consideration of our needs and interests.

Hans and Jan Schalk <thegammi@aol.com>
Black Forest, Colorado, USA - Donnerstag, 1.April 1999 um 07:11:01
Hello Karin "HAPPY EASTER". I am still working on my family genealogy looking for original family name Sandhof! My great grand father was Charles Henry Sandhof born in Mecklenburg (Germany), son from Christian Sandhof. Christian Sandhof was married to Dorothy Johanna Kalibb in Mecklenburg (Germany). Christian was from Neuendorf, born on about June 30, 1803. Dorthe Johanna Kalibb was from Weitin, Strelitz, Germany born on July 18, 1808. This information comes from the family bible in my possession. The bible is a 1856 German bible printed at Philadelphia, USA. Christian and Johanna brought their son Charles Henry (CARL SANDHOF(F) to Canada in about 1852. Still searching family surnames from Bruce County, Ontario Canada & Mecklenburg, Germany: SANDHOFF, SANDHOF, SANDHOP, SANDHOPE, SANDHOPP, SANDHOOP and KALIBB, KALEB, KALIPP, KALEPPAN, CALEB, GALIEP, MULLER.

Dennis Sandoff <dsandoff@cableregina.com>
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada - Donnerstag, 1.April 1999 um 05:33:56

July-September 1999

I am desperately searching for BIRTH RECORDS OF MY GREAT GRANDFATHER "GOTTLIEB LORF, SR." born July 26, 1817, who I am pretty sure was born in Buko by Coswig-Anhalt, Dessau, Prussia. I have found his wife's birth record FROM THE CHURCH RECORDS from Buko, Johanne Maria Friedricka NEIDIGK born Dec. 24, 1824. I did not find records for my Great Grandfather who "I thought" was also born in Buko. They lived in Buko. Now I have hit a brick wall on him. Can you help me? I am especially interested in him because: I know his father's name was Christoph Lorf, Sr.(this is my Great Great Grandfather) and my Grandfather wrote that his Grandfather(Christoph Lorf, Sr.) was married to the daughter of a "Prince Christineck". I can't find anything about this Prince and I don't know his daughter's name! I would love to know my Great Great Grandmother's name, consequently. Can you help me??? Your webpage is wonderful! Greetings from Florida USA!! Please keep the surname: "LORF" in your index. It is a very rare name. There is no other family in the US (besides mine)! I have found 40 Lorfs in Germany only(no other country) Christoph Lorf, Sr. did have 2 other sons besides my Great Grandfather and I am especially interested in finding them: Christoph Lorf, Jr.(who was born around 1817 probably, & also probably lived in or near Buko) His other son was Andreas Lorf but I was told by my Grandfather Andreas did not have any children of his own and only adopted 2 orphans. There was also a sister which I "think" was named Wilhelmina Lorf, however, I am not sure of her first name and of course do not know her married name. I do know they all lived in Buko in atleast from 1847 to 1868 when they immigrated to Detroit, Michigan. (Also, please put surname "NEIDIGK" on your index.) Do you think Neidigk and Christineck are Polish names?! Thank you for any help! Jeanne Lorf Linley email: jlorf@earthlink.net
Jeanne Lorf Linley <jlorf@earthlink.net>
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA - Donnerstag, 30.September 1999 um 18:16:06

What a great site! Wish there was one for Lippe-Detmold. We have an 8 year old buckskin mare, western trained, so I know what it means to own a horse. WHERE do you find the time for all you do??? Do you know a place where you can get days of more than 24 hours? Nice to meet you! Sietske
Sietske Hoogerhuis <sietske.hoogerhuis@wxs.nl>
Hoofddorp, Netherlands - Donnerstag, 30.September 1999 um 16:06:08
Grandfather Johannes Adolph Haack was born March 9,1868 in the Brandenburg area. Researching his actual birthplace and his ancestors.

Ray Haack <rayhk@uswest.net>
Apache Junction, Arizona - Donnerstag, 30.September 1999 um 07:34:40
Searching family name of August Werner born in Grammentin 1872, lived in Sommorzdorf before coming to America in 1906. Fathers name was Carl. Thanks!

Laura Plautz <huntf1sh@execpc.com>
Wisconsin - Donnerstag, 30.September 1999 um 03:48:19
I am looking for my granfather's family. He was born in Rehna, Germany in 1868. His name was Hans Plath and his father was Johann Plath.

Lani Burch <Footsieb@aol.com>
Northwestern Calif. - Mittwoch, 29.September 1999 um 15:52:53
You are providing a great service. Appreciate the effort that goes into a page like this.

Shelden N. Sherwin <germgen@pacbell.net>
Modesto, CA, USA - Mittwoch, 29.September 1999 um 00:11:19
I am trying to find the original link to the EVERT family. Karl Evert, born approximately 18 May 1838 in Mecklenburg, E.Germany. The date may not be exact, but I know for sure that he moved to Saginaw, Michigan (date unknown) and worked for the Bank of Saginaw for about 50 years as a custodian. I just want to confirm the birthdate and possibly his parents names, etc.

Jim Evert <jimevert@hotmail.com>
Crescent City, California - Dienstag, 28.September 1999 um 23:05:09
I have just begun researching my family history which goes back to two brothers who emigrated to the US in the 1870's. There is some family tradition that the name was orginally spelled Guelzeaux. However I am struck by the fact that there is a town of Gulzow. Do you have any listings under either name

Floyd Gilzow <floyd.gilzow@mail.house.gov>
Washington DC - Dienstag, 28.September 1999 um 21:23:52
I am trying to find out more about the Brast family. Arrived in Us the 26 of Dec. 1873 from Mechlenberg, Germany. Adolph Brast arrived with wife Carolin, children: Adolf, Theodor, Wilhemlinia and one son John born in Texas. It is said that Adolf age 11 at the time was a stowaway on the ship. I would like to find a ship list showing the names when they left Germany. Can anyone help me? Thank you Dianna

Dianna Foster <abfoster@wcnet.net>
Columbus, Texas - Montag, 27.September 1999 um 02:27:47
Thank you so much. Dear Karin, I found you in the GEN Web Lookup Volunteers. I'm looking for--Frederick or Ferdiand Sheffler or Scheffler and his wife Mary Hannah, from Stettin, Pommern--born -Jan.1813.

Diana Scheffler Mageno <dianamageno@email.msn.com>
1121 S. 8th Street Alhambra, CA 91801 - Sonntag, 26.September 1999 um 09:21:11
Hello Karin: Since your letter of July 21 I have not heard from you. I sent you letters by e-mail on July 22 and September 24 (yesterday). This morning I received a message from that your address has changed. As I am very anxious to order some books from Degener with your able assistance, could you please confirm the receipt of my e-mail message of yesterday (and if possible also the one from July 22) to you. If not,I will remail them to you. Hope everything is OK on your end. You are doing a TREMENDOUS job for us. Thank You very much !!! Karl-Heinz

Karl-Heinz Becker <khbecker@farmerstel.com>
222, Roberts Road, Henagar/Alabama, 35978. USA - Sonnabend, 25.September 1999 um 17:37:41
This is a wonderful site! I'm looking for ggrandfather and ggrandmother. Surname: Karschnick and His last name was Troike left Germany late 1800s does anyone know anything about either one of these names? Please let me knoe. gleaming_tiger@yahoo.com

elvina taylor <gleaming_tiger@yahoo.com>
vancouver Washington - Freitag, 24.September 1999 um 08:24:02
KRAHN, Charles 1811-1890. From Naugart or Stettin, Pommern. Wife Louise JANDRA/JANDRAY/JAUNDRAY. Married in Stettin area before 1840. Em. through Hamburg to Wisconsin 1857, with 8 children. Also had a brother Frederick Krahn, m. Wilhelmina Retzlaff, em. 1859. Children were August Krahn, b. 6 Jul 1840; Johanna, b. abt 1841, Albertine, b. 20 Aug 1845; Herman, b. 19 May 1849; Ulricke; Carl; Gustave, b. 1855; maybe one other. All were born in Stettin area, all died in Wisconsin or Minnesota. They were all Lutheran (three girls married Ohio Synod ministers.) I have fairly good descendent charts and info., am willing to share. Danke Schoen.

Jane Delger donah <jane@donaho.com>
Saint Paul, MN - Freitag, 24.September 1999 um 06:31:11
I am searching for my grandmothers' family. Her name is: Elsie Breseman b:16 April 1897 father: William Breseman b:26 August 1866 Dargoon, Germany Can you help? Thank you, Bill Locke

Bill Locke <whlocke@modempool.com>
Jackson, Michigan,USA - Donnerstag, 23.September 1999 um 08:03:24
Seeking information and others seeking same on RANDOW Christian, born Alten-Platow married Dorothea MAESER Alten-Platow. Have decendents born after arival in Indianola TX in 1871. Also lookinf for SCHROTH Conrad John born Ulstadt Germany came to states in 1887-1889. Know he was in German army in 1887, as I have a letter of conduct written for him at this time. His parents were Mitch SCHROTH and Barbara BETZ. Forgot to say he setteled in upstate NY. married Rose Arlene FETZER. Jean RANDOW marlinfever@centurytel.net

Jean Randow <marlinfever@centurytel.net>
Port Aransas TX - Mittwoch, 22.September 1999 um 15:23:50
Seeking information and others seeking same on RANDOW Christian, born Alten-Platow married Dorothea MAESER Alten-Platow. Have decendents born after arival in Indianola TX in 1871. Also lookinf for SCHROTH Conrad John born Ulstadt Germany came to states in 1887-1889. Know he was in German army in 1887, as I have a letter of conduct written for him at this time. His parents were Mitch SCHROTH and Barbara BETZ. Jean RANDOW marlinfever@centurytel.net

Jean Randow <marlinfever@centurytel.net>
Port Aransas TX - Mittwoch, 22.September 1999 um 15:15:29
Großeltern kommen aus ehemaligem Schlesien

Schöpke, Carsten
Gütersloh, Germany - Mittwoch, 22.September 1999 um 10:41:35
Searching for information on Ernst Carl Paschke, born 2/27/1866 in Lauenburg, Pommern, Germany. Son of Ernst F. Paschke and Julianna Helweg. Sister Wilhelmina born in 1858. Family imigrated to Chicago, IL. All are buried in a family plot. A death certificate and church records indicates his city of birth. Is there any information available from the town records? Thanks in advance for any assistance! Rick

Rick Linstead <hedhuntr@hotmail.com>
Charlotte, NC - Mittwoch, 22.September 1999 um 04:55:09
Hi! This is such a great site! I'm looking for any information on Anthony NUSS who immigrated to the United States with his wife Catherine (Christine?) and their infant son, Adam, in 1862. Census records show all three were born in Prussia. Census also shows Anthony being born around 1830. Catherine's maiden name is unknown. These are my g-g-g-grandparents. I am the only person known in the U.S. to research this family, so I don't have a lot to go on. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Shona Goodridge <softek@rollanet.org>
Missouri, USA - Mittwoch, 22.September 1999 um 03:35:35
Sorry, hab nur die halbe Adresse aufgeschrieben!!!!!

Brieschke Guido <g.brieschke@t-online.de>
Rüssingen / Pfalz - Mittwoch, 22.September 1999 um 00:11:54
Hallo Fast jeder der hier wühlt sucht was über Pommern. Ich suche was von Brieschke in und um Tauenzin, Klein- und Groß Jannewitz sowie Kreutzer in Karolinenthal und Mallschütz, und den Namen Kammradt in Rettkewitz Bin für jeden noch so kleinen Tip dankbar.

Brieschke Guido <g.brieschke>
Rüssingen / Pfalz - Mittwoch, 22.September 1999 um 00:09:32
VOSSGRAFF - GRAF VOSS??? Im Zuge der Ahnenforschung den Namen Vossgraff betreffend taucht sowohl in Norwegen als auch in Deutschland diese "schöne Geschichte" auf, dass sich der Name Vossgraff von einem mecklenburgischen Grafen Voss ableitet, dem aufgrund moralischer Verfehlung der Grafetitel aberkannt wurde.Anfang dieses Jahrhunderts soll ein Asmus Vossgraf zusammen mit einer Gräfin Diana von Reventlow-Criminil irgendwo in Mecklenburg gewesen sein und dort von Nachkommen dieses Grafen als "Familienmitglied" anerkannt worden sein.Ist diese Geschichte schon einmal jemandem untergekommen, oder ist jemand auf den Namen Vossgraff (in jeder denkbaren Schreibweise) gestoßen??? Der Name Vosgraf ist seit etwa 1670 in Deutschland und Norwegen nachgewiesen.

Helmuth Voßgraff <vossi.HH.52@t-online.de>
Dortmund - Dienstag, 21.September 1999 um 21:52:09
Hi From Neil Re Luck Family Heritage Anna Rose Knipping Born 1773 approx Had two sons A.Weaver Johanns Luck Born 1793 and Reinhart luck born 1778 Died 1789 Johanns married Christine Marie Kniest They Had two sons Johann George Born 1827 and George Heinrick Born 1830. I come From Johann George Luck He Married Anna Elizabeth Shey nee Scheuch nee Wachterhauseh 1st marriage Germany She was of Gerstengen Germany Have alot more if you can put any light on this part of the Luck Family I would be very great full looking forward to any replys yours sincerely neil anderson

Neil John Anderson <andersonkarting@xtra.co.nz>
Invercargill New Zealand - Dienstag, 21.September 1999 um 11:21:39
Karl Peglow born Oct. 9, 1846 Vest Prois, Prussia. Ernestine Kurtzbien (Kurtzbien), born Oct 12, 1844. Karl and Ernestine were married in 1870. This information is all verbal. Would appreciate any information about the location of Veat Prois and parents or siblings of Karl and Ernestine.

Luverne Dale Peglow <peglowld@aol.com>
Buena Park, California, USA - Dienstag, 21.September 1999 um 05:56:20
looking the correct spelling for Schnoepfe. Infomation is obit in 1908. Christine Anna (Schnoepfe)Dell married Christian Carl (Charles) DEll, she was born 26 March 1825 Holztalen Deutschland. Mother of 9 children, the last three were born in USA. Arrived 1862 in Pennsylvania, and settled in 1870 in Henderson, Sibley Co. Minnesota USA.

Lorraine <elfries@olynet.com>
USA Washington state - Montag, 20.September 1999 um 18:52:34
looking the correct spelling for Schnowpfe. Infomation is obit in 1908. Christine Anna (Schnoepfe)Dell married Christian Carl (Charles) DEll, she was born 26 March 1825 Holztalen Deutschland. Mother of 9 children, the last three were born in USA. Arrived 1862 in Pennsylvania, and settled in 1870 in Henderson, Sibley Co. Minnesota USA.

Lorraine <elfries@olynet.com>
USA Washington state - Montag, 20.September 1999 um 18:49:59
I am looking for information on Charles Lange and Caroline Sophia Lange. Charles information is given as born Biestow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin Germany, 16 Feb 1846. His parents are believed to be Joseph Lange and Lizabeth Fehring. They were both believed to have been born in the same area. I have no information on Joseph or Lizabeth as far as birth or death dates. I also have no information on brothers or sisters of Charles. Can you help? Thanks in advance for your time. Aaron D. Thomas adtkart@aol.com

Aaron D. Thomas <adtkart@aol.com>
Newport News, Virginia USA - Montag, 20.September 1999 um 02:07:26
Hier in Joinville lebt niemand mit den namen "Schoepke". Wenigsten kenne ich nicht. Ich habe ein buch geschrieben mit den titel "Os descendentes de Carl Friedrich Quandt". Er war mein urgrossvater, und 1877 hier nach Brazilien gewandert. Geboren ist er in Janikow Kreis Dramburg swischen 1829 e 1832 als sohn von Johann Gottlieb Quandt und Wilhelmine. Wo finden sich die akten (taufe, konfirmation, uzw)? Wer es hat, bitte E-mail senden an orquandt@zaz.com.br oder orquandt@nutecnet.com.br Grüsse. Olavo Raul Quandt 68.

Olavo Raul Quandt <orquandt@zaz.com.br>
Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brasil - Sonntag, 19.September 1999 um 20:13:35
I am researching my GreatGrandmother and GreatGrandfather her name was Wolff [(or Wolfe)we have it spelled both ways] and his name was Sternhagen I believe they were from Mechlenberg Strelitz (I am trying to decipher very faded writing)Thanks for your help

Lenora Ballard <LenoraB1@msn.com>
Mesa, Arizona - Sonntag, 19.September 1999 um 06:31:23
Please provide me with any data you may have on The Eckhardts. Thanks, Chris

Christopher Eckhardt <Eckhardt1@msn.com>
Dunedin, Florida - Sonntag, 19.September 1999 um 02:40:24
GROTH, Katherine Dorothea married STOCK,Michael Friedrich on 24 May 1811 in Jassow, Kreis Cammin, Pommern. The STOCK family was from Revenow & the GROTH family was from Tribson/Tribsow. Looking for information on either family or where the evangelisch lutheran church would have been. Thanks so much! Anne

Anne Taylor-Czaplewski <czaplewska@aol.com>
Tolland, Connecticut, USA - Sonnabend, 18.September 1999 um 01:57:17
- Were documents required for permission to emmigrate; and if so, where would they have been submitted if leaving Hamburg to go to New York in 1868? (Friedrich Martin Ludwig Nicklas left Hamburg in 1868; had lived and worked in Schmarsow,near Demmin, where he raised his family, but he was not born there... trying to find out where he was born....

Joanne (Nicklas) Strange <joannestrange@futura.net>
Cabot, Arkansas, USA - Freitag, 17.September 1999 um 16:39:47
Hallo Karin! Ich bin durch Zufall auf deine Seite gestossen. Dabei musste ich feststellen, das es in Pommern den Ort Kempendorf gibt. In unserer Familie gab es schon lange das Geruecht, das es einen Ort mit unserem Namen geben soll. Nun habe ich die Bestaetigung. Kannst Du mir vielleicht etwas weiterhelfen? Hast Du noch mehr Informationen über Kempendorf? Oder gibt es jemanden, der mehr darueber weiß? Verwandte ausserhalb Deutschlands; Auswanderer; oder Beschreibungen vom Ort selber. Danke

Kempendorf Thomas <Thomkem@gmx.de>
Hannover - Mittwoch, 15.September 1999 um 23:30:54
Hi, we would very much like any information on the background of my husbands family, his Grandfather Peter Theodore Fritz Wiechmann born sometime this centuary in Hamburg, emigrated to Namibia as a child any info on his parentage would be useful. We are also after info on Franz "Xavier" Lartz -Schieri who originated from bavaria and also emigrated to Namibia some fifty years ago, he was registered as Schieri however the family surname is Lartz-Schieri. Many Tahnks Franz and Tanya

Franz and Tanya Wiechmann <cwiechma@sun.co.za>
Cape Town, South Africa - Mittwoch, 15.September 1999 um 13:53:10
A question for all of you who have traced the emigration of your ancestors to America: For those Pomeranians who lived near Stettin, what was the city from which they sailed to America? Did they travel to Hamburg? Or did they board a ship from another port? I want to check out passenger ships and lists, but don't know the port of embarkation for these emigrants from Stettin? Thanks for any help you can give me. Am checking out emigration in 1873 from Stettin to America. Mim Romero mimromero@lvcm.com

Mim Romero <mimromero@lvcm.com>
Las Vegas, NV USA - Mittwoch, 15.September 1999 um 03:46:32
Hello i am looking for some roglin's if you could help me i would be thankfull. Gary

Gary Roglin <cutip@ctaz.com>
Az. USA - Mittwoch, 15.September 1999 um 02:02:24
Karin, Thank you for such a great website! You are doing such wonderful work! I am searching for the surname Kosbab. Edward Kosbab was born in 1857 in Hinter Pommern, Germany. His wife, Augusta Gewanzki, Genofske, Genowski (not certain of spelling) was also born around 1857 in Hinter Pommern. Edward had 2 brothers and 1 sister (possibly more). Edward and Augusta were married about 1875 in Hinter Pommern. Edward came to Sandusky, Ohio, U.S.A in 1878 and Augusta came in 1881. Edward's brothers, August and Albert Kosbab stayed in Hinter Pommern. Edward's sister, Henrietta Kosbab, married Wilhelm Nutzki, and also settled in Sandusky, Ohio, U.S.A. Would like to learn what town in Hinter Pommern the Kosbab family came from. It is possible they came from the area, formerly known as Stolp, Germany, but I have found no evidence of the exact name of the town. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Marcia, Sandusky, Ohio, U.S.A.

Marcia <MLH01001@aol.com>
Sandusky, Ohio, U.S.A. - Mittwoch, 15.September 1999 um 01:54:00
Researching the German families TREFF, STORM/STURM, Keeslar. You have a great page. What a aonderful service. I don't know how you do it, but it is greatly appreciated.

Diane Treff <dtreff@sound.net>
Kansas - Dienstag, 14.September 1999 um 06:52:14
What a great site! Searching for HARDTKE/HARTKE and KRöPEL/Kroepel in Kreis Lauenburg, Pommern. Wilhelm F. Hartke (b. 1834) married Karoline Kröpel (when?). The family lived in Kerschkow near Ossecken in 1879. They moved to USA in 1882 and lived in St. Louis, Missouri.

Ken Hartke <purro@socket.net>
Jefferson City, Missouri - Sonntag, 12.September 1999 um 06:31:01
Looking for relatives of Wilhelm Friedrich (B. 6/21/1824) & Augusta (Grohse) Friedrich (B. 5/30/1827) in or around Pommern germany thhese are my g-g-grand parents thanks for any help .

Steven Friedrich <Sfriedr823@AOL.com>
Fargo, North Dakota USA - Freitag, 10.September 1999 um 04:56:52
Researching Bernard and Anton Rusken (Ruesken) came from Wesuwe Germany 1865. Would like any info on them or the town. Also Anna Lau came from Westrum or Herzlake around 1879, 1880, brother Herman Lau remaind in Herzlake.

Ann Ruesken <aruesken@qpetty.com>
USA - Donnerstag, 9.September 1999 um 01:43:40
Ich suche Ehlers und Witting aus Mecklenburg/Vorpommern. Die Namen findet man heute in Schweden. Gruss Gustaf von Gertten

Gustaf von Gertten <gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se>
Högbergsgatan 26 B, 116 20 Stockholm, Schweden - Mittwoch, 8.September 1999 um 18:45:07
I am researching KOSANKE and MAAS family. I have a Johann Martin Kosanke born 25 Mar 1805 in Poland. I have Kosankes living in Romania and in Germany. Would like to connect a couple of lines of Kosanke. All information on Kosanke is appreciated. MAAS Family from Arzis, Besserabian. Friedrich Maas born May 20 1791 married Maria Kruekenberg b. 1789 in Westpreussen. Children George Maas b. 1820 in Arzis, Married to Friederike Maas born Sprengler. Children of of George: George Maas b. 1853, Gootlieb Maas, bor. May 3 1855, Friedrich Maaas born ca 1857, and Gustav Maas born ca 1861.

Karin Kosanke Zeigler <zeimom@thecore.com>
New Jersey - Montag, 6.September 1999 um 23:40:34
Looking for Information on Frank (Franklin?) R. Ott, b. 7/28/1822 in Hesse-Darmstadt, married Rosina Bradle (b. 1821, same location), emigrated to USA in 1840's, Frank d. 1/22/1892 in Floyd County, Indiana.

Jack Ott <jackott@aol.com>
Lakewood, Colorado - Montag, 6.September 1999 um 18:37:33
Hallo Karin ! Hast Du zufällig Daten zu dem Namen Garbe aus Kolberg/Hinterpommern ? Viele Grüße Andreas

Pügner Andreas <Puegner@t-online.de>
Erfurt - Montag, 6.September 1999 um 12:55:01
Hallo Karin ! Hast Du zufällig Daten zu dem Namen GARBE aus Kolberg/Hinterpommern? Viele Grüße Andreas

Pügner Andreas <Puegner Andreas>
Erfurt - Montag, 6.September 1999 um 12:52:23
CORDES-STORM-SCHWEITZER-BLUME Looking for information on the CORDES family from the Martfeld, Blinder, Verden area. My grandmother, Adeline Cordes, was born in Blinder ~ 1888, immigrated to SD in 1906, married to Otto Storm. Died 1910. She was related to the BLUME family from the same area. Also looking for information on Engel STORM, born October, 1825 in Germany, died 1906 in SD, and on Ferdinand STORM immigrated to Dakota Territory, possibly through Iowa, in 1885, died in SD 1925, and his wife, Wilhelmina SCHWEITZER, born in Germany March 10, 1850 died in SD February 10, 1907. The Storms were possibly from Lubeck & Berlin, not sure about this. Thanks for any help!

Geri Storm <geristorm@aol.com>
SD, VA - Montag, 6.September 1999 um 03:43:51
I am searching for relatives of the Emken family in USA. Special the relatives of Henry, Janssen Emken and Eibo, Henry Emken. I have the whole list of the Emkens from Esens/Ostfriesland and know the different twiggs.

Manfred Emken <Manfr.Emken@t-online.de>
Im Kreuzgarten 6 ,31582 NIENBURG Germany - Sonnabend, 4.September 1999 um 21:13:32
Looking for more information about LUDWIG MARTENS and MARIA LOUISA (HUTH) MARTENS who emigrated to Arlington Heights, Il. from Grammentin, Germany about 1859-1860. They came with their son John and possibly a Peter or Hans Martens. Willing to share all info. Thank you.

donna hlavas <dhlavas@webtv.net>
stickney, il. - Sonnabend, 4.September 1999 um 17:05:05
would love to have any infor mation re: my father PIOTR HYSZCZAK, born in ZAMLYNIA, POLAND, NOVEMBER 15, 1891,who emigrated to US aboard vessel AMERIKA from Hamburg arriving in New York 25th November, 1912. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Carl Hyszczak <twozee@sccoast.net>
Conway, SC U.S.A. - Sonnabend, 4.September 1999 um 01:55:25
I have tried finding more on my grandfathers family. I know that his father's name was Fredrick Luth, mothers name unknown, believe he had a step-mother and her name may have been ? Schramm. My g-father was Wilhelm Fredrick Luth born "near" Lubeck, Germany 4/7/1867. Sister Doretha Luth mar. Wilelm Markmann, children Nima, Else, Frieda. Brother Heinrich Luth mar. Auguste ?, children, Walter and Else. 1/2 sister Christine ?, don't know if she was born to Luth or if she was the daughter of the 2nd wife, mar. Emil Heyble, who was an Austrian nobleman, children Hans, Otto, and Erna. My g-father married my g-mother, Bertha Rohwer 11/3/1895, they had 3 girls in Germany, Maria, Helen, Catharina, Helen died there, came to America in 1910 and on to Wyoming, where 2 more children Henrietta and Fred (my father) were born. My father knows nothing about his fathers family, my g-father died at a fairly young age (62) from pnuemonia. I would be thrilled to learn something about any of the names listed. I have fairly good knowledge of the Rohwer family, as my fathers cousins are still living in Germany but they know absolutely nothing of the "Luth" (with a umlat over the "u") family and are quite elderly. Thanks a million to you or anyone who happens to read this that might be able to give me some information. Gay

Gay Hale <watermel@cyberhighway.net>
Sheridan, Wyoming, USA - Freitag, 3.September 1999 um 23:49:33
I am looking for the surnames of Heiden,Harbrecht,Thorman,Welzien, and Kruger. My great grandfather was Fred Heiden who married Sophia Harbrecht. My other great grandfather was Christopher Welzien who married a Elizabeth Kruger. Elizabeth had two brothers Fred and August. They all came from Germany.

Karen Bonjour <karjo48@hotmail.com>
Iowa,USA - Freitag, 3.September 1999 um 07:14:06
Looking for information on Christian Scharfenberg b.Dec 1830 and Anna Magdalena Frederika Scharfenberg nee Maltzen b. Nov. 1827 married circa 1851. Immigrated to Wisconsin in 1890. Had 3 sons who also immigrated. Christian May 1860 married in 1891 to Minnie? b. Aug 1872. Otto Scharfenberg b. Dec 1864 immigrated 1889 to U.S. Wisconsin. Had one son Otto born March 22, 1889 in Germany or Denmark. Julius Asmus Scharfenberg b. June 5, 1866 in Brocker? Germany. Married March 01, 1890 to Maren Elizabeth Jeppeson b. May 23, 1870 in Flensburg Denmark. Immigrated to Wisconsin in 1890. Julius is my Great-grandfather. Send any information please. According to ship lists Julius immigrated from Bremen, Germany with his wife on the SS Augusta Victoria.

Lorilee Scharfenberg <arlinsch@mb.sympatico.ca>
Morris, MB Canada - Freitag, 3.September 1999 um 03:11:28
You have a wonderful page and a great resorce for other people looking for thier roots. I have the advantage of living close to the third largest geneology library in the U.S. and have done research on both mothers and fathers side. Father was third generation US citizen from German roots. I don't have time right now to look through all of yoour guest books, but will be back. Fathers name is really unusual so it should stick out, but I am not sure where in Germany the family came from and the family didn't talk about it. The Americanized version is harkenrider or Hergenroether. I know that the second was the name of a well known author, just am not sure where it came from. thanks a lot for the amount of time you put in, and if any one else has any info please contact me. Elena

elena vaccaro <evaccaro@hotmail.com>
indiana usa - Freitag, 3.September 1999 um 01:53:38
Want to get in contact with people named Brugmann, my mothers family are from the small city of Nusse, in Lauenburg. anywith the names Johann Heinrich born 05.17.1848.Hans Christian Andreas born 11.05.1816

Ester Fick <Ester.Fick@Sonderborg.DK>
Denmark - Freitag, 3.September 1999 um 01:14:56
Want to get in contact with people named Fick, my husbands family are from Germany, last adres Sussau Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, name Wilhelm Johann C. Fick 03.01.1871 married 02.06.1895 father Johannes Fick.Any help out there?

Ester Fick <Ester.Fick@Sonderborg.DK>
Denmark - Freitag, 3.September 1999 um 01:09:14
I'm looking for a Michael Hoepf(1783-1856) and Frances Busam who were from Rammersweier near Offenburg, Baden, Deu. His wife died before he emmigrated to the U.S. around 1830, but he brought his 9 children who were born born in Rammersweier: Henry (1813-1900), Frances(1817-1876), Hieronymous(1818-1848),Agathy(1820-1902),Blazius(1821-1894),Wendell(1825-1912). Madelana(1821-1871), Veronica(1824-1866), and Ursala(1826-1894). I'd like to get marriage and birth records for the parents, and birth records for the children.

Hoepf <rhoepf@hotmail.com>
Columbus, Ohio - Donnerstag, 2.September 1999 um 17:25:34
Hi, Found my father's name on the net. Would love to hear from any Luebstorf. I was told that my Great grandfather came over to Stuart Wisconsin in the 1860*s (what a time to immigrate!) and my Grandfather was called Fred Luebstorf. He moved to Minnesota and was a Fuller Brush salesman. He had 3 children of which my father (Michael Carl) is one.

luebstorf, patrick kramer <patrick.kramer@klinmed.uio.no>
Oslo Norway - Donnerstag, 2.September 1999 um 14:26:27
I'm researching the surname GLOWITZ, known to be in the areas of Schwerin, Germany and Elblag, Poland in the late 1800's to early 1900's. I also know there are several towns by this name and am interested in any connections between the people and the locations.

Sandi Knabenbauer <sknabenbauer@ikon.com>
Southern California - Donnerstag, 2.September 1999 um 01:22:35
Thanks Karin for the very informative site!! Researching the KREIMANN, HILDEBRAND(T) names of I believe Kreise Demmin & Kreis Deutsch Krone areas.

Janet Hunt <cjhunt@netnitco.net>
Indiana, USA - Mittwoch, 1.September 1999 um 16:36:23
The Internet has accidentally brought together several branches of the above family name that have never previously met. The exchange of information between us has spurred my interest in our German origins and since you seem to have access to Pommern records prior to 1850, perhaps you can help us trace the family name a little farther back in time. Putting together information from several sources has produced the following list of 'oldest' Spreemann names. Frederick Spreemann born: 1810 Wife: Dorthea Krohn born: February 1803 Children: Charles born: August 1837 John(?) unknown Frederick Spreemann born: 1817 Wife: Louise Winkelman born: 1821 Children: William Spreemann born: 01 November 1852 in Rehsel (sic.) Germany?, Amelia Spreemann born: 1852 in Rehsel (sic.) Germany?, Frederick Spreemann born: 1821 Wife: Dorthi Mallow born: 1825 Children: Frederick Spreemann born: 19 November 1857 in Hinter Pommern Germany Johann Karl Frederic (Carl) Spreemann born: 19 November 1854 in Bucholz (sic.) Germany These earliest sources give then 2 definite place names that I can find on old maps today, Buchholz just north of Stargard, and Resehl south of Gollnow (Goleniów). All are located in the same area of Pommern. BUCHHOLZ: Stadt (Town/City): Buchholz Kreis (County): Saatzig Regierungsbezirk (District): Stettin (Szczecin) Oberlandesgericht (Highest Provincial Court District): Stettin Landgericht(Lower Court District): Stargard (Stargard Szczecin) Amtsgericht (Lower Court): Stargard ?) Land (Province): Pommern (Hinterpommern) RESEHL: Stadt (Town/City): Resehl (Reszel) Kreis (County): Naugard (Nowogard) Regierungsbezirk (District): Stettin (Szczecin) Oberlandesgericht (Highest Provincial Court District): Stettin Landgericht(Lower Provincial Court District): Stargard (Stargard Szczecin) Amtsgericht (Lower Court): Naugard (?) Land (Province): Pommern (Hinterpommern) Other sources in the U.S. says Spreemann family immigrated from around Resehl, Prussia now Radzanek(?), Poland and yet another mentions a Julius Spreemann from Galnau (Could this be Gollnow which is just north of Resehl?). Another source mentions a statue in the town square of Bucholz (sic.) East Germany in honour of a Spreemann. This of course could not be the location of the above Buchholz but there is a Märkisch Buchholz in Brandenburg just south of Berlin, north of the Spreewald and to the west of the River Spree. Has perhaps the ancestral homename been re-established in Hinter Pommern after an eastward migration? Perhaps encouraged by Frederick I (1657-1713), first king of Prussia, in his opening of Prussian territory for settlement by persecuted Protestants? Maybe that is why there are so many 'Fredericks' in the family. Most of the Spreemans in the U.S. and Canada have dropped the last 'n' in Spreemann after immigration but a few still use the original spelling. A search for Spreeman(n) via the Lycos telephone white pages in the U.S. Canada and Germany returned the following results: 141 hits for Spreeman and 4 hits for Spreemann in the U.S.; 188 hits for Spreemann in Germany; and 11 hits for Spreeman in Canada. There are also several 'Spraymans' that are also known to come directly from this name. If you were to pronounce the name 'Spreemann' correctly in German to the authorities in America, that is probably what they would write down, 'Sprayman', even though that is a just an approximation of the correct phonemics. That of course has happened to a lot of families that immigrated to America. In any case, with so few surviving names on both sides of the Atlantic, I would think that very many of the above will be found to be related in some way. The should be little doubt that the correct spelling is SPREEMANN and that the name has Märkisch (Brandenburger) origins from the River Spree. If you fine any reference to any information at all on the name Spreemann in your material I would certainly appreciate hearing about it. I can mention in closing the none of the above names have been proven to have any connection to the oldest known member of my own branch of the family which is as follows: August Spreemann, born: May 1843, Province of Posen married: 1859, Province of Posen wife: Florentina Schultz, born: January 1844, Province of Posen Children: Charles L. Spreemann, born: 03 May 1860, Province of Posen married: 1889 wife: Selma A Stelzner born: 18 June 1862 Saxony, Germany August Spreemann, born: 22 April 1862, Province of Posen married: 13 September 1885, Mrotschen (Mroczen´), Province of Posen wife: Emma Würm born: 11 October 1866 Mrotschen, Province of Posen Bertha Spreemann, born: 1864, Province of Posen Frederick Ferdinand Spreemann, born: 27 October 1866, Province of Posen Julius Spreemann, born: 30 May 1869, Province of Posen Flora Spreemann, born: 1870, Province of Posen Frank Spreemann, born: May 1874, Province of Posen (2 additional children died in Germany, names unknown) Unfortunately all my references specify the "Province of Posen" as the place of birth and this branch of the family is probably out of the area that your records cover. A possibility that may connect these names to the above area is that in the retelling of the family history someone has confused the name 'Polzin', a town in Pommern to the east of Naugard, with the name 'Posen'. This does not seem very likely since all the family names in this branch refer to the same place of origin. Again, ANY reference to the name SPREEMANN in your records would probably be of great interest to the members of the family name that I am now in contact with. My e-mail address is: lws@nis-nor.no if possible please 'cc' to: alspremn@telusplanet.net and druffer@forth.com Thank you for any help that you may be able to provide. Best Regards, LAWRENCE W. SPREEMANN SKIPSREGISTRENE NIS/NOR URL: http://www.nis-nor.no TEL: +47 55541264 FAX: +47 55541275 E-MAIL: lws@nis-nor.no Private address: Fløenbakken 33A N-5009 Bergen, Norway Tel: +47 55292505

Lawrence W. Spreemann <lws@nis-nor.no>
Bergen, Norway - Mittwoch, 1.September 1999 um 11:56:24
I am looking for information on the names Jagow, Oertwig, Fellwock and Pamperin who emigrated from Prussia to the Mayville/Theresa, Dodge Cty, Wisconsin, USA area. Also looking for Kurth, Prahl families who emigrated to the Jackson, Washington Cty, Wisconsin, USA in the mid 1850's from Griefenwald, Prussia. Thanks for the assistance. Lee

Lee Jagow <LeeJ929700@aol.com>
Wheaton, IL., USA - Dienstag, 31.August 1999 um 19:39:11
I am searching for information on my g-g-gfather Frederick Pott (Putt), b. 12-Oct-1840. Emmigrated from Mecklenburg-Schwerin in 1867 to Allegany, NY, USA. Travelled with wife Dora, b. 15-Oct-1841 and children Mary, Sophia and Fredericka. His sister Sophia, b.1846, may have also travelled with them. She married Frederick Schnell in 1867.

William Putt <g11171@hotmail.com>
Arcade, New York, USA - Dienstag, 31.August 1999 um 13:49:10
Do you have any information about the surname OEHLKE or ÖHLKE? My great great grandfather was Carl "Julius" OEHLKE b. 5 Dec 1835 in Waldenburg or Bernsee Prussia. He is said to be the seventh son of Gottlieb "John" OEHLKE. I am trying to locate information about his parents, and siblings. Any OEHLKE information would be helpful and very much appreciated. TILLACK, GOHLKE(?), and DAHLKE are other names associated with my family.

Ohio - Dienstag, 31.August 1999 um 00:55:03
I am hunting for my daughter inlaw family Nangel

Jocelyn Couch <jocelyn@hiwaay>
Albertville, AL - Montag, 30.August 1999 um 03:19:50
Hi, I'm beginning to do family research. I know that my gggrandfather was born Heinrich Christoff Wiendenhoeft on the 14th of December 1837 in Gross Gluchen (it's 24 kilometers from east of Stolp). He had two brothers August and John. He was a shoemaker and married Ida Christine Hoeft, b. Jan. 11, 1845 in Strezow. They came over to America in 1868. Please e-mail if you have any information. Thank you so much Karen for this wonderful sight

Amy <mtdryad@aol.com>
- Sonntag, 29.August 1999 um 22:09:10
I am researching my great grandfather's family,Ben Neitzel, born 8-20-1869 at Rossmann, Pommerania, son of Hermann and Wilhelmina (Eggert) Neitzel. They came to the U.S.A. in 1882, settling near Guernsey, Iowa. Any help and information is greatly appreciated!

LeAnn <swigant@uswest.net>
Iowa - Sonntag, 29.August 1999 um 07:00:44
Johann Frederick Wilhelm NINNEMANN 1821-18977, married to Eenestine Marie Louise GRALOW 1822-1919. They came to the USA on a ship named the Washington that sailed from Hamberg on 2nd April of 1867 and arrived in Quebec on the 20th May 1867. They stayed Wisconsin for two years before moving to Minnesota. All of thier children were born in Grmany before comming to America. They were Wilhelmina b. 17 June 1846, August b. 21 August 1848, Gottfried [Carl] my Grand Father b. 19 Sept. 1850, Coroline b. 19 Feb. 1853, Albertina b. 23 Dec. 1855 and Bertha b. 31 July 1863. They were from Land Schoneu, A small community in the Lutheran Parish of Gross Benz, Regenwalde, Prussia state of Pommern. Gross Benz is now named Bienice and Land Schoneu is now Ragowo in Poland. Other Names I am searching are BUHLER, BERWALD, OEHLER, NOESKE and STREI. Would like to trade any information with people related to any of the above names. Vern at Vninn28451#@aol.com

Vernon Mehner NINNEMAN[N] <Vninn28451@aol.com>
1741 Armour Ln. Redondo Beach, Ca. 90278-4708 - Sonnabend, 28.August 1999 um 23:40:38
Searching Fadler surname. Specific: Karl Wilheim Ludwig Fadler b. 1769 Married Anne Trine Brunes 14 Aug. 1794 in Braunschweig, Thedinghausen Bei of Bremen Germany.

Susan Fadler <SFadler993@aol.com>
Phoenix, Arizona USA - Sonnabend, 28.August 1999 um 22:20:06
Seeking information on ancestors of Johan Frederick Ludwig HOEPPER b. 1882 in Friedland Mecklenberg. Married Frederika Justina SCHOENWALDT in Rossow Brandenberg in 1860. Left Caselow Prezlau in 1865 for Australia.

ford <malford@ozemail.com.au>
77 Prince James Ave, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 Australia - Sonnabend, 28.August 1999 um 14:31:30
I have been searching for information on a John J Heinrich and Elizabeth Hesse (unsure of spellling). I have no idea about immigration period. My search has been fruitless, may be because last name was changed to Henry in the earlier part of the 1900's, I have been told, not sure of that either. If you can help me with any information on either person it will be greatly appreciated.

Carole Henry <MercuLady@aol.com>
Selma, California - Sonnabend, 28.August 1999 um 05:31:34
Grandfather, Charles Frank BARNEKOW,son of August, was born abt. 1877 in Frankfort, Germany. He married Anna Marie Matowitz in Cleveland Ohio in 1898. I can not even find the boat that he can to the states on as a young man. Any Barnekow help would be most appreciated. We do not seem to be relatives to the many Barnekows who live in Wisconsin at all. Perhaps way back I do not know.

Janet (barnekow) Migchelbrink <JMigchelbr@aol.com>
Maple Heights, Ohio USA - Sonntag, 15.August 1999 um 22:38:39 
I am searching for information on, Russian or German-Russian-Jewish information on the sirname. Tacomasavich, Taconovich or any sounding close. Ellis Island messed up alot of us. TOO BAD Thank you

Michael Tacoma <qrfg@aol.com>
Michigan, USA - Sonntag, 15.August 1999 um 18:41:49 
Searching for information on Ernst F. Paschke born 2/11/1824. Married Julia A., born 9/9/1828. Their son was Ernst Carl born 2/27/1866 in Essen, Germany. The family imigrated to Chicago, Cook County, IL. They were members of the Lutheran Church. I have just received pictures of their tomb stones from Chicago, IL. My family has a picture of Ernst Carl in uniform on horseback from his mandatory service requiremet under Bismarck. Also searching for Albert Lindstedt (unsure of spelling) born 9/28 who was from Pommern/Pomerania, married Louise Behnke, born 11/10. They also imigrated to Chicago, IL. At this time I have found more about my roots than my family was aware of. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated or any sites that I might search in Germany/Prussia regions would be helpful, thanks!

Rick Linstead <hedhuntr@hotmail.com>
Charlotte, North Carolina - Sonnabend, 14.August 1999 um 20:09:42 
SPECK, Godfrey Augustus (Gottfried? Godfryd? etc.) Born in 1754 (have no month or day) in Dresden. Looking for his SPECK family who may have migrated north to Pommerania/Mecklenburg area after 1774. As a journeyman (age 20?)away from home, he was unwillingly "pressed" into the service of King George III and sent to America to fight for the British in American Revolutionary War. He did not return home. Before the war was over he married Sarah Townsend (born Sep 10, 1763 in Virginia). They were married in 1779 in Baltimore Maryland. These are my fourth great grandparents. Would like to connect with his family in Germany or find records to complete his parents or his vital statistics (church and civil records).

Darlene Small Gilligan <dargill@telenet.net>
Amsterdam, New York USA - Freitag, 13.August 1999 um 21:06:30 
looking for information on my grandparents and father and uncles and aunts thar left hamburg by ship in 1883. they were from the village of lubsee nearest town gustrow nearest city schwerin this is about all i know . they came to newyork and then by train to denham ind.usa to join the rhode family who had come to america a few years earlier.their names were carl and louise rhode.thanks for any information you can send me richard chael

richard chael original spelling scheel <rchael@netnitco.net>
kouts ind usa - Freitag, 13.August 1999 um 19:41:39 
Ich suche nach meine Ahnen aus Dattenfeld / Dreisel. Mein Urgroßvater hieß Wilhelm Gauchel und lebte dort bis zum ersten Weltkrieg (vermißt 1918). Er hat am 16.03.1915 Maria Sophia Barbara Thekla geb. Howell in Köln-Lindenthal geheiratet. Danke für eure Hilfe. Sylvia Gauchel

Sylvia Gauchel <gauchel@01019freenet.de>
Bonn / Rheinland / Germany - Mittwoch, 11.August 1999 um 23:16:27 
I had already entered in here, on the Schumacher side, but I also forgot to add that I am looking for ancestor information and descendants with the last name Berliner from Schlawe, and the last name Schneider from Danzig. Both before 1900. My great-great-great-great grandmother was Scharlotte Berliner, and her daughter (my g-g-g grandmother) was Auguste Berliner. For Schneider I am looking for information on Paul R. Schneider, and his family. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Kelly Kahlau <HisMaus@aol.com>
Currently in between places; Marengo, IL and Aachen, Germany - Mittwoch, 11.August 1999 um 18:06:16 
My Schumacher side of the family came from Treptow to Chicago, Illinois in 1880. I have as far back as 1820 on my relatives, but I'm missing some information. I also have ancestors from Danzig and Schlawe that I want to trace.

Kelly Kahlau <HisMaus@aol.com>
Currently between places; Marengo, IL and Aachen, Germany - Mittwoch, 11.August 1999 um 17:53:11 
Thank you so very much for your help. I am researching the following surnames: KRUGER, Johann Jacob Siegfried b.1851 in Hansfelder Teerofner, Deu.Krone, Pommern; Rozamke, Wilhelmine b. 1819,in Pommern (her father: possibly Jacob); Carl Ernst Wilhelm KRUGER b. 14 Oct 1816, Falkenberg, Dr. Dramburg, Pommern; KRUGER, Johann Wilhelm b. abt. 1790 and his wife BAYER/BEYER, Henriette Chr. Fried.; STENGEL, Anna Christine. Thank you for your help.

Lera WITT JAVOR <lwjavor@smithsys.net>
Smithville, Bastrop Co., Texas USA - Mittwoch, 11.August 1999 um 05:08:12 
Hallo! Ich habe Ihre Seite gefunden und habe gedacht Sie könnten mir vieleicht helfen. Ich suche auch etwas und zwar zwei sehr nette Menschen aus Australien die ich im Urlaub vor einigen Jahren in den Niederlanden getroffen habe. Sie hießen David M(e)annigs Eisenbahn-Ingenieur und Julia Schmidthauser. Die junge Dame lebte auf einer großen Farm am Great Barrier Reef. Leider habe ich die Adresse verloren und bin nun seit längerem auf der Suche nach Hilfe. Vieleicht können Sie mir helfen. Eine Einzelheit ist mir noch im Gedächtnis: Es soll ca. 3 Stunden nördlich von Brisbane sein. Also, es wäre nett wenn Sie mir weiterhelfen könnten und Sie würden mir einen großen Gefallen erweisen. Matthias Hippel In den Tannen 40 53757 St. Augustin Germany oder E-Mail

Matthias Hippel <matthias.hippel.renault-rhein-sieg@partner.renault.de>
Near Bonn Germany - Dienstag, 10.August 1999 um 13:12:44 
I want to thank-you for the information you posted on your website. I only have research in the USA on the Schultz family. If any of this matches your ancestory please let me know, and I will provide more information. Fred William Henry Schultz born in Woebbelin (spelling might not be correct.) Germany around 1848. He married: Augusta Elfrieda Hermine von Hoffman from Stettin, Germany. They lived in Chicago, Illinois then moved to Las Vegas, New Mexico. If any of this sounds familiar PLEASE let me know. I am sorry my Deutsch is nicht sehr gut. Thank-you again. Karen Bushman gktjka @comnett.net

Karen Schultz Bushman <gktjka@comnett.net>
Logandale, Nevada USA - Montag, 9.August 1999 um 07:46:29
I would like to hear from anyone having information about the following towns and families. ***BUCK Family from Altenwillershagen, Pommern. Johan and Lotte Buck immigrated to Illinois in 1882. ***DINSE Family from Tribohm, Pommern. Carl (b. 1852) and August (b. 1859) Dinse immigrated to Illinois in 1880 with their wives and children. ***RAHN Family from Toitz, Pommern. Carl Rahn (b. 1842) immigrated to Illinois in 1872 with spouse and children. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from some of you. - Janet

Janet E. Cobb <janet_cobb@hotmail.com>
Hammond, Indiana USA - Montag, 9.August 1999 um 00:43:06 
Hi Karin, Would you happen to have the surname Tolle in any of your books? I'm already having you look up my surname (Meyenburg)but forgot to mention my mother's maiden name is Tolle. I just read that it is an ancient Pommeranian name. I don't know much about the Tolle's from Germany, but my mother's granfather or great-grandfather's name was Charles Tolle,Sr. and he was supposed to have come to the USA in 1866 from Germany. If you have any information of the Tolle family of Germany even before and after Charles I would greatly appreciate the information. P.S. This is a great web site. Even though you haven't found the Meyenburg name yet I think you are doing a wonderful job and it's very nice of you to take the time to help all of the people with the names you've researched. Keep up the good work and Guten Abend!!!!! (Is that correct?)

Sheryl Hodges <Ronlover2@aol.com>
Godfrey, IL - Sonntag, 8.August 1999 um 23:50:38 
Sehr geehrte Frau Schöpke, einige von Ihren Seiten habe ich mit viel Interesse gelesen, immer auf der Suche nach eigenen Vorfahren aus dem Raum Hinterpommern. Mein Urur-Großvater hieß Karl August Wilhelm Flemming, wurde am 19.07.1850 in Hinzendorf Kreis Naugard geboren und war mit einer Hanna Auguste geborene Bretzke verheiratet, Ich suche alle Personen, Daten oder Quellen, die mit den genannten im Zusammenhang stehen, vielleicht ist es Ihnen möglich zu helfen mit freundlichen Grüßen Wolfgang Flemming

Wolfgang Flemming <wflemming@01019freenet.de>
17268 Templin - Sonntag, 8.August 1999 um 09:18:46 
I am researching the surname STREBLER. I am interested in JOSEPH, who was born in 1851 in the Alsace area. He married my great grandmother, Caroline Peters Kruse in Toledo, Ohio and moved to Sandwich (Windsor), Ontario, Canada around 1881. I lost track of him after 1891, because my great-grandmother died.

Sandra Weber <dweber@prodigy.net>
Toledo, Ohio - Mittwoch, 4.August 1999 um 22:33:51 
I am researching the surname KRUSE. John Kruse left from Tolzin, Meclenberg and departed from Hamburg with his wife Marie PETERS and daughter Caroline. They arrived in New York October 28, 1865, and settled in Toledo, Ohio. John was born 10/5/1833 and Mary was born 11/24/1840.

Sandra Weber <dweber@prodigy.net>
Toledo, Ohio - Mittwoch, 4.August 1999 um 22:28:35 
I am researching the surname KNITT.Ferdinand came from Glowitz,Pommerania. He left from Bremen with his wife Ida SCHABETOFSKY and children and arrived in Baltimore on the "Hermann" March 29, 1883. His birth date is given as 8/21/1851.

Sandra Weber <dweber@prodigy.net>
Toledo, Oh - Mittwoch, 4.August 1999 um 22:08:01 
I forgot the e-mail address for the BARKHOLt surname. Here it is.

Sandra Weber <dweber@prodigy.net>
Toledo, Ohio - Mittwoch, 4.August 1999 um 21:56:07 
I am researching the BARKHOLT family from Rothspalk, Meclenburg,Germany.They left from Hamburg on the "Westphalia" and arrived in New York on October 24, 1882. They settled in Toledo, Ohio. Tis name can also be spelled "Barkholdt."

Sandra Weber <Toledo, Ohio>
Toledo, Ohio - Mittwoch, 4.August 1999 um 21:39:11 
I am interested in info on the SABROSKE family. I believe they were from Wutike in Prussia or Brandenburg. Herman(Harmon),Louisa (KUNKE)wife, and son, Otto, left from Hamburg on the ship "Bohemia" and arrived in N.Y. on Nov. 16, 1881. They settled in Ohio near Toledo.

Sandra Weber <dweber@prodigy.net>
Toledo, ohio - Mittwoch, 4.August 1999 um 21:29:32 
I am looking for info on JOHN or JOHAN KRUMM. He was married to a JOHANNA SCHRADER, SCHRUDER?? They emigrated to the United States in the 1850-1860. They had a son named WILLIAM KRUMM, who was born in OHIO, USA July, 1867. This is a wonderful site, you have many KRUMM names listed. Hopefully, one day I will be able to connect with one of them. Thanks

Kimberley Krumm <krummk@ameritech.net>
White Lake, Oakland County, Michigan, USA - Dienstag, 3.August 1999 um 22:11:47 
Seeking information on Friedrich SCHROEDER and Wilhelmine STRACK both from Toerpin, Pommern. Friedrich born July 26, 1849 and Wilhelmine born April 21, 1855. Am interested in finding out who their parents were and if they had brothers or sisters. Both emigrated to the US in 1862 or 1863. Any information would be appreciated. These are my great, great grandparents. Thanks.

Doug Schroeder <schroedz@yahoo.com>
Bloomington, Illinois - Dienstag, 3.August 1999 um 12:09:15 
I am searching for informations about my grandfather. The only things I know about him is that his name is Georg Bennet and he stayed in Norway as a German soldier during the second world war. I have also been told that he maybe comes from Hannover or the area around there. If anyone knows something about him, please let me know.

Roger Lehn <r-lehn@online.no>
Verdal, Norway - Sonntag, 1.August 1999 um 22:55:45 
Hi Karin! What a nice site! I am researching the OHLEMACHER family. Philip Ohlemacher is the oldest family name I have. He was a shepherd. His son, Henry Ohlemacher was born in 1797 in Frankfort Au Main. He married Catherine Preisterbach abt. 1825. He came to the US around 1851 and settled in Erie Co., OH. Interestingly enough, there is another Ohlemacher family which settled in the same area. Daniel Ohlemacher, born Dec 3, 1809 in Burg Schwalbach, came to the northwestern OH area around 1860. His father was also a shepherd. It is my belief that these two families were related, but I do not have proof.

Nancy Gleason <gleason@bellsouth.net>
Miami, FL - Sonntag, 1.August 1999 um 22:41:24 

Looking for MIX family members. GGgrandfather Frank Mix and grandfather Homer E Mix any information would truly help. Thanks so much for the information I have already received from this site.
Cheryl Mix Lockhart <lockhartc1@prodigy.net>
Port Orchard WA 98366 - Freitag, 30.Juli 1999 um 03:19:22
I'm Looking for Birth record of Ida Emma Bongs (Boncis,Boncies, Bonceis) Born Aug 10, 1883 in Flederborn,Germany -Pomerania Prussia and of her mother, Augusta Barbknecht, Born may 8 or 9, 1864 in Bluggowo(a?), Prussia, Germany Thanks for any and all help! Eileen

Eileen <eileenrae@earthlink.net>
Phoenix, AZ - Donnerstag, 29.Juli 1999 um 17:48:26

FLORIDA, USA - Mittwoch, 28.Juli 1999 um 18:44:42
KUNZE, MAX OSCAR. I'm searching for birth records or anything that could help me track down Max's family. Max was born in 1874 (feb 11) in Dresden, Germany. So far the research I have done leaves me at dead ends, due to most records being destroyed in the war. Max came to America around 1893 to be in the Chicago World's Fair. He was a part of many Orchestras in Germany and in the U.S. I hope this helps.

Jennifer Kunze Vandgrift <marikya@hotmail.com>
Lexington, Kentucky, U.S.A - Mittwoch, 28.Juli 1999 um 16:41:26
Looking for FROEMMING and KUMBERA surnames in Wisconsin and elsewhere. I am especially interested in KARL/CARL FROEMMING, and JOHN KUMBERA.

Sarah Froemming <LFroemming@aol.com>
Jacksonville Florida USA - Mittwoch, 28.Juli 1999 um 05:05:14
LINDSTEDT/BENHKE, seeking information on Albert Lindstedt (b. 9/28/??) from Pommern region and Louise Benhke (b. 11/10/??). They left in the late 1800's, probably 1885 or later and settled in Chicago, IL - Cook County where 9 children were born. Thanks for any assistance! Good Luck in your search!

Rick Linstead <hedhuntr@hotmail.com>
Charlotte, North Carolina - Montag, 26.Juli 1999 um 06:07:05
I am searching for Ernest Paschke from Hessen? married to Anna Oltrooge. Ernest served his required military service under Bismarck. They emmigrated to Chicago, IL, USA in the late 1800's. Their daughter Elsie married my Grandfather Frederick Otto Linstead. Any information would be appreciated.

Rick Linstead <hedhuntr@hotmail.com>
Charlotte, North Carolina USA - Montag, 26.Juli 1999 um 05:58:17
ADLMANNSEDER/THALER Hello, I am searching for any family of Rudolph and Anna (Thaler) Adlmannseder. They lived in the Rosenheim area of Bavaria durong the turn of the century and owned and operated a large meat packing plant. They had at least 3 children, Franz, Rudolph and Rosamunde. Rosamunde is my grandmother. She worked in a coffee shop in Salzburg in the mid 1920's. My grandfather was a head waiter there and they became involved. She became pregnant but they never married. She gave birth to my mother and left her shortly after. He found my mother and adopted her. Rosamunde then married a man named LOW and at some point they lived in Australia. I am trying to locate any family from both the ADLMANNSEDER and THALER's. Thank you.

Trudy Kauffman <tk51@ligtel.com>
Indiana USA - Sonnabend, 24.Juli 1999 um 22:15:51

I'm searching for a Johann Henrick Koch born 1811 or 1813 in Oldenburg, married Marquerite Elizabeth Hess or Garrett, children are Lauviena born March 5, 1840, Johann Henrick born March 13, 1844, August Audrian born March 13, 1849. Johann Sr. was in the Army. Came to US in about 1850 -51.
Jewell Wooldridge <jndwool@sierra.net>
Spring Creek,Nevada USA - Sonnabend, 24.Juli 1999 um 00:24:48 
Researching these families: WERTH- Boock, Randow; Roggow- Boock Randow....Emigrated 1843, Kammonham Roy from Hamburg.

J. Johnson <wjohnson@hsonline.net>
Elizabethtown, IN 47232 - Freitag, 23.Juli 1999 um 20:52:52 
I am looking for information on my greatfather Friedrich W Juhnke.Also name of Yuhnke

William G Yuhnke <Libcomm@aol.com>
Buffalo,New York - Freitag, 23.Juli 1999 um 03:18:59 
I am seeking information on one of my ancestors, Wilhem Frederich Brunkow, from MarienflieB in Pommen who came to the US in 1860-1870. I am also seeking information on the location of a town named "Bruenkow", the German spelling would probably substitute an umalut-u for the ue.

Greg Brunko <gbb@cfsmo.honeywell.com>
Minneapolis, MN - Donnerstag, 22.Juli 1999 um 19:06:34 
I am searching for the birth of Herman Ernest Elias Siebert he was born in Rostock, 27 January 1843. He worked his way to New Zealand and married Mary Ritchie in Auckland, New Zealand in 1869. He had 11 children and nearly all the Siebert's in New Zealand are decendents of Herman. I do not know if the Rostock is the city or the county.

June Dicks <genies@ihug.co.nz>
Auckland, New Zealand - Donnerstag, 22.Juli 1999 um 04:38:27 
I am trying to find information on my father's side of the family. I know my grandfather's name is Ernest Demlow from Wisconsin, he was born July 3, 1913. He presently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. Thank you.

Debbie Demlow <debbie.demlow@veco.com>
Littleton, Colorado - Mittwoch, 21.Juli 1999 um 23:24:39 
GIESE; I am looking for info on Giese in th Wismar, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. My gggg grandfather is named as D. Giese, born in Germany, on the death register of his son Michael(Michele)b. Dec 22, 1819 in Kr Naugard; d. May 10 1903, Brillion, Calumet County, Wisconsin. He was a tailor. Michael married first, Charlotte Elizabeth Hoenzollern, and their children were, August friedrich Wilhelm(b. Jan 13, 1844 in Wismar), Elizabeth Maria Louise(b. 1849 in Ger.), Fred W.(b. 1850 in Ger.) Michael married second, Emilie Auguste Tietz in 1856 and had the following children, Charles(b.1857 in Ger.) and Johannes A. R.(b. in Wisconsin). Any help on this family is greatly appreciated. Jill

Jill Giese Westley <wyelands@tznet.com>
Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA - Mittwoch, 21.Juli 1999 um 17:49:16 
GIESE; I am looking for info on Giese in th Wismar, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. My gggg grandfather is named as D. Giese, born in Germany, on the death register of his son Michael(Michele)b. Dec 22, 1819 in Kr Naugard; d. May 10 1903, Brillion, Calumet County, Wisconsin. He was a tailor. Michael married first, Charlotte Elizabeth Hoenzollern, and their children were, August friedrich Wilhelm(b. Jan 13, 1844 in Wismar), Elizabeth Maria Louise(b. 1849 in Ger.), Fred W.(b. 1850 in Ger.) Michael married second, Emilie Auguste Tietz in 1856 and had the following children, Charles(b.1857 in Ger.) and Johannes A. R.(b. in Wisconsin).

Jill Giese Westley <wyelands@tznet.com>
Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA - Mittwoch, 21.Juli 1999 um 17:48:23 
Searching for anchestors in what is now Poland. Great-Grandfather Albert August Friedrich Bösel, born 17.02.1871 in Kuhagen Kreis Kolberg-Köslin, died 19.02.1951 in Biesenthal.Great-Great-Grand- father Friedrich Bösel lived in Pustchow, Kreis Belgard.Are there any living members of the Bösel Family? Appreciate any kind of help !!

Renate Teske <Renate.Teske@t-online.de>
Ohmden/Baden-Württemberg/Germany - Dienstag, 20.Juli 1999 um 20:49:38 
Hi I am trying to find any information on my Gr,grandfathers family. His Name was Joachim F. Goetsch and he was Born on 25,July,1803 we believe in Tribsow Prussia. Any help would be greatly appeiated.

Fran <ghostlady@montananet.com>
U.S.A - Dienstag, 20.Juli 1999 um 20:48:19 
Hi I am trying to find any information on my Gr,grandfathers family. His Name was Joachim F. Goetsch and he was Born on 25,July,1803 we believe in Tribsow Prussia. Any help would be greatly appeiated.

Fran <ghostlady@montannet.com>
U.S.A - Dienstag, 20.Juli 1999 um 20:44:53 
My family I am researching is ZIEMKE. Carl Ziemke b.1838? in Bartin,Pommern, Germany & d.2-7-1899 married Henreitta Dally Ziemke b.4-26-1842 in Germany d.12-1-1932. Their children all born in Bertin Germany: Hannah Bertha Ziemke b.4-30-1869 Carl Johann Ludwig Ziemke Jr. b.12-23-1864, Agusta Ziemke b. 4-19-1872, Albert Ziemke b.10-8-1872, Henrich Ziemke b. 1883, Herman Ziemke b. 10-12-1885 or 1879. Other names are Henrich Peterson, Charles Johann Schuhknecht b. 12-25-1866 in Pommern Germany. Bertha Hardt b. 1-19-1949 in Pommern Germany. Sophia Riegert b.7-25-1877 in Germany. Thank you for your help in any way!! :O)

Sarah Ziemke Carrington <houseofbirds@qtm.net>
Berrien Springs, Michigan USA - Dienstag, 20.Juli 1999 um 15:10:48 
KASSULKE family members worldwide please email me and let us put together the pieces to the puzzle.

Justin Bryan Kassulke <ungerc@ozemail.com.au>
Queensland, Australia - Dienstag, 20.Juli 1999 um 05:46:08 
I am searching the ancestors of my maternal grandmother. The major names are Zuehlke (Krampkewitz, Kreis Lauenburg; Mickrow, Kreis Stolp) and Zischke/Zieschke, Barz/Bartz/Baartz, and Meyer (Kose, formerly Coose, Kreis Stolp). Earlier generations on the family tree include the surname Hasse. We have records on the immediate family, the earliest 1819; date of emigration to U.S. by various family members between 1878 and 1885.

Virginia Easley DeMarce <veasleyd@aol.com>
Arlington, VA, USA - Montag, 19.Juli 1999 um 14:45:05 
Thanks for the list of Pommern places -- I suspected that Meddersin (Niedarzyno) had been in Kreis Buetow, but this was the first confirmation I located.

Virginia Easley DeMarce <veasleyd@aol.com>
Arlington, VA, USA - Montag, 19.Juli 1999 um 14:39:54 
Very nice website Karin! You have a busy life in addition to your research. Your efforts are appreciated! I am conducting a search for my great grandfather Albert Lindstaedt (could also be) Linsteadt, Linstadt. He married Louise B. They moved from the Pommern region to Chicago, IL in the 1880 to 1890's. The spelling of our surname has been changed and my relatives are unable to remember or assist in the search. Any help will be appreciated. My grandmothers parents were Ernest Paschke and Anna Oltrooge of the same region. Thanks

Rick Linstead <hedhuntr@hotmail.com>
Charlotte, North Carolina, Mecklenburg County sister city of yours! - Montag, 19.Juli 1999 um 04:07:32 
Guten Tag. Wir habe Ihre Homepage über einen link erreicht. Als Änfänger die Genealogie betreffend, stöbern wir im WWW nachallen Seiten welche sich mit diesem Thema befassen. Wir werden Sie bestimmt jetzt öfter besuchen. Viele Grüße senden Ihenen, Dieter & Anja Schomann

Schomann, Dieter <dschomann@t-online.de>
Dürrenuhlsdorf - Sachsen - Montag, 19.Juli 1999 um 01:56:38 
Dear Karen: I have been researching my great great grandfathers surname of Sahrbacher for over a year. Charles Sahrbacher was born in 1844 in Germany I believe near Kreuzberg. He immigrated to America in around 1866 with either his brother or cousin Herman. Both Charles and Herman resided in San Francisco, California till there deaths. Charles had a son Henry and daughter Charlotte (married name Andereggen). I know little about the Sahrbacher name and would appreciate any help. Thank you

M. Sandberg <rsandb1420@aol.com>
Modesto, Calif - Sonntag, 18.Juli 1999 um 23:13:57 
Hallo Karin,ich suche alles was zum Namen KOHLSCHMIDT passt,speziell zu Maria Luise Emilie Kohlschmidt, geb. 18.12.1869 in Chursdorf Kr.Soldin/Neumark,Pommern. Die Familie lebte in der Neumark in Pommern(Pyritz,Soldin,Lippehne,Chursdorf).Maria K. hatte einen Sohn Gustav.Der Vater ist unbekannt. Wuerde mich freuen,wenn Du oder jemand etwas findet. Kohlschmidt,Roland;Kohlschmidt@t-online.de

Kohlschmidt,Roland <Kohlschmidt@t-online.de>
Rostock,Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,Germany - Sonntag, 18.Juli 1999 um 15:52:08 
I was very glad to have the chace to run into your site. I am doing a family search for anyone related to me. Mainly for right now we are looking for ancestors from Germany. I know that my gggrandfather came over from the Hannover,Germany area around the time of 1893. He was the only child to leave there and now I an looking for the rest of his family that would be still over there. His name is Joachim Fick and was married to Adelaide Buck. They were farmers. They had several childern when they came. Basical I would like to know if you have any ideas on how I can find out who his parents are and who his siblings are. I an pretty sure they where in the same area. I do have the name of one brother and that is Peter.Any information you have on Fick would be greatly accepted. Thank you for your help Tina Cady(Fick)

MAIDEN ROCK,WISCONSIN - Sonnabend, 17.Juli 1999 um 19:54:35 
I am looking for information on my great grandfather Joachim Charles Christopher Wolff. He emigrated to America in 1853. He was born April 06, 1831 and was born in Poppendorf Mecklenberg Schwerin Germany. I do not know anything else about him prior to coming to America. Hope someone can help me find more information on his family back there. Thank you for your help. Shirley "Wolff" Ackley

Shirley "Wolff" Ackley <shirleyackley@hotmail.com>
Dodge City, Kansas USA - Freitag, 16.Juli 1999 um 19:39:05 
Hallo. Ich suche informationen die Familie Berke/Birke von Bonn und Berlin-verschollen WWII. Franz Karl Berke geb.1863 Berlin. Die Bruder Karl Leoh. Berke er stammt aus Bonn 1930's-Beringstr.11. Ist Familie von mein Mutter. Hilfe von Deutschland? Vielen Danke und Gruesse. Susan.

Susan Daniels <paroli@worldnet.att.net>
New Jersey/USA - Freitag, 16.Juli 1999 um 15:44:10 
I'm looking for my husband's Great great grandfather, Henry Sohm born July 26, 1819 in Anklam, Prussia. Or for his family. He emigrated to the United States in or before 1850. He married a woman from Ulm, Baden. Her name was Josephine and she was born September 29, 1825. I don't know if you have any books that would give you any info on this couple, but I thought I would ask. Thank you for your help.

Bette Sohm <dcmayson@email.msn.com>
Staten Island, New York, USA - Freitag, 16.Juli 1999 um 00:00:10 
Zu dem habe ich noch eine weitere Anfrage: Johannes Houthuysen, hatte 3 Kinder die Tochter ist nach 1790 nach Purmerent Nord Holland verzogen und war verheiratet mit Bernhard Halsema. Ueber Informationen die unseren Familienstammbaum verfollstandigen koennen, wuerden wir uns sehr freuen. DANKE! Furthermore have I got an additional query: Johannes Houthuysen, did have 3 children, the daughter moved in 1790 to Purmerent Northern Holland and was married with Bernhard Halsema. Any informations in regards to the continuing of our family research would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

Holthuysen Klaus <michael_holthuysen@yahoo.de>
Quiddelbach - Germany - Donnerstag, 15.Juli 1999 um 21:45:44 
Suche einen Johannes Houthuysen Ehemann von Geertruy van den Kleff (geb. 29. Oktober 1739 in Afferden) verheirated wurde das Ehepaar in Alkmaar / Niederlande am 7. Februar 1768. Looking for a Johannes Houthuysen husband of Geertruy van den Kleef (born on the 29th of October 1739 in Afferden) the couple married in Alkmaar / the Netherlands on the 7th of February 1768.

Holthuysen Klaus <michael_holthuysen@yahoo.de>
Quiddelbach - Germany - Donnerstag, 15.Juli 1999 um 21:35:17 
Hallo, habe diese Seite über einen link erreicht und wundere mich darüber, daß der Name "Fuchs" angezeigt wird, sofern ich meinen Namen aufrufe. Würde mich freuen, tatsächlich etwas über "Fromke" zu finden. Beruf / Tiere / Hobby / Wann schlafen Sie? Gruß

Harald Fromke <fromke@onlinehome.de>
Roßdorf bei Darmstadt - Donnerstag, 15.Juli 1999 um 13:52:24 
Ich suche Informationen über die Familie Koroch. Wer kann mir helfen. Der Name ist rot unterlegt, was hat das zu bedeuten. Wer sucht noch nach dem Namen. Bitte email an XMette123.aol.com

Angelika Mette <XMette123.aol.com>
Germany - Donnerstag, 15.Juli 1999 um 13:23:28 
My great grandfather Gustave August Piper was born in Wisconsin but I don't know when or exactly where but in Calumet County. Other relatives are from Mecklinberg: Any help?

Judy Piper <JPiperss@yahoo.com>
California - Mittwoch, 14.Juli 1999 um 22:29:33 
I am looking for information on August Piper of Wisconsin, to find out when he immigrated and from where.

Judy Piper <JPiperss@yahoo.com>
California - Mittwoch, 14.Juli 1999 um 22:21:34 
Karl Charles Will(b.May 10 1848) married Johanne Papenfuss(b.May 14 1846) they were married in Germany; place unknown. Johanne died Dec. 19, 1909 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Children: Louis Emil Henry Will,Married Erna Barthman; he Died 1945. Charles Otto Will (or could be Otto Charles) Gustav Ludwig Agusta Will b.Jan.04, 1874 in Gross Duebsow, Pommern, Preussen. He Married Bessie Mae Vanderwal April 30, 1904 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and d. June 06,1910 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have no record as to what cemetry he is in. They had a child that is buried in the same cemetry I think. Her name was Louise and died when she was 10 months old. Other brothers and sisters: Paul, Ida, Herman, Anna. Looking for any help some cousin might reconize. Need Immigration records, name of Boat they came over on or any dates and places you might know. Thank you, Penny

Penny Will <psw@olypen.com>
Port Angeles, Washington, USA - Mittwoch, 14.Juli 1999 um 19:09:16 
I am resending because my email address was incomplete in the previous entry. Hi, I came across your site in researching the genealogy of my last name, Nadolny. I have lived in Buffalo, NY all my life and I know my grandfather was born in Buffalo in 1898 and may have been second generation. If you have info, or advice for me, please let me know. To my knowledge my name is Polish or possibly Prussian. Thanks

Charles Nadolny <can518@aol.com>
Bufalo, NY - Dienstag, 13.Juli 1999 um 02:41:44 
Hi, I came across your site in researching the genealogy of my last name, Nadolny. I have lived in Buffalo, NY all my life and I know my grandfather was born in Buffalo in 1898 and may have been second generation. If you have info, or advice for me, please let me know. To my knowledge my name is Polish or possibly Prussian. Thanks

Charles Nadolny <ca518@aol.com>
Bufalo, NY - Dienstag, 13.Juli 1999 um 02:39:43 
I'm in the process of researching the origins of the Pemoller family. We have traced back our branch of the family tree from the Chicago area to Vienna Austria in the mid 1800's then back to northern Germany in the early 1800's. The earliest entry I have is for a Joachim Pemoller born somewhere in the Hamburg area around 1802. He was married to Anna Cecilia Roper from Einebettel Germany and had a son Johann Augustinus Pemoller. I also found in the Mormon Family group records a group of Pemollers from 1605 to the late 1770's in Gulzow which I think in the Mecklenburg-Schwerin area but in the old maps I also found a Gulzow in Pommern. The last entry seems to be for a Joachim Johann Pemoller born in 1734. Since Pemoller is not a very common name, I am trying to tie these together. To the best of my knowledge there are 11 Pemollers in the US and 9 in Austria. Reviewing the German telephone directory, I found 101 in Germany most in the Hamburg area. I would appreciate any information or guidance you might be able to provide to help me with this process. Sincerely, Ray Pemoller

Raymond Pemoller <Ray.Pemoller@Motorola.com>
Palatine Illinois USA ( just outside of Chicago) - Montag, 12.Juli 1999 um 18:49:17 
I am searching for the surname of Abentrod, sometimes said as Abendrot, Abentrot, or similiar. Any thing you ever find would be great, and please yes, take your time, I also do lookups and understand where you are coming from , saying this is a tremendous amount of work and it is! thank you so much for your time. cathy

cathy obeshaw <wind0spirt@aol.com>
Michigan, U.S.A. - Montag, 12.Juli 1999 um 17:14:43 
Am searching for my gggrandmother _ Albertine Wilhelmine Rohdek. Se was born 24 Mar 1846 in Bonin, Kr. Regenwalde, Pomerania. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1867 with her brother, Friedrich Carl Rohde. Any help in searching for Bonin vital records would be appreciated.

Iris King <IKKing@aol.com>
Lake Zurich, Illinois - Montag, 12.Juli 1999 um 17:07:20 
Thanks for posting the new Zuehlke information! I found some good information. Looking for ZUEHLKE in Gollnow & Kattenhoff, Kreis Naugard, Pommern and Klein Flotow, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Any ZUEHLKE researchers out there?

Lauri Kraemer Serafin <lauriks@hotmail.com>
Seattle, Washington, USA - Sonntag, 11.Juli 1999 um 05:57:23 
I am desperately searching for any information on my great-granfather Heinrich (Henry) Maack. He was born in Germany about 1854 and came to US about 1872. He married Gessine Bruns(born in Germany 16 Oct 1862.) They had five daughters Mathilda Gessine (born 21 June 1885 Greenpoint, Suffolk county, New York) Heinreita (born in NY 15 June 1887,) Bettie (born Bayonne New Jersey 13 Jan 1890)Catherine (25 Nov 1891 Little Rock AR) and Lina Else 27 Oct 1895 Little Rock,AR) and one son Wilhelm Heinrich my grandfather born 9 May 1893 in Little Rock.) Gessine died in Little Rock 3 Sep 1908 and Heinrich 3 Sep 1913. Thanks

Jo Ellen Maack <jemaack@mailexcite.com>
Little Rock, Arkansas - Sonnabend, 10.Juli 1999 um 06:06:56 
I'm searching for information on Henry Wendt and one of his sons August Wendt (my grandfather). August Wendt cme to America around middle 1800's. Henry never came to America. Belice they were from Kingdom of Hannover. Would like to know the name of the town. The mother's name was Katrina, don't know maiden name. August ceme to America wiht his mother and three or four other sons followed in later years.Also looking for information on GG Grand parents. GG Grandmother was Wilhelmine Eckhardt born in Grebenau, Germany. GG Grandfather was Johann Georg Leuchter forn in Wagenfurth, Germany. Any information onthem would be appreciated.

Bill Leichter <wbl435@aol.com>
Covington, VA - Freitag, 9.Juli 1999 um 20:48:34 
I am looking for any information on the Kosanke Family.

Karin Zeigler <zeimom@thecore.com>
NJ - Freitag, 9.Juli 1999 um 05:18:11 
Greetings, I am hoping to find the town or city that my greatgreat grandfather came from. His name was J. Friedrich A. DEMLER. He was born 17 October 1833. He left Mecklenburg-Schwerin and sailed from Hambug to America in October of 1857. His name on the passenger list was Fritz DEMMLER. I believe he traveled with his future wife Dorothea PREUSS who was 20 years old at the time. Any information about these surnames would be appreciated. Many Thanks, Tom Demler

Tom Demler <demlerte@wserv.com>
Bear, Delaware USA - Freitag, 9.Juli 1999 um 02:16:47 
Have you ever come across the Glasow family of Dargun? Karl Ludwig Heinrich Glasow was my husband's grandfather.

Ellen Hahn Grabb <kunigund@rochester.rr.com>
Rochester NY USA - Donnerstag, 8.Juli 1999 um 21:48:47 
Have you ever come across the Glasow family of Dargun? Karl Ludwig Heinrich Glasow was my husband's grandfather.

Ellen Hahn Grabb <kunigund@rochester.rr.com>
Rochester NY USA - Donnerstag, 8.Juli 1999 um 21:48:40 
Seeking a marriage date and location for Dorothea Sophia Schmeling and Martin Dentz. Probably about 1804...somewhere near Naugard....she was from Neuhof. Or one of their children, Henriette, Johann Carl, Christian Friedrich Ernst. I think Martin and Dorothea are my gggparents....who died in Jasczerrek, West Prussia as Martin Bentz and Dorothea Sophia Schmeller. I can understand the name change....since the info was given by a grandson.....and my own mother never knew her mother's maiden name. Martin was a Theerschweler....tar manufacturer....and went to the koloni of Wilhelswalder...about 1818 I think....because he paid taxes that year and everything from that date forward is available in Neuenburg, WP church records...except for the family's birth records and place of origin. Suggestions welcome. John.

John D.Bentz <jdbentz@prodigy.net>
San Diego, CA - Donnerstag, 8.Juli 1999 um 06:12:51 
I am looking for information on my great great grandparents. John Adam Moller and Johanna Storz or Stolz-Moller. Johanna and her three sons Gustav, Joseph and Leopold came to the United States in 1885. Leopold brought with him his wife Alexandrena Colenburg They came to St. Paul Nebraska then later on to Hemingford, Box Butte County Nebraska where they homesteaded. I know that they had at least one sister Julianne Moller who married a man named Neibergall and they stayed in Germany I believe in the Frankfurt area. John Adam Moller died in Germany prior to his wife and sons coming to America. I also am seeking information on another great great grandfather Ludwig Zimmerman. I know very little about him except that he was German born--married Julia Bucheister and he died and was buried in Missouri USA. Your site is very interesting---I plan to spent lots of time here.

Margaret Ann Moeller (Reynolds) <rebelrose@bbc.net>
Alliance, Nebraska 69301 - Mittwoch, 7.Juli 1999 um 22:27:55 
Searching for information on the VON SCHWERIN family. Wilhelm Albert VON SCHWERIN b. 1833 Frankfurt am Main Jacob VON SCHWERIN b. circa 1792 Prussia Charles Albert VON SCHWERIN b. circa 1755 Schwerin Carl Curt VON SCHWERIN b. about 1720 Pomerania Kurt Christoph VON SCHWERIN b. about 1684 Lowitz, Pomerania d. 1757 This information was found in a family Bible. A friend did a bit of research and could not find that Kurt Christoph had children. Any suggestions will be most appreciated.

Pamela Boehr <AntiquePam@aol.com>
California, USA - Mittwoch, 7.Juli 1999 um 06:22:48 
Decendents of Karl Will(b. May 10, 1848) married Johanne Papenfuss (b. May 14 1846). Children are Louis Emil Henry, Charles Otto, Gustav Ludwig Agusta, Paul, Ida, Herman, and Anna. Gustave was my Grandfather born Jan.04,1874 in Gross Duebsow, Pommern, Preussen. He married Bessie Vanderwal April 30, 1904 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gustav died June 6,1910 and is buried in Milwaukee.

Penny Will <psw@olypen.com>
Port Angeles, WA. USA - Dienstag, 6.Juli 1999 um 21:28:51 
Just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your website and how helpful I'm finding it to be. I'm still new at researching our Behnke genealogy and your site is a real "gold mine" for me. Thank you.

Lorena Funk <bluefunk@earthlink.net>
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida USA - Dienstag, 6.Juli 1999 um 01:28:33 
I am looking for the parents or any other relatives of Ernest Otto Malin, born October 31, 1873 in Marienwerder, Germany. He was a medical officer in the German Army and a barber/wig-maker (trained in Germany). He immigrated to the U.S. in 1897.

Liz Malin <EclecticLz@aol.com>
Maryland, USA - Sonntag, 4.Juli 1999 um 23:51:53 
I am looking for the names of the parents or any other relatives of George Heinrich BACH born in Gelnhausen, Germany January 1842. I am also looking for the parents or any relatives of Heinriette HELLER Bach, born March 1845 in Gelnhausen, Germany. They were married in 1864 in Gelnhausen.

Liz Malin <EclecticLz@aol.com>
Maryland, USA - Sonntag, 4.Juli 1999 um 23:47:28 
WOW! Looking for relatives of the Bernitt family. Great site.

Thomas Ralph Bernitt <tbernitt@tdi.net>
Monroe, MI USA - Sonntag, 4.Juli 1999 um 04:45:36 

Virginia (Wuest) Harmon <rharmon@cache.net>
Utah - Sonntag, 4.Juli 1999 um 04:38:24 
Karin, I am also looking for marriage records for the Koehn and Janke families of Tornow, Saatzig, Pomerania. The church books apparently do not exist or have not been microfilmed yet. I am still hopeful! I really enjoyed your site!

nancy Merriman <nmerriman@aol.com>
Milwaukee, WI - Sonnabend, 3.Juli 1999 um 06:40:39 
Hi there! I have located my great-grandfather(Johann Christoph Schroeder, b.4 May 1843 in Moidentin, Meck.) and great-grandmother (Sophia Friederika Christiana Wuechner b.7 Feb 1844 om Ca;spw/Kalsow, Meckl) but I am having trouble tracing the family back accurately. First of all, I do not speak German. Secondly, the minister's handwriting is particularily horrid. Finally, the LDS microfilm and/or church books are in really poor shape. Can you find the marriage of Johann's parents, Joachim Christian karl Schroeder and Elisabeth Maria Dorothea Hinz/Hintze in about 1830-1845? I believe they were both from Dorf Mecklenburg. How about the marriages from the generation before that...Joachim(?) Heinrich Hinz/Hintze and Maria Elisabeth Rebbbin/Rebbien in about 1795-1810 in the Tiwalck/Lubow area; Loachim Heinrich Wuechner and Friedericka Ulricka Troff; Joachim Friedrich Gaeske and margaret? Moll? In the generation prior to that, perhaps marrying in the 1770's, I am looking for Johann Joachim Hintze and Christina Maria Juls...also Ilsabeth Schroeder with ? All of these folks lived around Calsow, Moidentin, Dorf Mecklenburg, Triwalk, Lubow, and Cartlow. Thank you so much for your offer!! Nancy Merriman

nancy Merriman <nmerriman@aol.com>
Milwaukee, WI - Sonnabend, 3.Juli 1999 um 06:32:45 
Hans (Johann) LEHMANN is believed to have migrated to Australia on 23rd Oct 1850 on the "Dockenhuden" from Hamburg. We can find no evidence of this and am hoping someone may have access to Permission to Emigrate Records or Emmigration Passports from Hamburg that may shed some light.He was born in Laudsdorf on 3rd Nov 1826, son of Gottlob and Maria LEHMANN. Many thanks

Barb Allan <sballan@netconnect.com.au>
Beulah, Victoria, Australia - Freitag, 2.Juli 1999 um 17:48:15 
I'm just starting a search for ancestors and am feeling overwhelmed!! Looking for any info on a Gottlieb Habeck living in Trechel, Pomerania in 1893 and probably earlier. His son, Julius R. Habeck came to the USA between 1893 and 1894. He settled in Athens, WI. He is my great grandfather. I can not find Trechel any where...help! Julius married a Amelia Degner in 1900.

Sandra Gill <sadgil@mindspring.com>
Fresno,CA USA - Donnerstag, 1.Juli 1999 um 22:04:14

October-December 1999

It is not often I find a KOSBAB and I did at your site. Beside that I found your site interesting and informative. Well Done Brian Kosbab
Brian Kosbab <kosbab@btinternet.com>
Wigan England - Sonntag, 31.Oktober 1999 um 02:23:04

I recently sent a message in regards to information I am seeking on family's "Seip", "Znac" and "Sawek" or "Saveck" or "Savek" (or other variations).You probably remeber me as the "Australian" My reason for writing a second time is to give my new address as of the 22nd Oct 99. It is ozterix@eisa.net.com.au for any information you are kind enough to share. Again, Thankyou for taking the time to read this.
Irena Znac <ozterix@eisa.net.com.au>
Australia - Sonnabend, 30.Oktober 1999 um 18:16:09
God bless you, Karin. If all who are interested in genealogy had a site like yours, genealogy would be that much more fun. I have been searching your site/links for an hour now, and I must go; but I will be back. Berkley

Berkley <berkley@bc.sympatico.ca>
beautiful British Columbia, Canada - Mittwoch, 27.Oktober 1999 um 17:25:46
Trying to locate birth place in Germany (supposedly Lake Constance area) for Johannes Fehr Born Dec.8, 1820 and his wife Agnice Storz, born January 14, 1820.

Mary Maroney <mimaroney@webtv.net>
Syracuse, N.Y. - Mittwoch, 27.Oktober 1999 um 02:23:13
Thanks for the great resource. I have been working on my family's history for just a couple weeks now and I have learned so much. My gg grandfather came to the U.S from Pommern via Berman and NYC. His name was Ferdinand Labs and his wife's name was Heanritta Klabunde.They came over with there children Carl,August,Wilhelm,Albertine,Albert around 1872. I know for sure Ferdinand's brother, Johann came over in April of 1870. Johann came over with his wife Heanritta and one daughter Bertha, as well as another Heanritta Labs who went on to marry a Mr Kobs in the U.S.. So in short I am currently researching the surnames of Labs,Klabunde and also Prochnow. These families settled in Douglas County,NE. If anyone has knowledge of these families please contact me. Thanks.

Mike Labs <mike@triwolf.com>
Omaha,NE - Montag, 25.Oktober 1999 um 23:03:39
Trying to reseach my great grandparents Albert and Albertine HAAS or HAASE. Albert was born 28 Sept 1851 and Albertine was born 18 September 1853 maiden name ZICK or ZECK. Lived in Noustatien (unsure of spelling) in or near Pommern. Immigrated to the U.S. sometime 1880 to 1885.

Mark A. Pfauth <pfauth@iol31.com>
Anoka, Minnesota - Montag, 25.Oktober 1999 um 17:18:44
i am trying to trace my ancestory back as far as possible, so if you have any information on my family and would like to share please email me.

donald kevin niederkorn <mr99poetic@aol.com>
indianapolis ,indiana - Montag, 25.Oktober 1999 um 05:01:17

GREENFIELD,WISCONSIN,USA - Montag, 25.Oktober 1999 um 02:55:29
Ich suche nach Ahnen der Familie Nielandt und Hotje Raum Dithmarschen Schleswig Holstein Freue mich über jede Antwort Gru? aus Lübeck W.Nielandt

Nielandt Wolfgang <Marienmarkt@aol.com>
Lübeck, Germany - Sonntag, 24.Oktober 1999 um 17:12:17
I am trying to locate information about the Paap family origins in Germany. My grandfather was Otto August Paap (1878-1952). He emigrated with his father William (Wilhelm) H. Paap (1852-1923). I beieve his father was Heinrich Paap. I have been told that the Paap family originated in Pommern. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much for your help.

David A. Paap <dapaap@juno.com>
St. Louis, MO, USA - Sonntag, 24.Oktober 1999 um 08:24:49
I am researchhing information about Johann Mueller born abt 1836 married Wilhelmina Gehrke 1868 born 8/30/1843 Koldamanz Pomerania

Glenn Mueller <gemueller@milwpc.com>
8023 w. Waterford ave Milwaukee wi - Sonntag, 24.Oktober 1999 um 05:46:18
Looking for info regarding the family of JOHANN SEEFELDT, bn 7/7/1826 in WAMPEN, UCKERMARK. Died 31/7/1927 Thank you.

Elaine Seefeldt/Skinner <scott.skinner@cableinet.co.uk>
Scotland - Sonnabend, 23.Oktober 1999 um 16:41:22
i am searching for the name kutzner. they came to the usa from germany. maybe rothenburg (sp). sure would like any info on this part ofmy family

Glenna Tolliver <jbh@i1.net>
St. Charles, Missouri usa - Sonnabend, 23.Oktober 1999 um 00:12:22
K H von der Horst born 17 Dec. 1780 Ansbach died 16 Feb 1861 in Hellwitzel or Trier. Second, I am loking for relatives of Wilhelm A von der Horst born 1 March 1836 at Trier Germany.

Joe Fenier <jolfen@worldnet.att.net>
- Donnerstag, 21.Oktober 1999 um 17:31:02 
Looking for information on Soltnitz, Pommern.

Ken Rosenow <ken@savage99.com>
Michigan, USA - Dienstag, 19.Oktober 1999 um 17:59:30 
Hello Karen. Do you have a copy of the SALTZBURGER EXPULSION LISTS, Edited by Lewis Bunker Rohnback? It covers about 30,000 Lutherans who were expelled from Austria, and welcomed into Prussia - about 1723. I wondered if you have a copy (published in 1999, included 4 previously published works about this event) and can look up names? Thanks for all your wonderful work. Patricia

Patricia Brown <tbrownii@gfn.org>
MI, USA - Dienstag, 19.Oktober 1999 um 14:38:19 
I am looking for any information on my family name Kleuker. My parents came to the US in 1961. My father's name is Juergen Wilhelm Rudolph Kleuker. He married my mother in July of 1964. Her maiden name is Rosemarie Lohmar. Areas of Germany are Cuxhaven and Bonn. Any information would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Birgit Kleuker <poohbear2@usa.net>
Phoenix, AZ - Montag, 18.Oktober 1999 um 05:11:31 
Searching for an old, but dear friend by the name of MARTIN MEISTER, BORN 1962. Bavaria, I believe, is where he originates. Though, he could be in northern Switzerland to southern Germany. If you have any information, please contact me at my e-mail address. Thank you.

Kimberlea Snider <buffaloprayer@hotmail.com>
Pacific NW Coast...US - Montag, 18.Oktober 1999 um 04:49:16 
I am looking for information on Johann Gottlibe Strunk, born 1821 in Berlin and Caroline Louise Schnutz, born January, 1821 also in Berlin. I am looking for their marriage date, death dates, parents names. Basically any information you can find would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Allyson

Allyson Stapleton <JStaple86@aol.com>
Michigan, USA - Montag, 18.Oktober 1999 um 03:20:05 
Ich finde schoen, dass sich Menschen wie sie so viel Muehe geben. Dankeschoen. In den USA sowie in Deutschland gibt es einige Fangers ich versuche einige Zusammenhaenge zu erkennen. Vielleicht schaut ja mal ein anderer Fanger auf diese Seiten.

Fanger, Michael Joerg <mfan0009@rz.uni-hildesheim.de>
Hildesheim, Niedersachsen, Germany - Sonntag, 17.Oktober 1999 um 21:59:57 
I want search everything about Breisa or Breisach family. They were probably from Breisgau in Schwarzwald and next from Stargard Gdanski in Pommern.

Krzysztof Brejza <brejzik@polbox.com>
Poland, Inowroclaw - Sonntag, 17.Oktober 1999 um 21:44:03 
Hi, I recentley visited Neubrandenburg with my mother in an effort to help her find out what happened to her loved ones and friends after the war ended. She was working in the "Schloss" in Klocksin in 1945 and left there at the end of the war once she was effectively "Freed" from working for the German family that lived there. Thier name was/is "Seip". We were able to find out some interesting and deeply moving information about the family but would be grateful for anything else anyone knows about the "Siep's" and/or the "Arbeiter" that lived there. My mother also worked for a short time in "Kussow" (with two dots on the "U") and is looking for ANY information in regards to the family name of "Sawek" (Not sure about the spelling, could be "Savek" or "Savick" or other variations of this)Particularly the name "Franek Marian Sawek". We were unfortunatley not able to find out anything about this person or the family name. ANY information would be gratefully appreciatted. I seek this information most importantly for my Mother's peace of mind but, for myself, I would be appreciative of any information as I'm in the midst of writing her "story" as I believe it's one hell of a tale to tell. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Irena Znac <Ozterix@one.net.au>
Australia - Sonntag, 17.Oktober 1999 um 12:41:21 
Hi Karen, THANKS!!!!. I found the marriage date of my Gr. Gr. Grandparents at your site. friedrick Wilhelm Fettkenheuer & Augustine Wilhelmine Sternke. What a find! Ted Die Pommerschen Leute

Ted Fettkenheuer <fetkenheur@aol.com>
Mesa, Arizona, USA - Sonnabend, 16.Oktober 1999 um 18:15:52 
I am responsible for the home page of the family Strokirk (German spelling Strohkirch). The family came to Sweden in the 17th centure. I a´m now searching for our german ancestors and now I got some information to start with from Your page. Vielen Dank! Tore Strokirk Lilja

Tore Strokirk Lilja <tore.lilja@swipnet.se>
Stockholm in Sweden - Sonnabend, 16.Oktober 1999 um 11:47:19 
I really love this web page. I keep hoping that my name will catch someones attention so I can trace my roots. I've already found a couple lost relatives due to this web page. Best Reguards Kevin Kieckow

Kevin Kieckow <kkieckow@modtech.com>
Gilbert, AZ USA - Sonnabend, 16.Oktober 1999 um 08:42:38 
Need information on my great-grand father, August Splinter, and my great-grandmother Maria Haeft. He was born somewhere near Stargard in 1850, and she was born in Massow in 1850. Thanks.

Brian Keck <Adapa@juno.com>
Vancouver, WA. USA - Freitag, 15.Oktober 1999 um 23:54:38 
Hello! I´m seeking information about Johann Carl Friedrich Wellington Sauraw von Saurau born 1782-02-22 in Pommern. Greatfull for all help!

Carolin Larsmyr <carolin.larsmyr@hoya.se>
Sweden - Freitag, 15.Oktober 1999 um 13:11:40 
I am looking for the ancestors of Johann HISCHKE, born 1794 in Muttrin, Pommerania, profession: small farmer. He married Luise MAAS, presumably born in Budow, in Budow(Stolp) in 1816. Ich suche Vorfahren des Johann HISCHKE, geb. 1794 in Muttrin, Pommern, Halbbauer. Er heiratete 1816 in Budow Luise MAAS, vermutlich geboren in Budow. Je cherce les ancêtres de Johann HISCHKE, nee 1794 à Muttrin, Pommerania. Il c'est marié en 1816 avec Luise MAAS à Budow, région Stolp.

Udo Hischke-Haddad <Hischke-Haddad@t-online.de>
Germany - Donnerstag, 14.Oktober 1999 um 20:41:20 
Hallo und schöne Grüße ! Bin über die Suche in aol zu dieser Seite gekommen und habe meinen Namen gefunden. Mein Vater kommt aus dem Bereich Pasewalk. Gibts eine Möglichkeit, die Ahnen vor ihm herauszubekommen ? Viele Grüße - Torsten Rossow

Rossow, Torsten <ToRossi1@aol.com>
in Eggersdorf (Land Brandenburg) - Donnerstag, 14.Oktober 1999 um 16:59:15 
Looking for info on the following families. HEIDELK, KOLLMORGEN, SCHEEL They all live in the Mecklenburg Province in the mid to late 1800's. These families all emigrated to the USA in the late 1800's, I believe some settled in IOWA, NEBRASKA and later Kansas. Any info would help.

Jared Scheel <masch1@hit.net>
Kansas USA - Donnerstag, 14.Oktober 1999 um 04:58:59 
I am looking for information on the ELLNER family. Frederick ELLNER b. 10-26-1840 Kingdom of Prussia, d. 10-15-1926 Abrams,WI USA.His wife was Maria BREMER b.7-8-1851 Meckleburg,Germany, d. 10-19-1898 Brookside,WI,USA. They had 4 children; William,Frank,Louis,and Adolf. Iam the son of Lawrence, son of Fred, son of Frank, son of Frederick. Thanx, Jeff P.S. GREAT website!!

Jeffrey L. Ellner <jnjellner@prodigy.net>
Germantown,Wisconsin,USA - Donnerstag, 14.Oktober 1999 um 03:35:44 
Looking for ADOLPH REBMANN,(B Sept. 23, 1852) MICHAEL REBMANN,(Father) ELISABETH GERBER (Mother) from Hagernam Dist, Nederbraum, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany. ADOLPH REBMANN came to USA in 1881.

Joy Ann Coonts Firrell <Firr_5@email.msn.com>
Blue Grass, Scott County, Iowa USA - Mittwoch, 13.Oktober 1999 um 03:21:21 
Ich bin ein Neuling in der Ahnenforschung. Meine Mutter ist in Dassow/Pommern geboren. Sie ist eine geborene Ziebell. Ihre Mutter war Anna Ziebell geb. Kempf am 11.03.1907. Der Vater war Wilhelm Ziebell geboren am 11.03.1903. Ich habe aus Erzählungen erfahren, daß auch folgende Namen vorkamen: Friedrich Karl wilhelm Ziebell geboren 18.01.1873 in körlin Marianne Ziebell geb El Estrade, sie hatte 16 Kinder. Wer kann mir helfen etwas über meine Vorfahren in Erfahrung zu bringen. Ich möchte meine Mutter und deren Geschwister überraschen. Meine E-Mail-Adresse lautet; Marina.Stein@t-online.de

Marina Stein <Marina.Stein@t-online.de>
Mannheim - Montag, 11.Oktober 1999 um 23:34:00 
I am searching for information on Sutor SCHIEGG my GGrandfather. He was born in Germany probably Bavaria on February 18, 1822. Came to USA (?Date). Settled in Alleheny City (now Pittsburgh). I have not been able to find birth place or date of emmigration I would greatly appreciate any information. Thank you.

Robert Lawrence SCHIEGG <r_schiegg_dal@msn.com>
Dallas, Texas, USA - Montag, 11.Oktober 1999 um 19:30:51 
Searching for surnames KAISER, SEHR, & WEIS 1) Laurentious KAISER b1767 d.4 May 1814 m.14 Dec 1795 Anna Barbara SEHR b. 28 Jan 1768 Niederzeuzheim d. 30 Jan 1851 2) Franz Josef KAISER b.12 Apr 1803 d.?? Hadamar, Nassau m. 1 May 1827 Elizabeth WEIS b. 3 May 1808 d. ?? her parents: Johannes WEIS & Barbara SEHR 3)Frank Joseph KAISER b.Aug 1842 Hadamar d.21 Dec 1926 Youngstown, Ohio, USA m. 1 Jan 1862 Henrietta C Hoyt I'm searching for siblings and additional children of Franz Josef, Anna Barbara. Also, was there a relationship between Anna Barbara SEHR and Barbara SEHR. m.

Sharon Dulcich <dulcich6@aol.com>
California, USA - Sonntag, 10.Oktober 1999 um 21:58:47 
I am looking for the old German surname of Küschwerdt (Küschwert)from the NE part of Bavaria (Oberfranken, Fichtelgebirge area). I believe that this old surname changed into the names: Küspert, Kispert, Kisseberth in the 17th century. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I need someone to check on the Wappen Kispert in the book,"Alphabetisches Namen register burgerlicher deutscher Wappenvorkommen. Johann J Kenfenheuer

Gerald Kisabeth <gerrykisabeth@prodigy.net>
Canton, Michigan USA - Sonnabend, 9.Oktober 1999 um 15:25:29 
Hallo Forscherkollegen, gibt es denn wirklich niemend der die Namen Wittenburg oder Bardke in seiner AL hat ? Letzte Fundsache stammt aus dem Jahre 1802 in Pommern. Siehe auch meine Homepage. Vielen Dank H.Wittenburg

Horst Wittenburg <wittenburg@exit.de>
Blender Kr. Verden / Niedersachsen - Sonnabend, 9.Oktober 1999 um 10:41:08 
Mich wundert schon, dass es bisher keine Anfragen über meinen Namen "Dobberphul" gegeben hat, da doch mindestens 3 Orte Pommerns so benannt sind (heute in Polen "Dobrepole"). Erstaunlich ist, dass sich alle Dobberphuls mit "ph" und nicht mit "f" oder "puh" schreiben. Das deutet stark auf einen gemeinsamen Ursprung hin. Lag er in Pommern in besagten Dörfern? Mein Vater heißt Willy Dobberphul und stammt aus dem Kreis Greifenberg. Wer weiß Näheres über die Vorfahren und die Herkunft dieses Namens?

Manfred Dobberphul <man.dob@t-online.de>
38120 Braunschweig - Freitag, 8.Oktober 1999 um 23:03:51 
I have been looking for the name PAUL MALLYfor quite some time. Found this web page thru the world gen web volunteers. He was born March 1, 1873 in BErlin. Had his second birthday on a ship coming to USHis father was with the guard unit to Kaiser Wilhelm 1st.

carol hensley <lhensley@the-onramp.net>
Nevada,USA - Freitag, 8.Oktober 1999 um 19:10:59 
I am looking for any families with the surname Hatting in the U.S.A. an also if someone knows who the original Hattings were that entered into the U.S. of A. as well as any details of where they settled and anything related to them.

Andrew Hatting <adaa@giraffe.ru.ac.za>
South Africa - Freitag, 8.Oktober 1999 um 15:32:39 
I am researching my mothers family. I have information that says her paternal grandmother was born in Lauen, Mecklenburg Schwerin 2//9/1862. Her parents were William, born 1/19/1825 in Mecklenburg Schwerin, and Mary, born 12/27/1826, vom Heidemann Pries. His parents were Frederick and Frances Pries. Her father was John vom Heidemann. Any help identifying them and their ancestors would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Bob Zauner

Bob Zauner <rpzauner@aol.com>
Burnsville(Minneapolis), Minnesota, USA - Donnerstag, 7.Oktober 1999 um 21:24:47 
Looking for origins of Karl Kortz and wife Julia (Klatt) Kortz. Her father was a Col. Carl Klatt. The emigrated from Hamburg to New York City in the last half of the year 1867. She bore a son (my grandfather) six weeks after they arrived (Dec. 6, 1867). Anything you can find would be appreciated. I've been told that she made Battenburg Lace for the Empress of Prussia before leaving. I don't know if that helps. Your work is much appreciated.

Iris Kortz Anderson <iromona@flash.net>
Fort Worth, Texas and Dayton, Ohio - Donnerstag, 7.Oktober 1999 um 16:06:07 
Ich versuche seit einiger Zeit Information uber meine Grosseltern zu bekommen.Mein Vater ( Max Klinge ) wurde in Stargrad in Pommern 5.9.1875 geboren. gestorben 7.10.47 in Berlin.Sein Vater soll Burgermeister dort gewesen sein. Leider habe ich keine weitern Informationen,uber Geburtsdaten oder Heiratsdaten. Ich wurde mich sehr freuen von Ihnen zu horen. Grusse aus Australien

Gerd Klinge <proselyt@zeta.org.au>
Sydney Australia - Donnerstag, 7.Oktober 1999 um 09:41:53 
Just looking for Uecke Ancestory in Pomerania...Anyone have info..please e-mail me. Thanks Steve

Steve Uecke <suecke@aol.com>
CA - Donnerstag, 7.Oktober 1999 um 08:32:01 
I would like to establish the connection between myself and Klaus Tennstaedt the conductor. My father is Helmut Tennstaedt, born 5th June 1923, in Duisburg-Hamborn. He migrated to Australia in 1959. He was the son of Paul Tennstaedt.

Sigrid Tennstadt <c_hall@acay.com.au>
5 Glenhaven Pl Oyster Bay 2225 NSW Australia - Mittwoch, 6.Oktober 1999 um 13:48:38 
Thank you for looking up VonKluck or Von Kluk in Hamburg or Hanover Germany. The name Gielda is Polish for Banker or Stockbroker

Jan Gielda <jgielda@nib.org>
Dunkirk, MD - Dienstag, 5.Oktober 1999 um 21:43:47 
I am looking for information on Steubinger/Stuebinger,Grandmother's maiden name married a Straus orStrauss Thank you

Steubinger/Stuebinger <rpsadvance@aol.com>
Illinois - Dienstag, 5.Oktober 1999 um 01:57:43 
Ich suche information über meine Familie JOHAN KRISTOFFER FRIDERIK KUMMEROW ODER COMMEROU GEB. um 1805 in Nordpreussen,ausvandret nach Dänemark um 1838, letzter bekannter Wohnsitz Alt Kenzlin oder Alt Kentzlin Kreis Demmin.Verheiratet mit KAROLINE JOHANNE WILHELMINE CULENE,die beidenhat eine Tochter MARIE CAROLINE CHRISTINE geb. 16-10-1838 Über hinweise würde ich mich seehr freuen Hans Karpinski

Hans Karpinski <karpinsk@post5.tele.dk>
Denmark - Sonntag, 3.Oktober 1999 um 21:13:12 
Enjoyed your web page. I am seeking references for East Prussia from about 1850-1900. Are there any civil or church records of births, deaths and marriages for this time period. I am trying to research OTTO SCHAGUNN, from Klein Kirschnakeim, Kries Labiun, East Prussia. I keep running into dead ends.

Connie Schagunn <schogun@earthlink.com>
California - Sonntag, 3.Oktober 1999 um 08:17:59 
SIMON H.A. GUSTAV DIEKMANN b.1876 ERDER=ESSEN, DEU. GERTRUDE KEUPPER[KIPPER] b. mar.1892 DUISBURG, RUHROT,DEU Both immigrated to SASKATCHEWAN. CANADA You have a wonderful sight. Wish some of us could help out. ThanXs, Anita

ANITA M. DIEKMANN-Dudley <granie@televar.com>
ELLENSBURG, WASH. - Sonntag, 3.Oktober 1999 um 07:29:42 
looking for relatives of william langefeld born in allendorf germany came to america early 1900's or wife frieda gauler from allendorf also

s pellingra <jpell@frontiernet.net>
rochester,new york - Sonntag, 3.Oktober 1999 um 06:34:33 
I have been doing research on Oswald (Osswald) all I know of them is that they came to US in 1850, from Prussia I believe. As they married there. His second marriage, hers unknown.

Carson Franken
Blue Springs, MO USA - Sonntag, 3.Oktober 1999 um 00:01:40 
Looking for ties to Haeseler (Brainschweig), Richter(Leipsig). Schoepper/Schoeppe and Walther. I have some exact dates of birth, etc.

E.C.Heeseler <echeeseler@compuserve.com>
Long Island,New York,U.S.A. - Sonnabend, 2.Oktober 1999 um 19:51:36 
Vater: Johannes Wogatzke geb. Groß-Wunneschin Krs. Lauenburg (Pommern)

Walter Wogatzke <Walter-Wogatzke@t-online.de>
jetzt Königsborn bei Magdeburg - Sonnabend, 2.Oktober 1999 um 16:12:41 
Looking for Frederick Schultz, b. 1835 Loitz (Teschendorf)and Christina Georgina Dorothea Bahls b. 1841 in Poggendorf, Pommern.

Bill Schultz <squirrel54@prodigy.net>
Waukegan, IL, USA - Sonnabend, 2.Oktober 1999 um 04:55:42 
Looking for Frederick Schultz, b. 1835 Loitz (Teschendorf)and Christina Georgina Dorothea Bahls B. 1841 in Poggendorf, Pommern.

Bill Schultz <squirrel54@prodigy.net>
Waukegan, IL, USA - Sonnabend, 2.Oktober 1999 um 04:55:20 
Looking for Frederick Schultz, b. 1835 Loitz (Teschendorf)

Bill Schultz <squirrel54@prodigy.net>
Waukegan, IL, USA - Sonnabend, 2.Oktober 1999 um 04:47:48 
I am researching the Stoltenberg and Otto families. The Stoltenberg's were from Fiefbergen and Otto's were from Schonberg. Hinrich Stoltenberg and Katharine Hoeck were the parents of Hans and Heinrich Stoltenberg both born in Fiefbergen. Hinrich was born 9 June 1830 in Fiefbergen. The Ernest or Ernst Otto family was from Schonberg. Two daughters were born in Schonberg, the first Karoline and the second Ernestine. Ernestine was born 14 Feb 1844. Any information on these families would be appreciated.

Melvin A. Besthorn <MABesthorn@aol.com>
Milpitas, CA - Sonnabend, 2.Oktober 1999 um 01:57:34 

Ich suche Klevenow Ernst Wilhelm Klevenow wurde Reiter in ein schwedischer Husar-regiment um 1730. Er ist in Pommern geboren aber wo? Wo findet man Klevenower oder Klevenauer`? Grüsse Gustaf von Gertten
gustaf von gertten <gustaf.von.gertten@swipnet.se>
Stockholm - Dienstag, 30.November 1999 um 22:38:47
I am looking for the ancestors of my Grandfather Henry H. Rhode, whose father was killed during the Franco-Prussian War. My GGrandfather's name was also Henry H., But the surname may have been ROHDE.This is one reason that it has been impossible to locate any information about him; ie. his Birth and Death dates, Place of birth, place of death, date of marriage, Etc. Is there anyway that I can access his military records, as I don't even know what part of Prussia he came from. My Grandfather was approximately nine or ten when his father was killed

Bill Rhode <billourhd1@juno.com>
Florida, USA - Sonntag, 28.November 1999 um 06:21:19
I am looking for the ancestors of my Grandfather enry H. Rhode, whose father was killed during the Franco-Prussian War. My GGrandfather's name was also Henry H., But the surname may have been ROHDE.This is one reason that it has been impossible to locate any information about him; ie. his Birth and Death dates, Place of birth, place of death, date of marriage, Etc. Is there anyway that I can access his military records, as I don't even know what part of Prussia he came from. My Grandfather was approximately nine or ten when his father was killed

Bill Rhode <billourhd1@juno.com>
Florida, USA - Sonntag, 28.November 1999 um 06:20:11
I read your information about tranlating German to English, and I want to tell u about a web site that does it........Maybe it will take some of the pressure off of you, I have found it to be a great help. http://babelfish.altavista.digital.com/cgi-bin/translate?

Chris Surprenant <Copperbugs@aol.com>
Nebraska - Sonntag, 28.November 1999 um 04:22:21
Looking for Albert Wilhelm Herman von Jagow Born 9 June 1863 Holstein, Prussia left Prussia May31,1882 Age 18 on the ship Geller Manifest ID number: 36652 Port of Embarkation: Hamburg & Havre to America.Lived in Holland, MI to LosAngles,CA arrived in Phoenix, Arizona late 1800's His father name Frederic von Jagow from Holstein, Lutheran. Married Name______? Herman, Wilhelm, Amelia Married Carl Peters, Agusta. I very interested in any information you have! E-Mail annberg@webtv.net Beth von Jagow Berg Wilhem left Prussia.

Beth v. Jagow Mothershead Berg <annberg@webtv.net>
Phoenix, Arizona - Sonnabend, 27.November 1999 um 22:33:38
Any information or sources for the Schliefert surname, history or anything else is much appreciated.

Roger Schliefert <schliefert@juno.ccom>
5710 W 37th St S Wichita,KS 67215 USA - Donnerstag, 25.November 1999 um 23:20:14
Excellent information; even for Geneology Novies. Anyone with knowledge of the German or Austrian spelling for the surname Utzenzuber (I spelled it as it sounds), your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Trying to seek history on grandmother Anna's family. I was told she lived near the border in a town call Dier Markt with was either in Germany or Austria, depending upon the border at that time. She left and emigrated to the USA as a teenager, probably post WWI. Thanks

Laurie A. Miller <soulsinger@gateway.net>
Woodburn, Oregon - USA - Donnerstag, 25.November 1999 um 21:53:20
Anyone with knowledge of the German or Austrian spelling for the surname Utzenzuber (I spelled it as it sounds), your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Laurie A. Miller <soulsinger@gateway.net>
Woodburn, Oregon - USA - Donnerstag, 25.November 1999 um 21:40:06
Searching for MUEHLENBRUCH and MAHNCKE families who were in Pommern in the mid 1800's to the 1900's.

Dorothy L. Miller <dlmiller@abq.com>
Albuquerque, New Mexico - Sonntag, 21.November 1999 um 23:37:52
Found my great-great grandfather - August Ferdinand Albert Hoeferts birth record in town of Sellin, county of Greifenberg born August 7, 1865. Arrived in U.S. April 2, 1888 w/ wife Albertine Brockhus and infant son August Hoefert (older sister Emilie died on the ship). Looking for records/info on his father- Robert Ferdinand or William Hoefert and mother Emilie Henrietta Dorn and any other relatives. Also,looking for records/info. on David Brockhus and Mary Groth (and children/other relatives)- parents of Herman Brockhus (born 1850), Julius Brockhus (born 1856), and Albertine Brockhus(later Hoefert)(born Sept 24, 1859 The Brockhus family seems to be from Stettin, Pommerania. Also, looking for any information on towns/culture of Stettin, Sellin, Perleberg, and county of Greifenberg.

Cheryle Hoefert <HCheryle@aol.com>
Milwaukee, WI United States - Sonnabend, 20.November 1999 um 20:00:42
Hello, Iam currently looking for any information on the name Peik or can be spelled Peike,Peik or Pieke.First name Bridgit or Briggitte born in Germany. Moved to Toronto, Ontario approx. 39 years ago,had a son named David, who was put up for adoption.Bridgit was married to a man from Hungary, named Leslie Harsanyi.Any info would greatly be appreciated as this has been a long and tiring search.

Tara Bruton <trash@ngw.webgate.net>
Toronto,Ontario - Freitag, 19.November 1999 um 16:14:53
Karin, I want to congratulate you on such a wonderful web site! You have looked-up one of my surnames already, SCHWANTES, but I'd like to add other family I am looking for also. STRUTZ of Parlin and possibly Lenz, RAMTHUM, ZIEMANN of Parlin(?), TONN of Noeblin and Storkow, NASS, RAMTHUM(N), RETZLOFF,CHRISTIAN, BAHRZ of Parlin and BRAUN. I'm not absolutely sure of all of the towns my family are from and would like to be sure I'm researching in the correct places. I'm also interested in getting more info on the books offered on this area, so thank-you for posting that info too. Thank-you again, Sally

Sally <sallia@aol.com>
Wisconsin, USA - Freitag, 19.November 1999 um 06:49:14
Hallo Karin and all the other researchers ! I want to creat a big collection of emigrants from north-germany: surnames, ships, papers. But I need the dates of your ancestor. Please visit my homepage: http://mitglied.tripod.de/GinaKramer/index.htm Thank you and see you later. Regina

Regina Kramer <Gina.Kramer@t-online.de>
germany - Donnerstag, 18.November 1999 um 11:32:15

D.J.Lankhof <lankhof@dla.nl>
Holland - Montag, 15.November 1999 um 23:43:46
LANCKHOFF, Jacob geb.ca.1741 in ANKLAM Pommern and LANCKHOFF, David geb.ca.1730 in Wolgast Pommern They where cousins and emigrated ca.1760/1770 to Amsterdam Who can help me find the ancesters from them ?

D.J.Lankhof <lankhof@dla.nl>
Holland - Montag, 15.November 1999 um 23:40:13
I have 2 possibly 3 names that I have been told are my familes names. My Mother was a Stadler, her mother was a Adrian, and her mother possibly a Maden. I do know that my mother was born in Bad Doberan.My mother told me it is near a town called Rostock, near the baltic Sea. My grandmother was born 11-17-1904, her name is Maria Magdalena Gabriella Adrian, married to Michael Stadler, born 1-3-1906. I do not have any other information, I would appreciate any info you can provide. Thank you, Chris Surprenant

Chris Surprenant <copperbugs@aol.com>
Cairo, Nebraska......USA - Sonntag, 14.November 1999 um 01:54:51
I am trying to find my ancestors. My grandfather came from Anklam Germany on the Vandalia in 1881, oct. and landed in Ny NY in Nov. 1881. He is listed as Carl, but to every one in America was known as Charles. He was only 2 when he came to america. His father was Julius Barnekow, born in or about 1838. Julius was married to Wilhemine. I have come to a halt trying to find any information on this family. There are a lot of Barnekows out there but none seem to belong to me.

Janet (Barnekow) Migchelbrink <JMigchelbr@aol.com>
Maple Heights, Ohio USA - Sonnabend, 13.November 1999 um 19:12:03
Hello, Karin: I haven't heard from you since October 15. My two books that you ordered for me from Degener have not arrived yet. Hope everything is OK on your end. I am anxious to hear from You. Best of Luck! Karl-Heinz Becker

Karl-Heinz Becker <khbecker@farmerstel.com>
Henagar/Alabama, USA - Sonnabend, 13.November 1999 um 15:04:52
This is such a wonderful site! Congratulations to you! I am looking for any information about my family name, HARWART, believed to have been in Germany after the 2nd world war. The name might also be a little different, as it may have been altered a little. An info at all would be ever so helpfull. Thank you!!!!!

Jenn Harwart <china_blu2@hotmail.com>
Tornto, Canada - Sonnabend, 13.November 1999 um 07:16:58
PARPART;VERSANY(WARSANY;VARSANY);REDEPENNING;MARTEN;BOHNENSTENGEL near Stettin (Dischenhagen,Basenthin,Kantreck,Parpart,Stettin) please contact Parpart via e-mail paprotno@aol.com

Dr.Matthias Parpart <paprotno@aol.com>
Hamburg/Germany - Donnerstag, 11.November 1999 um 10:20:11

DENVER - Dienstag, 9.November 1999 um 21:42:12
My father emigrated to America in the month of September 1913 from Bremerhaven on the the Ship "Crown Princess Cecilia" and debarked at Ellis Island, New York City. Looking for information of any type.

Albert C. Kaletka <ckaletka@hotmail.com>
Hermitage, Pennsylvania - Dienstag, 9.November 1999 um 17:45:04
Searching for ancestors of David Buhrow born in or near the village of Pansin in Pommern at about 1820-1821

Gary J. Buhrow <gargin270@aol.com>
Louisville, Kentucky U.S.A. - Montag, 8.November 1999 um 21:14:54
I am searching for any information on Hans Martin Yeager (Jaeger)b. Bef 03 March 1700 and Maria Reichert (his wife)who immigrated to the US from Anspach, Usingen Co. Germany. Would love to know who their parents were or any other information about them. Any help would be appreciated.

Patricia Koehler <pkdf4@starix.net>
Delta, PA - Sonntag, 7.November 1999 um 16:06:49
Searching for information on the BEHRENS Family from Hanover Germany and The SCHMIDT Family from Frankfurt, Germany Heinrich Behrens was born March 8, 1832 Mary Henriett Augusta Schmidt was born Oct 2, 1850

C Behrens <CJK1043 @aol.com>
Florida, USA - Sonntag, 7.November 1999 um 14:08:21
I am researching the Tiede family in Germany. Last verified date is Wilhelm Tiede, born 1850 in/near Wittenberg. Father's name was Christov. Christov's father was Johann. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Wilhelm married twice. I have more info. Willing to share if desired. Also looking for Loose/Lohse/Loosen. Can't find anything prior to 1815. Thanks!!

k Tiede <ktiede@hotmail.com>
Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Donnerstag, 4.November 1999 um 03:31:52
Looking for Hacker,Dettman,Wodrick. Believe Christ Hacker to be from Krukow,Holstien. Other surnames Lampke,Wegner,Sievers,and Nilick. Bertha Hacker born in 1867,Christ Hacke born abt 1832 married to Caroline Wegner. Thanks for any help that you may give

Tom Bemis <lstsprng@essex1.com>
Illinois - Donnerstag, 4.November 1999 um 02:51:17
Looking for information on: Weber - Herman George Weber (b. 12/4/1861) Pommern Germany father of Herman - Michael Friederich (b. abt 1830) mother of Herman Sophie Briesemeister (b. abt 1830) Wife of Herman - Bertha Louise Kalies (b. 7/3/1866) Parents of Bertha - Henry Kalies & Wilhelmine Oestreich

Robin L. Brooks <PSC1198@aol.com>
Puyallup, Washington 98371 - Mittwoch, 3.November 1999 um 15:37:06
Looking for any inf. on the name Kieswetter, Daniel. Lived in Oberlauten near Coburg, had six children,George, Karl, Edward, the others I don't know. He lived there before 1850 and after. thank you .

louis keiswetter <slouie@ruraltel.net>
western kansas - Mittwoch, 3.November 1999 um 00:07:38
My great grandfather, Ernst Weinke, born March 13, 1827, Denzig, Dramburg, Prussia, Father was Michael, would like to know if Denzig still exists and if so what Polish name has been given to it. Would like to know more about Michael and family and if records are available or not. Mit freundlichen Gruessen, Steve

Steven W. Weinke <sweinke@excel.net>
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin - Dienstag, 2.November 1999 um 23:30:41
Hidihio Ihr, Besten dank für den Besuch auf www.knuddels.de, ich hoffe ihr habt gut geKNUDDELt ??? Alles Gute, bis bald, Holgi

Holgi <Chat@knuddels.de>
Karlsruhe, Germany - Montag, 1.November 1999 um 11:21:52
Am looking to find the town of Lubochin, Prussia. I have a copy of the birth record of my Grandfather Otto Herman BARZ (later spelled BARTZ). His parents were Julius BARZ and Ottilie JAHNKE. He was born 5 March, 1877. I can't find any info on the town of Lubochin. Julius BARZ also had a sister, Wilhelmina BARZ who married Martin August FELSKE. Both family's came to the US on the same ship in 1881. Julius & Wilhelmina's father may be Christoph Barz. Really need help on finding where in Prussia the town of Lubochin is. Also have a town or estate of Dulzig. Like your web site. Will check back often.

Rod Myers <crag@netzero.net>
Moorpark, California, USA - Montag, 1.November 1999 um 07:08:17
Please help. I have ancestors from Germany. Their name is spelled WHELTLE. I have often seen versions spelled WETTLE, WITTLE, WITLE. It is pronounced WHETTLE. It is my understanding that Germans never use the wh combination. Any idea of what the name could really have been when they were in Germany? Thanks for any help you can render.

Cindy Meyers <mike6648@bellatlantic.net>
Annapolis, MD...USA - Montag, 1.November 1999 um 05:34:51

I am looking for my German roots. My great great great grandfather Frank Friemering came from the Oldenburg area.
Cora Friemering-Hart <cjhart@netmdc.com>
HAFB, New Mexico USA - Freitag, 31.Dezember 1999 um 19:57:21 
Looking for the surname of Stahn anything will help thanks---Dena

Dena Ridley <denaridley@juno.com>
Idaho - Freitag, 31.Dezember 1999 um 10:53:20 
I learned of your site from an email I received from one of my rootsweb mailing lists. I sure do like it. The names I'm looking for are: STILLMUNKES, FRIES, GRAFF and SCHNEIDER in germany. I'm also looking for the names HOPPMAN and BUDDEN that were located in Wisconsin. I haven't been able to get as far as the ancestor that immigrated though. Thanks so much for another excellent resource to use. Mary Fell

Mary Fell <mickey@shasta.com>
Paynes Creek, California USA - Freitag, 31.Dezember 1999 um 07:10:22 
OELKE, BURWITZ. Anyone with an ancestor with the surname Oelke, born in Mecklenburg please contact me. Anyone with ancestors with the surname Burwitz/Burvitz/Burwy from Ruegan please contact me.

Charles Smith <kburwitz@wolfenet.com>
Renton, Washington - Freitag, 31.Dezember 1999 um 05:50:26 
I am researching my ancestors who were from Newbuckow near Wismar. Their names were Farckens,Marheine, Beseler and Jung. Other areas they were from were Hildesheim in Hannover, and Ravensburg near Newbuckow. I have some information from New buckow, but have gone no further yet. When I have time I will complete your page re getting research done. This is my first email so I am a novice.

cheryl kerr <kerr_cher48@hotmail.com>
RMB 6957 Lillico Rd, Warragul . Victoria. Australia - Freitag, 31.Dezember 1999 um 02:56:11 
I think your web site is excellent. Too bad you haven't any "Feuersteins" in your family. I could certainly use the help.

Albert V. Feuerstein, Jr. <avfjr@erols.com>
Southampton, Pennsylvania, USA - Donnerstag, 30.Dezember 1999 um 22:02:18 
I think your web site is excellent. Too bad you haven't any "Feuersteins" in our family. I could certainly use the help.

Albert V. Feuerstein, Jr. <avfjr@erols.com>
Southampton, Pennsylvania, USA - Donnerstag, 30.Dezember 1999 um 22:01:12 
I am interested in my last name: Knupke. I can only go back to Gustav Knupke who immigrated about 1881-83. I cannot find any of his relatives (brothers,parents, etc.) I notice there are about 20 or so Knupke's in Germany now and wonder if we are related. I have some areas of interest: Notzkow near Schlaw and Eiphiem near Sclogge. Any ideas?

Sarah Knupke <sknupke@yahoo.com>
Largo, Florida, USA - Donnerstag, 30.Dezember 1999 um 18:04:26 
I am looking for relatives of my mother, who was born in Tilsit, East Prussia, in 1931, to Otto and Ida Schakat. They fled from their home when the Russian army invaded, and lost track of relatives after that. My mother came to the USA in the 1950's. There are very few Schakats to be found here, so I don't have many leads. My Grandfather had only 2 sisters, who would not be named Schakat if they married, and no brothers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dorie Tammen Brennecke <doitnow@netins.net>
Iowa, in the United States - Mittwoch, 29.Dezember 1999 um 23:54:30 
Karin-Wonderful website! I am searching for the RASCHKE family of Rummelsburg or Ploetzig. Wilhlem Albert RASCHKE b:1839 m:Phillipe Bertha RUTZ, Carl Herman RASCHKE b: 1859. Also, the MUELLER family from Stolp. August MUELLER b:1818 m:Fredericke FICK. Willing to share any info that I have!

Linda Raschke Miller <duffer@nwonline.net>
Clyde, Ohio - Mittwoch, 29.Dezember 1999 um 19:06:09 
Looking for Oerkfitz surname prior to 1850. Relative born in 1863 on the east coast of U.S.A. His name is Charles Oerkfitz. I have no idea from which section of Germany they imigrated. This is all the information I have. Anything you could find would be greatly appreciated. I was previously registered with you under a different e-mail. (musicbx@bellatlantic.net) This is no longer in use. Thanks, Bill

William C. Orkfitz <musicbox.@home.com>
42 Hinchman Rd.,Medford N.J. 08055 U.S.A. - Mittwoch, 29.Dezember 1999 um 18:50:35 
My family name on my grandmothers site is Schomburg: I would like to find out where the name come from ? My gratgrandfather´s name was Carl Andreas Friederich Schomburg, born 15. januar 1832 i Baronie Harburg, Königsreich Hannover, his fathers name was Andreas Friederich Nicilaues Schomburg, marrid to Anna Katharina Dorotea Müller. Please help !!! Christian Schomburg Thomsen

Christian Schomburg Thomsen <csthomsen@get2net.dk>
Copenhagen - Denmark - Mittwoch, 29.Dezember 1999 um 11:40:07 
Ich suche Vorvater von Wilhelm Creutzer (geboren 27.03.1729 in Deutschland)Er war Glasbläser in Schweden und Finland. Weiss nicht in welchem Teil von Deutschland. Möglich von Böhmen? Seine Kinder verheiratet mit Kargus (Cargus)-Geschlächt von Böhmen.Ich weiss dass er in Stockholm im Jahre 1753 ein Kontracht zu Sandö glasbruk gemacht hat. Wer kennt Creutzer- Geschlächt? Wer kann mir helfen?!! Oder wo kann ich anders fragen? Ich wünsche glückliches Neues Jahr und bleibe auf Information warten...

Hillevi Gussander Hansson <hilguha@swipnet.se>
Sweden - Montag, 27.Dezember 1999 um 21:51:09 
Hello Karin, congratulations, you have a nice (and hard) work. As many of your visitors I am searching for my family roots, I´m a 48-years-old Brazilian physician, descendant of Christian Tieboehl or Tietböhl, maybe from Stettin or Demmin, we don´t know exactly. He came as a mercenary soldier circa 1850 (those militia men weere called "BRUMMER") by the time Brazil was an empire fihting against Spanyard neihbours in the South. In this counrry he married with Catarina Eigenrodt, a daughter of german immigrants, maybe from Mecklemburg. He had many sons including Leopoldo, a school teacher that was my grandfather. The couple Chistian-Catarina died in the wreckage of a steam ship in a lagoon of Rio Grande do Sul State in the beginning of XX century. I am ready to give you any other information you may need to your valuable work, mainly about the german immigration in Brazil. I am not a specialits but that is a subject of my special interest and I would be glad to help you. If posible I would like to receive any available information you have about Tietboehl and Eigenbrodt families. In spite of the long list you have to cope I will be patiently waiting for your response. Thanks for all and my good greetings of a happy y2k. Sincerely yours, Carlos. Dec 26 1999.

Carlos Tietboehl <tietboehl@amrigs.com.br>
Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil - Montag, 27.Dezember 1999 um 07:47:05 
You have a great website! I am researching JORDAN & SCHINDERLING from Rugen and Stralsund areas, 1860 to 1901.

Dolores Owen <DOwen30727@aol.com>
Kansas City, Missouri, USA - Sonntag, 26.Dezember 1999 um 19:08:24 
I am trying to find information on a ggradfather Johann Karl Christian Bruhn. I have been able to locate him in Kasnivitz,Rugen Island. Possibly going through Hamburg and arriving on the ship Inda in 1886. Thank you...Thomas Gustafson

Thomas Gustafson <thomas.gustafson@mankato.msus.edu>
Mankato,Minnesota - Sonnabend, 25.Dezember 1999 um 05:14:41 
I am searching ancestors of my grandfather, CARL AUGUST DIEDRICH, b. 1877 in USA. His father, AUGUST WILHELM DIEDRICH,m. ERNESTINE THIELE, born in, and emigrated from Stettin prior to 1877, port of entry New York City. His brother Wilhelm, m. Wilhelmiene Thiele, accompanied. Their father was CHRISTIAN DIEDRICH, m. Mary _____. All belonged to a Evangelical Lutheran Church. Any assistance will be most welcome. Thank you.

Dorothy Hathway Forbes <DAdirondacks@cs.com>
144 Clute Hill Road, Richford, NY 13835 - Sonnabend, 25.Dezember 1999 um 01:36:37 

Jerri Tucker <jerrit@netzero.net>
Benicia, california - Donnerstag, 23.Dezember 1999 um 23:39:47 
I'm looking for information on my ancestors who came to New Zealand in the 19th century

Jack Gruschow <gruschow@internet.co.nz>
Rotorua , New Zealand - Dienstag, 21.Dezember 1999 um 04:10:14 
I am interested in finding information about my great-great grandparents. Gustav Emil Theodore Kruger (aka Theodore Kruger) was born 1/19/1838 in Jamiaka, Brandenburg. He emigrated to America and settled briefly in the German Community at Watertown Wisconsin. There he met his wife - Sophia Ernestina Friedrika Wahl. Sophia was born 9/18/1848 in Marienhof, Mecklenburg, Germany. Sophia left Germany in 1866 and sailed aboard the vessel John Lawrence from Hamburg. Theodore's parents were Wilhelm Kruger & Wilhelmine Keil. That is all I know about them. Sophia's parents were: Johann Wahl & Hanna Maria Juliana Engel. Sophia's mother died in Germany. She emigrated with her father & step-mother. Sophia & Theodore has a daughter named Karoline. Karoline married Gottfried Johann Walk. Gottfried was born 7/28/1857 in Schraus, Pomerania. Gottfried's father was Christian Samuel Friedrich Walk. His mother was Friederike Gartner (Gertner). Surnames I am interested in: KRUGER, KEIL, WAHL, WALK, GERTNER (GARTNER), ENGEL

Carol Walk Schmitt <dragonlady59@hotmail.com>
Hastings, Minnesota - Montag, 20.Dezember 1999 um 00:45:37 
I am looking for records of Johann Christian Ahren born November 16, 1820 in Mecklenburg, Germany he came to America in 1848. He married Anna Rosa Koeperman born 1830 in Schale, Prussia, Germany she came to America with a sister, brother and uncle. This is as far back as I can go.

john turner <jsturn@nwkansas.com>
goodland, ks - Sonntag, 19.Dezember 1999 um 18:28:10 
I am looking for records of Johann Christian Ahren born November 16, 1820 in Mecklenburg, Germany he came to America in 1848. This is as far back as I can go.

john turner <jsturn@nwkansas.com>
goodland, ks - Sonntag, 19.Dezember 1999 um 18:16:34 
Tessmann, Carl Wilhelm B 14 December 1829 Colberg Overlin Moltow Pommern Prussia. Looking for any/all information on my GGrandfather. Married Friederike A Buelke B 19 September 1834 in ? Married About 1854. Immigrated to No America probably around 1880 resided in St Paul Ramsey Minnesota until his death 04 May 1916 and his wife 24 November 1894 Both are buried at Elmhurst Cemetary in St Paul.

Lois Kane <Memime405@aol.com>
Southern California - Sonntag, 19.Dezember 1999 um 17:41:49 
Looking for Hohertz. We got back as far as Michael Hohertz - from Posen, Prussia. His wife's name was Anna.

Kathleen Moseley <AggieKat77@prodigy.net>
Mesquite, Texas - Sonntag, 19.Dezember 1999 um 07:18:25 
Hallo, schönes Gästebuch! Bin gerade vorbei gesurft und dachte ich trag mich hier auch ein, ausserdem, ein Klick auf die Seite würde niemand bereuen. Danke für den Eintrag. Und Gruss an alle.

DAISY <phillium@freesurf.ch>
Schweiz - Sonntag, 19.Dezember 1999 um 07:05:15 
Ich habe einige INformationen über die Familien Gienke, Bartels, Voss, Scharnberg usw. (s. Familienpage www.gienke.de) Wenn Sie Interesse haben, können wir ja abgleichen. Gruß und frohe Weihnacht, Helmuth Gienke

Helmuth Gienke <Helmuth@Gienke.de>
Stuttgart - Sonnabend, 18.Dezember 1999 um 16:48:51 
My ancester LUDWIG HERING and his wife CHRISTIANA BRAUNSCHWEIG came to america in 1754 on the ship NEPTUNE.I don't know where in germany they came from though.I'm looking for german decendants of either name if any. THANK YOU

BELLE VERNON PA. - Sonnabend, 18.Dezember 1999 um 01:53:38 
My ancester LUDWIG HERING and his wife CHRISTIANA BRAUNSCHWEIG came to america in 1754 on the ship NEPTUNE.I don't know where in germany they came from though.I'm looking for german decendants of either name if any. THANK YOU

BELLE VERNON PA. - Sonnabend, 18.Dezember 1999 um 01:51:32 
Hallo mein Name ist Dieter Donicht Ihre Homepage habe ich mir mit großem Interesse angeschaut und studiert. Ich werde bestimmt regelmäßig ihre Seite besuchen. Ich habe auch gleich einen LINK auf meine Homepage gesetzt. Meine Homepage „ Pommersche Leute in aller Welt „ Url : www.donicht.de

Dieter Donicht <kunthai@aol.com>
26133 Oldenburg - Freitag, 17.Dezember 1999 um 20:53:18 
I'm trying to find anything on Conrad Schroeder or any Schroeder's Ihope you can help for I'm just starting to do this and new at it any help you give will help. Thank you for your time and Merry X-mas

Donald G. Lamury <dlam@aol.com>
232 Gena Ct. Newport News, Va. 23602 - Freitag, 17.Dezember 1999 um 05:00:44 
I'm just beginning to search. The earliest name on my father's side is Karl August Mueller, b. 18 February, 1825 at Stettin, Pomerania, d. 12 March, 1908, married to Caroline Moldenhauer. On my mother's side is Ewald Friederich Ferdinand Rosen, b. 11 February, 1852, in Speck, Pmerrania, d. 30 January, 1942, married Maria Traetow (b. 7 November, 1865, d.25 May, 1946) 31 August, 1883. Ewald was one of nine children born to Martin Rosen & Emilie nee Sylvester. Our information tells us that many records were burned during WWII and that further information may be difficult to find. Thanks, Greg.

Gregory Mueller <gregory_mueller@hotmail.com>
Ashby, MN USA - Freitag, 17.Dezember 1999 um 04:38:26 
Hello, Karin: I haven't heard from you since you told me that you would send me the two Kreis Grimmen books on November 15. That was more than four weeks ago, and the books have not arrived here yet. Since then I have written you twice, but I did not get an answer from you. Hope everything is OK on your end. I am very anxious to hear from you. MERRY CHRISTMAS ! Karl-Heinz

Karl-Heinz Becker <khbecker@farmerstel.com>
Henagar/AL, USA - Dienstag, 14.Dezember 1999 um 17:04:22 
I am looking for information on my g.grandfather, Heinrich LUEBKING, who came to the U.S. around 1885. I believe he came from the Westfalen area of Germany. That is all I know, except that he died in the mid 1890's, don't know how or where. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kim Overberger <kibby82@myway.com>
Ohio--U.S. - Montag, 13.Dezember 1999 um 01:52:03 
I stumbled upon your wonderful web page & am very impressed with it! I have had absolutely NO luck in tracking down my great grandparents place of birth and who their parents and siblings were. Hope someone can help! Their names are: FRIEDRICH LUDWIG LAUT who married MARIA KUNDE. They settled in DuPage County, Illinois, USA. They had 5 children: ALBERT LAUT born 1885 died 1952, HERMAN LAUT born 1888 died 1965, WILLIAM LAUT born 1889 died 1966, ANNA M. LAUT WIRKUS born 1893 died 1940 & OTTO LAUT born 1895 died 1973. Do any of these names ring a bell? I don't know if any of the children were born in Germany before the family came to America. Thanks in advance for your time and trouble in my behalf!

A M Garbis <iiamgii@aol.com>
Boston, Mass - Freitag, 10.Dezember 1999 um 20:48:48 
Kann mir jemand schreiben, ob es einen Ort Namens Schwendt gab und wenn ja, wie dieser jetzt heisst ? Vielen Dank im voraus

Langhoff <Andreas.Langhoff@t-online.de>
Bremen - Freitag, 10.Dezember 1999 um 17:25:13 
Kann mir jemanden helfen um meine Ahnen zu finden: sie heissen KOESTERS oder KÖSTERS, mein Grossvater hies RUDOLF KOESTERS und wohnte in Gelsenkirchen. Danke sehr für jede Auskunft.

FRANCE - Donnerstag, 9.Dezember 1999 um 16:01:48 
Ich suche ein Mann, der 1918 im Elsass als Militär stationniert war. Sein Name ist Wilhelm Basow, Bassow, Basov,... Damals wohnte er im Kreise Anklam, kann mir jemanden helfen? Ich danke sehr

FRANCE - Donnerstag, 9.Dezember 1999 um 15:55:28 
WREGE-BUTZ-SCHUCK Am searching for any information on Friedrich Wilhelm WREGE married to Wilhelmine Caroline BUTZ, both having died in Hankinson, N.D. Searching the areas of Stettin, Speck, Gollnow and Griefswald. Also searching for any information on Albert Wilhelm Oscar WREGE married to Metha Schuck. They came to the US in August 1892 with 9 mo baby named Herman. No information is found on the baby Herman after they arrived in the US.

Rosanne Wrege <gwrege@uswest.net>
Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Mittwoch, 8.Dezember 1999 um 07:54:40 
Hello! Searching for Relatives - all time! More facts on my Homepage - please visit an mail (Subject!) FRANK BERG

Frank Berg <f.ber@herbert-berg.de>
Rodgau, germany - Dienstag, 7.Dezember 1999 um 21:17:02 
Hallo an alle Ahnenforscher, bin ständig auf der Suche nach neuen Informationen Meine neusten Daten auf meiner Homepage! FRANK BERG

Frank Berg <f.ber@herbert-berg.de>
Rodgau, germany - Dienstag, 7.Dezember 1999 um 21:14:54 

CHRIS RAUTH <idctor@total.net>
TORONTO, ON CANADA - Dienstag, 7.Dezember 1999 um 19:54:04 

TORONTO, ON CANADA - Dienstag, 7.Dezember 1999 um 19:42:56 
I hope I found a relative. Please answer.

Marianne Stenner <Marianne.St@cityweb.de>
45721 Haltern Westfalen - Sonntag, 5.Dezember 1999 um 23:44:15 
Bin neu Geschäft und suche alles über den Name TISCH, wer kann mir weiterhelfen .Mein Urgoßvater hieß Anton Tisch und ist am 26.12.1926 in Sierdz gestorben sein Vater hieß Johann Tisch

R.Tisch <sigi831675@aol.com>
- Sonntag, 5.Dezember 1999 um 21:28:29 
I am looking for information on GOTTLIEB BETHKE. He was born in Germany in 1856 and died in 1935. I would like to know who his parents are.

Tracy Bethka <dan-tracy@gci.net>
Anchorage, Alaska USA - Sonntag, 5.Dezember 1999 um 12:05:25 
We are searching for the parents of: (1) Franz Fredrich Heinrich Luedtke (also spelled Luedke), b. 27 Jan 1836 in Holzhagen, Pomerania, Prussia married 1868 in ??? (probably in Ozaukee County, WI (2) Wilhelmina Rasch b. 20 Sep 1841 in ???. Franz and Wilhelmina died in Saukville, Ozuaukee County, WI. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Dave McCallister <mccalfam@burgoyne.com>
Layton, UT, USA - Freitag, 3.Dezember 1999 um 13:04:03 
Looking for names of Zempel, Bendix, Eggers

Keith Zempel <keith@acmc.com>
512 Ann Street Willmar, MN 56201 - Mittwoch, 1.Dezember 1999 um 23:19:04 
Seeking info on gggfather, Marx Holck, born Erlinghausen in 1820's. Married Margareth Breite, son ggfather Henry Holck, born Oct 1843 Schleswig-Holstein. Referred by Gen Web. Thanks. Please not corrected e-mail address

Donald A. Holck <DHolck8064@aol.com>
Savannah, Georgia, USA - Mittwoch, 1.Dezember 1999 um 02:22:26 
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